Monday, December 07, 2009

blog city

first item of business

my band has seen good fortune today, as i have been featured on detroit's most prominent blog: eat this city. they lovely boys over at etc decided to say some kind words about kodaks and then of course comments involving new order and cocaine commenced. i was very pleased. anyways, if you hop on over here you can read what etc wrote and get a free download of the latest ep version of my song "mouth kiss" that is about to be released on a 7" by jeffery drag recs (a link for them is also at eat this city)

in addition to that, i uploaded the latest versions of some songs that i recorded in nashville, that will be featured on the forthcoming debut kodaks ep. the newly recorded ep versions of "mouth kiss" and "disco lighting" can be streamed from my bands myspace and i hope you enjoy because those are the a and b sides, respectively, for the new single which will arrive before the ep.

anyways, enough self promotion (i posted TWO links to my bands myspace so my play counts better be going up a nudge)

second item of business

here is another monday mix. and i know last week i said i was going to upload another up beat mix from my archives but i ran out of time, and then i said i was going to upload a depressing mix today but i decided against that also. that's the glory of running a blog; you can do whatever the fuck you want.

anyways, instead i am posting a mix of stuff i have been listening to consistently this early december. live renditions of john mayer songs before they were done (all live recordings of john mayer on this mix were actually played in 2004 at a concert i was at in east lansing) are just fantastic. john mayer is one of the best live performers of our generation and 2004 was before his dramatic rise to fame and before his lyrical content went to shit, so keep that in mind. also i've been obsessing about the new beach house record even though it's not out yet, but i will buy it when it comes out. most likely on cd and vinyl because i love what i have that much. due to my beach house craze i went farther back and dug up some galaxie 500 stuff, which is tremendously over looked. some good cuts from good brit bands from a couple years ago, art brut and good shoes. two smaller indie acts that arose this year are the love language and other girls, and even though both bands offer great guitar indie rock they are both over looked. also, this band that sounds like grizzly bear (the singer is a crazy sound a like to ed droste, really) and some more clientele (who's singer sounds crazy similar to grizzly bear's other singer daniel rossen). the lotus plaza album was totally over looked this year also, i have listened to that album more than atlas sound's, but neither compare to deerhunter. i've been into hot swede annie so i have one of her best songs on here and also my favorite song by old school electronic artists boards of canada. also, anyone who has beef against turbo fruits, fuck you, jonas' new album came out absolutely great and anyone with doubts should give the album (echo kid) a listen before dismissing it. more of my friends the new division and a band that is now disbanded (i love finding mid 2000's bands that aren't together anymore) called mazarin have a song that was featured on a puma commercial one time, it is a great tune. my friend from the new division actually turned me onto the most recent mary onettes album and i've been getting into lots of velvet underground influenced stuff, hence the clientele and stereolab. i will post links to this later but i'm crazy busy and i should be writing a paper as it is. but until then here is the mix. click here to download.

december 1

00 song - artist

01 1969 - boards of canada
02 bookshop casanova - the clientele
03 quicksand - lotus plaza
04 slow fast hazel - stereolab
05 untitled 1 - john mayer
06 wheel - john mayer
07 better times - beach house
08 festival - the new division
09 bad weekend - art brut
10 untitled 2 - john mayer
11 all packed up - idiot glee
12 heartbeat - annie
13 never meant to hurt you - good shoes
14 isolation - joy division
15 wish i was dead, pt 2 - shout out louds
16 nocturne - the love language
17 hands - ms john soda
18 the moth - other girls
19 sadie - turbo fruits
20 for energy infinite - mazarin
21 blue thunder - galaxie 500
22 puzzles - the mary onettes

Monday, November 30, 2009

manic monday/ may mix

so this year is the year i graduated high school. good times. no doubt. high school was pretty much a really bad joke that wouldn't go away. now the workload of college makes me wish i was still in high school. funny how that works. either way, there was a lot of partying to be done in the summer of 2009. which included multiple trips to nashville for me, one to chicago, and lots of chilling out and partying alike poolside. yes. it was that great. right before my first trip to nashville (i arrived home two days before graduation) the new passion pit record and the new deastro records had just come out, as well as the the "always like this" single for bombay bicycle club. the first four tracks of this mix got listened to so many times over it was insane. but cut copy, phoenix, and anything grizzly bear related (especially daniel rossen) became regular summer jams. also, i was still not over the french kicks last record "swimming" because it is amazing or ra ra riot's debut. great records get a lot of play with me. also one track is an early version of a song by my friend, robby, by his project bear (the ghost) and one by his other band enlou are present on this mix.

this mix is over all happy and it makes me forget the incredibly cold weather. but i love cold weather, so soon it will be embraced by dreary slow and slightly depressing mixes as well as christmas music. i might upload one more summer mix within the next couple days, then a very low key mix a week from today. also, if you missed me on warmer climes, here you go. enjoy the may 09 mix. click here to download.

00 song - artist

01 the reeling - passion pit
02 always like this - bombay bicycle club
03 biophelia - deastro
04 new man - french kicks
05 one hand holding - the maccabees
06 1 track 1 with vox (2 am) - bear (the ghost)
07 if i ever feel better - phoenix
08 too little too late (jo jo cover)
09 bluish - animal collective
10 feel the love - cut copy
11 how my heart behaves - feist
12 mossu - enlou
13 run my mouth - ra ra riot
14 laughing with a mouth of blood - st. vincent
15 inspiration information - sharon jones & the dap kings
16 california goth - wavves
17 the get go - new young pony club
18 tightrope - yeasyayer
19 boy toy - starfucker
20 howl - black rebel motorcycle club

Monday, November 23, 2009

october 2

mad mix mondays.

back in the middle of october i was preparing for an off the chains halloween party so i was really into a lot of up beat dancey stuff. get this party started type songs. hence the amazing miami horror song (which now has a sweet video) and the slightly long be definitely excellent memory tapes (and memory cassette) song, plus vega (and neon indian). there are also some other gems on here, like the song by the band magic magic. i pretty much just randomly found magic magic but i fell in love quickly, they are so damn good i just can't believe they aren't more popular. also i found a spectacular snyth slow song by a one man ban called future trends, who, as it turns out, is a friend of my friends, enlou. there is also (this marks three) another band that i discovered who should be WAY more popular then they are. the band called the new division (get it?) are just fucking spectacular, and they give away a bunch of songs for free so be sure to check them out. i've been really into bands like best coast and pearl harbor so then i got really into their roots, aka girl groups like the ronettes. there is also the 60's esque mayer hawthorne here, though i prefer the superior remix. also some more recent throw backs from alex turner (arctic monkeys) side project (the last shadow puppets) and mid 2000s (now broken up) indie champs - sound team and more recent guillemots. also, the new pains of being pure at heart ep is stupid good. in other news there is a new song from my band, the kodaks, on my myspace page, and i felt it necessary to mention it even though it's not included on this mix. enjoy

october 2

00 song - artist

01 last one awake (friend version) - memory cassette
02 falling over - the pains of being pure at heart
03 green eyed love (classixx remix) - mayer hawthorne
04 don't be a jerk, jonny - the drums
05 sometimes - miami horror
06 moonraker - future trends
07 handful of billions - sound team
08 be my baby - the ronettes
09 graphics - memory tapes
10 rome - the new division
11 kyoto gardens - vega
12 things will never be the same again - jj
13 wanna be in l.a. - eagles of death metal
14 a threaded needle - lotus plaza
15 higher than the stars - the pains of being pure at heart
16 over your heart - magic magic
17 made up lovesong #43 - guillemots
18 mrs. cold - kings of convenience
19 mind, drips - neon indian
20 the time has come again - the last shadow puppets

Thursday, November 19, 2009

because everyone should be listening to what i am right now...

this second.

i'm becoming impatient with my "one mix a week" rule so i'm breaking it. this should delight everyone. i've been super into wild beasts this whole month since i've gotten their new album "two dancers" and i love it. also, i just keep digging deeper into my friend randy's catalogue so i got some more deastro that i will share. there is also an unfinished song by my friend mark who used to play with randy in deastro. he is working on a new band possibly (probably) called blood. he will probably kill me for posting this track because it does not have vocals and is clearly unfinished but it is still a good guitar jam either way. also, the amazing new beach house song, buzzworthy sleigh bells, the best julian casablancas song he did not put on his album (besides this) and i'm going to be pompous and upload one of my very own new tracks that i just got a master edit back from nashville for. in other news, washed out and toro y moi still not getting old for me, the smiths and the cure never get old for anyone. click here to download

november 1

00 song - artist

01 norway - beach house
02 hot sprawl - man/miracle
03 phone call - washed out
04 pulling our weight - the radio dept.
05 genius of love - tom tom club
06 hooting and howling - wild beasts
07 hey you - pony pony run run
08 bend your body - toro y moi
09 high - the cure
10 mean april - the kodaks
11 camera talk - local natives
12 still ill - the smiths
13 all you deadeyes rejoice - deastro
14 a strange arrangement - mayer hawthorne
15 sparxxx - love language
16 bone jam - jeff the brotherhood
17 sleepwalking - the jaguar club
18 baby don't go - dum dum girls
19 we still got the taste dancin' on our tounges - wild beasts
20 old hollywood - julian casablancas
21 blood unfinished demo 3 - mark smak
22 ring ring - sleigh bells

Monday, November 16, 2009

remember september?

well i do. i had just moved to detroit, into my small little dorm room and into a life of loneliness and learning. uplifting, no? well there is a sliver lining to that college cloud. i spent more time on my new laptop than any human should and within the month of september i became a professional media pirate. frostwire was not aloud at my school so i had to figure out other ways to get music illegally, and this turned my life as i knew it into that of a blog surfer. i love music, more than anyone could ever know. it's there for you after a break up, after a fight, after you fail a test, after you get punched in the face. whenever, music sings like dogs never could. music is my girlfriend, music is my best friend. now that i've officially creeped out anyone who stumbled onto this blog, i'm letting you all know i'm going to upload at least one mix a week, today i'm uploading one of the first playlists i created while i was living alone. it includes many of the years most hyped artists, that i had been listening to obsessively at the time. at the end of the summer (and still) i was obsessed with the whole "dreambeat" "chillwave" "glo fi" thing. washed out remains my favorite, so there is a song by both ernest green's projects (washed out, lee weather), his friend chaz bundick (toro y moi) plus memory tapes and a sweet remix by neon indian. also the xx, girls, health, the drums, japandroids and a lot of other 2009 break outs. as well as some year oldish throw backs (css, department of eagles). this has been called a mix masterpiece by some of my friends, so now the rest of you can judge, this is "september 1" click here to download

00 song - artist

01 pull my heart away - jack penate
02 who can say - the horrors
03 headdress - amazing baby
04 i'm not alone - calvin harris
05 crystalized - the xx
06 lust for life - girls
07 die slow - health
08 molly's vertigo - acrylics
09 talamak - toro y moi
10 no hope kids - wavves
11 i saw eternity the other night - lee weather
12 let's go surfing - the drums
13 knife - css
14 ambivalence avenue - bibio
15 plain material - memory tapes
16 new theory - washed out
17 can't stick 'em - bear hands
18 deli - delorean
19 teenagers - department of eagles
20 stand in a line - rubies
21 heart sweats - japandroids
22 another likely story (neon indian remix) - au revoir simone

Thursday, November 12, 2009

some things

my band, the kodaks, is playing a show next tuesday, november 17th at the factory in rochester, michigan. just as a warning to everyone, i'm not actually playing with a band. my set will consist of myself and my friend playing guitars over bass and drums being played through my laptop. should be alright though. my drummer can't fuck up right?

anyway, we are opening for enlou, this band from cincinnati, ohio. and let me tell you, they are phenomenal. a while ago i went to see french kicks, one of my favorite bands of all time, and these adorable little dudes were playing these great pop songs with a vibraphone. i ended up becoming pretty good friends with enlou and i encourage anyone reading to check them out (their new threshing floor ep just came out a while ago and it's grreat) and to come to the show. the factory, rochester, mi. doors at 9, and 5 bucks.

in other news, my songs that were recorded at battle tapes studios in nashville will be seeing release soon. my good friend adam moult of the band bad cop has started his own label and will be releasing the mouth kiss single on a 7 inch with (most likely) disco lighting as the b side. this should see release around december. the rest of the ep will (hopefully) see release early next year, like spring-ish. my friends label is called jeffery drag recrods. awesome, i am aware.

this is what i'm doing instead of writing a paper that is due tomorrow. well, technically, today. college has not been half as cool as i was expecting, although i may have just met my new drummer. let's hope so. i'm sorry to say that for the most part, detroit really is the shit hole it is made out to be. that being said, good people (millions of brazilians, eat this city dudes, etc) and good places (majestic complex, grey shack, etc) make it all okay. sometimes. but some other good news is that i have been writing, a lot. lot's of new songs. one of which i am very happy with and i will be playing next week.

now i will leave you all with a slightly depressing but more importantly amazing mix of songs i have been listening to throughout this incredibly dreary and very creepy michigan fall. i'm going to try to start uploading mixes in full. i usually make several playlists per month and end up listening to them non stop. i'm pretty sure compressing it put the tracks out of order but oh well. click here to download. please enjoy

00 song - artist

01 roslyn - bon iver & st. vincent
02 i just want to see you underwater - here we go magic
03 headache - girls
04 slow life (feat. victoria legrand) - grizzly bear
05 blindsided - bon iver
06 ghosts - CANT
07 a good man is hard to find - sufjan stevens
08 needle in the hay - elliott smith
09 on a neck, on a spit - grizzly bear
10 wolverine - sufjan stevens
11 english house - fleet foxes
12 mrs cold - kings of convenience
13 a threaded needle - lotus plaza
14 blood red sentimental blues - cotton jones
15 toothpaste kisses - the maccabees
16 human racing - st. vincent
17 technicolor - nurses
18 i've got you and you've got me (song of contentment) - new buffalo
19 neon bible - arcade fire
20 reprise - grizzly bear
21 nantes - beirut
22 my heart is an apple - arcade fire

Thursday, October 22, 2009

free songs

yesterday i uploaded six songs for a free download. these are songs that i have written under the name "the kodaks" and i recorded with jeff yateman in his basement earlier this year. there are five kodaks demos and one song i did by myself under my other moniker: young lawyer. all these kodaks songs and more have since been re recorded with jeremy furgeson at his battle tapes studios and should see release sometime soon

demos are:

1. mouth kiss
2. disco lighting
3. oh no
4. mean april unfinished
5. ex girls
6. only rain *by young lawyer

props to jeff yateman for recording, producing, mastering, editing and playing live drums on all these kodaks demos.

or copy and paste the address below to download

Monday, October 19, 2009

most days go by

Do you ever start thinking back and all of a sudden forget where you are? This has been happening to me a lot lately. I will be doing something, such as sitting at my desk listening to music, which is pretty much all I do, and I will start going over memories in my head. I would say my mind wanders most often to when I was in the 8th grade. I don’t know why the 8th grade. I suppose because a lot happened that year. I did a lot. I had a girlfriend. I lost a girlfriend. I had a best friend. I made new friends. I saw a lot of movies. I listened to a lot of good bands. I played a lot of video games. I went a lot of places. I played a lot of sports. I did a lot with my family. I can go back on so many memories from this time period it is almost shocking. I can recount every time I went out to dinner with my family that year. I can remember what I wore to a lot of these dinners. I can remember what happened, the conversations. I remember one time, it was one of my sister’s freshmen year in college, and we went out for her birthday and that year she got a very nice expensive pair lf DC skate shoes. Another time we went out for my mom’s birthday and I wore this sweatshirt I had just bought at the goodwill and my jean jacket. I remember all the movies I went and saw with my girlfriend that year. I probably went and saw at least one movie a week with her. We probably spent hundreds of dollars of our parent’s money just in that year. We saw so many movies. It would be impractical to list all of them but just know there was a lot. Some of the prominent ones: Anacondas, White Noise, The Grudge, The Ring 2, Ray, Racing Stripes, Wicker Park. I went and saw Garden State with my best friend. I discovered several bands that fall that would be my favorites for years to come: Interpol, The Shins. I used to play Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 while I talked on the phone with my girlfriend. She didn’t like that. I used to rake the leaves while listening to Interpol’s “Antics”. That winter my friend and I went sledding and then proceeded to come back to my house and play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas while still in our long johns. That Christmas eve my friend called me and asked me how to beat the pilot mission in that GTA. My oldest sister burned me copies of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Fever To Tell” and The Postal Service “Give Up.” How could I have known then that those would remain two of my favorite albums to this day? During the Christmas Eve party at my house that year I hid in my room with my friend and ate puppy chow while we played Prince of Persia 2. It is weird how much I remember. Some things I don’t even want to remember. I didn’t know who I was yet I loved my life. Things seemed to be so simple, maybe because I was younger. When there is more to look back on there is more to think about, more to look forward to, but in a bad way. Just too much to think about. When I think about these things and I get so intimate with these memories I seem to go into this black out like state. Then all of a sudden I remember where I am and I can’t believe how old I am. That I’m alone. In this room that doesn’t feel right. I think about how I want to be 14 again, but then I think about all the limitations on a 14 year old. Maybe that’s why that is such a happy age, there’s not a lot to worry about at all. I seem to be in this weird pattern of doing what I’m supposed to, such as homework and class, and then just clocking out. I listen to music, I watch movies and I sleep. Anything that doesn’t take a lot of thinking. Then while I’m doing these things I think back. I think back to watching The O.C. while talking to my girlfriend on the phone. I think back to watching Napoleon Dynamite in my basement on New Year’s Eve and being so disappointed. I think back to long bus ride to Washington D.C. Nothing is what it used to be and nothing will ever be the same.

I guess this could be called nostalgia.

Monday, March 30, 2009

internet knows me better than i know myself

this is ridculous

ly accurate

ColorQuiz.comadam took the free personality test!

""Needs peaceful surroundings. Looking for relief ..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

millions of dudes

indie kids, frat boys and gay dudes

hooligans, brazilians, same difference

tonight i went to the ep release party of a local band from detroit auspiciously named MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS

a band (obviously) destined for greatness, because behind their impressive band name they have tunes that will make you dance until your legs break, buy their latest ep seriously

i drove to the crofoot in pontiac with my close friend alex erwin (the sometimes/most of the time/live bass player for my band the kodaks) to see the show in the pike room (upstairs of the crofoot) the ep mobs (even the abbreviation is cool) is called half horse/half horse, yes, there is cleverness everywhere

the night started with this band called silverghost,

silverghost consists of a girl playing dirty, mean guitar and singing in perfect harmony with a guy playing bass and regular keyboards. the duo played over drum machines, but these were no regular drum machines, the frontman of silverghost arranged the drums to play to a key, only high hat at some parts, on bass drum at some parts, bassically down to a science, it was impressive to say the least, they were kind of a like a cooler version of mat & kim or mates of state

then deastro played.

for anyone who doesn't know deastro first let me say they are phenomenal. deastro started as the project of a detroit man named randolph, recording indie electro pop rock by himself and releasing it online. deastro (pronounce day-stro) has blossomed into a full band with four people including randy with tracks being released through urban outfitters for free online. yeah, intense shit. go download lstn #3 from to listen to one of my favorite deastro tracks "shaded forest"

deastro's live performance literally blew me away, the drummer played on about a 10 piece kit including a splash cymbal and double bass pedals. the drummers name is jeff and he is the nicest drummer you well ever meet in your life. and he has got to be the only guy to incorporate double bass pedals and make it sound amazing and not screaming metal (listen to the double tom and double bass pedal action on "parellelogram")

overall i would give deastro's live perfomance about a 3000 out of 10 and alex agrees they were just straight up amazing and nice too. after they were done playing alex and i both helped them carry some gear offstage because we know how much of a pain in the ass it is to try and get a 10 piece plus drum kit off the stage so another can play two seconds after you. for helping them randolph said he would mail me a free copy of their album "keepers" which i am really excited about. pre performance i also let their guitarist use a pick i had in my pocket. very cool very nice dudes and an amazing show

now onto millions of brazilians.

i have seen the brazilians before, i saw them open up for french kicks a couple months ago, which was funny because french kicks have this real chill groovy pop vibe while mobs has a very dirty rock sound, still great though. seeing as how it was their ep release party they were selling a deal of one shirt, one cd and one vinyle for 12 dollars- UNBEATABLE

balloons were inflated and drinks were passed around to everyone (except me, the only under age fucker in the bar) but it didn't matter i was drunk off adrenaline. because millions of brazilians have an incredible live show, i danced, i jumped up and down, i fist pumped, i threw things. needless to say i lost my shit

but you can't help it, the brazilians are good, they are way cool dudes, and just amazing live. incredible dance drum beats and then two dueling guitars that both switch from guitar riffs to thick thick thick bass via pedals and howling falsetto vocals which will also turn into yells of excitement

one of the most entertaining parts of millions (you can call them mobs, millions, brazilians, it's just a great name) is not just their live show but their interaction with the crowd during live shows. especially since they live in detroit it was like they were playing to 100 of their closest friends going nuts

i don't know if someone or all of the band were in fraternities during college but their seems to be a lot of frat esque dudes at their shows, i am pretty sure they are all just close and maybe it is because millions just have such rocking music but it is really interesting to see these huge (tall and fat) dudes with trim haircuts, skanky chains and open collared shirts fist pumping.

but that is just the thing, it is millions of brazilians, it is just them, more power to them if they can get frat type guys to come to a hipster club on a saturday night in pontiac to rock, it is just awesome and a really really awesome environment

needless to say the whole audience was rocking out, myself included, i was dancing pretty crazily in abouts the third row so when some front rowers saw this they literally grabbed me and pulled me up front, i am pretty sure the guy or guys that actually physically tugged my arm up were 100% gay but that is fine i am not homophobic and it was just more entertaining to see indie kids, frat boys and gay guys all rocking out jumping up and down in unison

oh what barriers that millions of brazilians break

not to mention there were some EXTREMELY good looking girls in the audience as well, there were seriously like, smokin hot ladies, all dressed in skinny jeans and illustrious tops with beautiful hair and more beautiful faces, AND almost every single hot girl i saw was kissing on a member of each band

it makes me proud, all these awesome bands i am writing about are FROM DETROIT which is the city i will be located at in a couple of months and not only are these bands awesome but they attract said forms of men and even better, attractive women

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

turbo amazing

jonas, wez and zack are the latest lineup for turbo fruits, a band that i really respect from nashville. anyone who has read my blog before probably knows of my love for them, see my post "tennessee baby" with the links that don't work.

anyways, turbo fruits played detroit on monday night at the lager house in detroit, my friend adam "robert law" laidlaw and i went and saw them and it was just an awesome show.

this ridiculous band "kommie kilpatrick" opened and unfortunately they weren't half as amazing as their name. the decks played second and they seriously tore it up. i am friends with hank who plays bass and i was just so happy to see a band my age, from detroit, tearing it up, i bought their record "breath and bone" which will be my next weeks downtime article for NOISE.

then turbo fruits played, and all i can say is they are amazing. they totally nailed nailed, jonas is really awesome at guitar, anyone who listened to anything be your own pet knows that. but what people may not know is wez traylor (also from meemaw and kintaro) is a killer musician and played amazing bass, and zack attack played the drums like his life depended on it. great show. over all i would definitely say i like turbo fruits new line up even better then their last, their newest record is gonna be insane

as my friend adam can attest to, i pretty much lost my shit. i was rocking out hardcore, me and the lead singer for the decks, alex, we front row just going ape shit, it was real fun. turbo fruits only played one or two songs from their previous record, one being the incredible stoner ballad "volcano". but most noteable are their newest tracks- "lotta lotta laides" is my favorite, "sadie" is fucking great and "mama's mad cause i friend my brain" has a great hook, like i said, i am super pumped for their newest record, you can listen to most of those songs at their myspace ( )

this other detroit band called the beekeepers played after them and from what i heard they were really good, adam paid more attention and he loved them. i was in the other side of the lager house talking to a new acquaintance, named cy. cy was touring with the fruits and him and i got into big conversations about music and about be your own pet's break up and his record label and all sorts of shit, it was great talks. i hope next time i go to nashville cy and i get to hang out soon.

besides hanging out with cy i got to talk to the turbo fruits, a lot, i got interview them for my (lame) senior project on music therapy, but adam recorded the interview for me and it is definitely a keeper, a brilliant entertainment twist on music therapy, hopefully it will be easily located on youtube soon.

it was a great night, adam is also deeply in love with the lead guitarist for the decks now, her name is molly and she is a wicked guitar player, the whole night was a massive success. i am liking detroit more and more each day, i hope i like it half this much when i love there

this weekend i am going to the pike room to see deastro and millions of Brazilians for the ep release party, brazilians have been really nice guys to me, and so has randolph from deastro, they both have listened to my latest demo which for the most part people seem to like, which gets me really excited. you can listen to that at

Sunday, February 15, 2009

primitive demos


my band, my project, called the kodaks, just recorded. i just recorded. i did a demo with one of my friends named jeff yateman. jeff is the drummer for past the pacific.

jeff and i have been friends since middle school and for a couple years now he has been in pop punk bands and i have been in indie pop bands and our bands always play together. the moral of the story is jeff is a really nice guy, amazing fucking musician and (as i now know) a very tech savy man. he records his rap group nig nog with garageband on his mac, that is how we first got talking about the possibilities of recording, but i love nig nog, they are really really really good actually

anyways, i went over to jeff's and over a span of two days i finished one song (that i will go back to PROPERLY finish tomorrow) and that song is called mouth kiss. you can listen to it on my bands myspace

after talking during along night with jeff and ryan (also from ptp) about the new song we came to the conclusion that i should upload the song to my myspace, but delete all the other songs, to show off the quality of mouth kiss better

either way, it doesn't matter, because now i am "releasing" all the songs anyways. i am giving away the songs in a free download, the download has a lot of songs i recorded very primitively, many through my laptop. but anyways, if you want you can download all the songs, songs i did by myself, with other musicians, including the live demos i just did with alexalex. here are the songs that are included, in no order

yeah i guess this could be considered the official official release of the adam winter 08 ep, enjoy

live demos-
-little miss vixen ft. alexalex
-get flowers ft. alexalex
-nature of the experiment (tokyo police club cover) ft. alexalex

really old live demos-
-dark room (done with previous members of the kodaks)
-choose (done with hair lab)

my demos
-little miss vixen
-dress shopping
-mouth kiss
-nothing will exist anymore ft. adam "robert law" laidlaw
-dark room
-tennis star
-my pearl

Saturday, February 07, 2009

band updates

for anyone who doesn't know, my band is called the kodaks (

i say band, but what i really mean is me, because there is no real band, all there really is is me, i record demos and shit all by myself, i write all the songs, i make up all the parts, and i will record demos by myself with drum machines then i go and record all my stuff with other musicians i know. guys that i used to be in bands with or guys that are in bands i know, basically just friends. i record with whoever whenever

a couple of weeks ago i did some live demos with my friends alex and alex. alex erwin played bass mainly, he was in a really early version of the kodaks, he was also in room service with me and my first band the devons. alex castillo played drums like a crazy awesome mother fucker, he was also in my first band the devons. we recorded three live demos, little miss vixen, get flowers and a cover of tokyo police club's nature of the experiment. it is hard to hear any of my vocals in any of the demos, so that sucks but i recorded vocals later for the cover. over all i do like the demos

now that i am down here in nashville i have been handing out some demos and stuff, i handed out demos with those three songs and another demo i did a long time ago by myself. that demo is for a song called the library, and it means a lot to me so it is kind of one of my more hidden songs

only one song from my demo i give out is on my bands myspace ( so check out what you one on my myspace, there are some really old demos, like dark room and then really really fuckin old like choose which was done when i was in a band called hair lab

anyways, the real update here is that i am recording some more songs next week with my friend jeff, he is in this band that i am really good friends with and that we (i) have been playing live with for years now. right now his band is called past the pacific, so check them out, they are recording in a studio right now. but anyways, i am recording some demos with my friend jeff using a better recording program so the vocals can actually be heard hopefully. anyways, if you want the live demos i did a while ago email me or message me and i can mail them do you or something

keep your ear to the ground, i will try and let anyone who cares know what is up

tennessee, baby!

nashville to be more specific

alright so any one who reads my blog probably reads my sisters blog (emily at and if you don't read her blog you damn well should because although it is less informative than mine she at least makes the effort at capitalization and hers is funny as shit

anyways, what i am getting at is that if you have read then you know emily, her husband matt (the blogosphere only know him as mc) and i, adam, have traveled to beautiful nashville, tennessee

the reason we traveled to the volunteer state (yeah, michigan has great lakes and tennessee has volunteers? that doesn't seem fair) is because emily has a writing conference on blogging set up at the hotel preston just outside of downtown nashville. at this conference she will learn how to possibly turn her blog into a book and also possibly meet her favorite auther/blogger; jen lancaster.

but what emily is really finding out is how much she hates "mommy bloggers" and how impatient she is with men, babies, long car rides, and rock bands.

matt and i drove from lapeer, michigan, leaving at around 6 o clock michigan time, driving through indiana stopping in kentucy at a quality inn a couple blocks away from a trucker hive, and then continuing our drive to tennessee in the morning. we drove through a timezone, we had no idea.

it is true, women everywhere are hitting on matt (mc, don't forget, same person) everywhere we go, matt and i are officially two of seven men in this entire hotel.

the main points i have to talk about in nashville is that after wandering around while emily was learning, matt and i met this guy named johnny with blond hair and a sleeve tattoo that worked at an apple store (apperently the only one in nashville) and he told us some cool places to go but really i kinda felt he was stuck on himself. he was nice and helpful but kind of no it all. but either way he told us about the mercy lounge () where i saw that one of my favorite nashville bands where playing.

there is a certain nashville that i would love someday to be a part of because it is all an older kind of rock with a modern twist and all kids my age playing fucking amazing music. there are multiple bands that i am obsessed with from the area and it bassically all started with


the four original members of be your own pet were jemina, jonas, nathan and jamin, after their first record jamin left the band and john came in to play drums. while recording their second album with john, byop's jonas and john formed another band with a very close friend of the band named max, they formed


after meeting jonas last summer when byop played the nylon tour with the virgins and switches (this was right before the byop break up) i got into turbo fruits and bought their record and maintained contact with jonas online. eventually though, things must have got fucked up because john and max left jonas and turbo fruits. later it would become known that both john and max left jonas for the old singer of byop, jemina pearl, to join her on her solo project. john, max and jemina left nashville completely to go to new york to do jemina's solo stuff, seemingly betraying the nashville group, but no one will say anything band, this is what they are doing now


now that jonas was left alone he had to recruit other musicians to do turbo fruits with him, which was only a three piece and seeing how he has many friends in the tightly knit network of nashville, he found friends very quickly. he enlisted his friend wez that is another band that may or may not be broken up now, but either way i messaged them and they are way nice and i bought their record, they are called


anyways, i am getting away from my point. through all my researching and record buying of nashville bands i found jamin, one of the original four members of be your own pet. jamin is still very good friends with jonas and nathan and also might have lived with some of the members of meemaw. it turns out that jamin original left the band to work on his two piece band with his brother jake, they are called


this is the band i saw last night, they are fucking amazing, that just needs to be said, i highly recommend going to their myspace and listening to their song "screaming banshee" and then buying as many of their records as possible, including their upcoming 7" single "bone jam". they played "bone jam" last night at the mercy lounge where they opened up for this band called the features. like i said, i recommend buying a JEFF record but that will not compare close to how amazing they are live. jamin (pronounced jame in) is one of the tightest drummers i have seen live and jake plays on a danelectro guitar with only three strings on it. this is not a joke. jeff the brotherhood fucking rules

you can buy almost all these records at this amazing local label in nashville that i really hope releases some of my records some day very very soon called


but anyways, jeff rules, they rule so much that i got to meet them today. this is because last night after they played they peaced out because no one locally buys their records anymore. they didn't know i was there. i messaged them and they promptly messaged me bac, giving me the address of his work so i could stop buy and get their records and give them my demo. jamin works at a local bike shop in nashville called Halycon ()

matt and i talked to jamin for a while, he was way nice and way cool and gave me the lowdown on nashville, telling me about an underground show for this band called marj tonight and he told us to go eat at this bbq restaruant called hog heaven.

after metting jamin matt and i left and hit up this amazing vintage clothing store called hip zipper () where i got some really sweet clothes. after that matt and i went to a bar right next to hip zipper called the red door saloon. i can't really describe how awesome this bar was, all i can say is they don't exactly card (i never do anything illegal, ever) and they had kind of a voodoo theme AND many other patrons had sleeve tattoos. matt and i were only there for a minute while he drank some sweet yazoo pale ale and then we left.

after that we went a small music store that was really just 60 year old nashvillians (maybe?) playing mandolins but matt and i got some glass guitar slides, which we are really ancy to use. we are sitting in our hotel room right now waiting for emily to return from her free drinks. we both wish we had out guitars but all in all we can't do anything but be greatful for an amazing day in an amazing town

nashville has been good to me

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

kol/cwk against pitchfork

both of these reviews were written for my downtime column months ago, and although they are very brief each article hits key points. it is funny i say "review" but really i am selling the record to readers, trying to give people good shit to listen to instead of jonas brothers. that being said if you want to buy either of these records, go buy "only by the night" and then download pieces of "loyalty to loyalty". this blog is also a continuation of my last post against pitchfork, so i suggest reading both pieces accordingly. also a fun fact, both these records came out on the same day.

also note these are note the edited versions that were published, just to go along with my raw writing on the rest of this blog, if anyone can't tell, none of my posts are edited.

Kings of Leon – Only By The Night (RCA)

Kings of Leon are always youthful but now they add wisdom to their docket on their newest disc: Only By The Night.

On opening track, “Closer” the Kings use new tricks with an echoed guitar effect that plays through the whole song with heavy drums and mournful howls.

The first single from the album is “Sex on Fire” which also marks the Kings of Leon’s first number one hit on the U.K. charts. The song is infectiously catchy with a big hook that will have you singing along before you know what the words are.

Tracks like “Manhattan” and “Revelry” add depth and tracks like “Crawl” and “Notion” add rock to the album to make it very well rounded.

Only By The Night lights new fires and chills new bones. The Followill brothers (and one cousin) have successfully expanded their sound to new heights, which keep the Kings the band to beat.

Cold War Kids – Loyalty To Loyalty (Downtown)

Southern California has seen its share of bands come and go, but none quite like Cold War Kids. A band of young twenty something teachers and art students, they got an amazing start with their debut; Robbers and Cowards. Their newest album is Loyalty to Loyalty, and even though it may not be as strong as their first, Loyalty is no sophomore slump.

Opening with “Against Privacy” the Kids bring back their slow echoed jams, and then break into track two; “Mexican Dogs” which comes in with the same kind of rhythmic sensation of their first record.

“I’ve Seen Enough” starts with the same piano chord being hit, but after twenty seconds the song explodes into the most full piece that Cold War Kids have ever produced. “Every Man I Fall For” is a slow beautiful song that has reverb heavy guitar just coo lightly over slow basic rhythm.

and this is why i hate pitchfork media

when i was around twelve years old i heard the strokes "is this it" record for the first time. it can easily be said; that album changed my life. a whole new world was opened to me, a world of tight fitting jeans, sloppily played guitars and ridiculously good looking women. since the strokes i have took off running and never looked back. but i remember a very particular day when i was still young and very influenceable and i googled "is this it".

what came up was a review by a website called "pitchfork" which i could only guess meant that they sifted their way through all the bullshit. well come to find out, no, they are pure bullshit. "is this it" was shit on the writers, giving the record a good score but basically saying they are not half as cool as people say they are. "no rock pioneers here" is basically the message they sent and i was a very distraught young teen. well almost a decade later me and a shit ton of other people can give a big "ha ha, fuck you, you were wrong" to pitchfork, because the strokes are simply one of the best bands in history, and i will stick to that statement my entire life.

okay, i will admit, sometimes they (at pitchfork) will be right on, like giving the new animal collective record almost a ten, (that record is damn near perfection, and i will have more on that later). also "juan's basement" is one of the best "vlogs" (video-blog, that word sounds sexual to me) every created, especially when the walkmen played.

but it just pains me to no end when pitckfork tears an album to shreds just to go against the "norm". FOR INSTANCE, pitckfork absolutely destroyed the new kings of leon album "only by the night". okay, i get it that frontman caleb followill loves to sing about sex, but that is fine with me. does sex ever get old? no. "sex on fire" annoyed me at first too, i thought they sold out, but by the third listen any hipster will be forced to uncross their arms, that song is just damn good. no matter how possibly trashy and how amazingly popular that song and kol are on both sides of the atlantic, they are a good band.

my specific point is that pitchfork gave "only by the night" a 3.8 out of 10. that record happens to be very listen-able record and almost any resourceful music listener will comment that kings of leon are pushing their boundaries in good directions on each album. my favorite kings album is "aha shake heartbreak" but i am very bias due to the fact i have listened to that album at least twice a week for the past five years. i really do love kings of leon. i have watched every single "home video" they published on youtube (watch them, search kings of leon only by the night home videos, they are hilarious and very informative) i have bought every kings album, every band i have ever been in has done a kings of leon cover and that is mainly because i can play every song from "aha" on the guitar. in fact i just saw kings of leon live last monday for the second time within six months. the kings are an amazing live band and caleb's voice echoes to every corner of whatever venue they play. my friend ended up meeting the band at a bar on msu campus later (the show was at the aud) and they bought her shots for her birthday, therefore, making them nice guys.

pitckfork rips on the new kol for cheesy lyrics, has anyone ever listened to bruce springsteen? his lyrics are pure cheese but the music is so fucking good you believe the boss, and the same is to be said with the kings. the lyrics may seem cheesy but really they are just honest and that what makes it beautiful music.

what bothers me the most is that next to "only by the nights" 3.8 the newest cold war kids album, "loyalty to loyalty" , received a 5.1. by no means in hell is the cold war kids album better than the kings of leon record. i love cold war kids also, their debut record "robbers and cowards" is one of the best of the 00's, but in all painful honesty, "loyalty to loyalty" is 75 percent junk. there are some really good songs on the cwks record, but even after repeated listens, there is no soul tying it all together. "against privacy" and "i've seen enough" are amazing songs on the cold war kids album, but that is about it. "revelry" is my favorite off "only by the night" but that is with an arsenal of other tracks, including singles "sex on fire", "use somebody" "manhattan", the inventive "closer" and the amazing dirty thick "crawl." i wrote very brief reviews of both records for my weekly column that i will repost on this blog very shortly after this post.

but every kings of leon album has a soul. because the followill brothers (and cousin) really give a fuck. they are actual nice guys from tennessee who happened to get lucky and ran with it in all sorts of directions, but they ran as hard and as fast as they could and that is why i tip my hat to them.

as for pitchfork, i give them a fat middle finger with fine print reading "get some better fucking writers". so heres to kings, heres to me, hint hint, maybe pitchfork should hire me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just better bass lines

this is a blog i wrote for a separate blogosphere (i hate the word blog but love blogosphere) when i was on my two year vacation from this one, this is just a semi interesting little essay explaining how every band today is simply a band from yesterday with better bass lines, read your heart out (right:nick of the virgins; the man behind rich girls)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

just better bass lines
Current mood: amused

i feel like every band now

is essentially a band from another point in time

and the only reason for this specific new band's success

is due to their catchier bass lines

let me explain

there are a lot of bands out there. thousands. hundreds of thousands. due to the internet and easy recording and guitar tabs and synths and drum machines, any asshole can start a band. one does not even need a band to create a myspace for said band. i'm one of these people

but what i'm getting at is that there is a lot of good music, once you shift through the shit you can find some gems, which i feel i am pretty good at. maybe i should be a shit shifter. or not. but either way, i have found good songs, and they all seemingly belong to the same genre; indie.

i.e. my entire life

now, the strokes. they really stirred shit up. i've already gone through the whole "anyone could say whatever fuck band started the movement" but lets say, for this piece, the strokes did, or at least did something.

there is this band (a fucking amazing band who i'm seeing again on thursday) called the virgins. just another the band. i think not. the virgins have so much of a future ahead of them its disgusting, almost as disgusting as their body odor (literally they smell, i m et them, but at least they are nice) their song "rich girls" has already hit cable (gossip girl, the new oc, even created by the same guy; josh shcwartz) and they are kicking asses left and right. the reason for this

they are the strokes; with better bass lines

another band that is literally on top of the world hanging out higher up than any other indie band in years, they are literally as big as the white stripes circa 01-03, and they didn't even have a cd til january. i have also seen them. if the virgins were the dark side of new york indie rock, vampire weekend is definitly the bright sunshine in-your-face side. less smells and more awesomeness. an amazing show live, and also nice guys, a little too smart for a lot of people i think, but if you can keep up, nice guys. but (and they fucking HATE this comparison but if you listen to boy in a bubble and then their cd you will laugh)

they are paul simon; with better bass lines

and the last band i shall talk about is my most recent affair. somehow from new zealand with no affiliation to lord of the rings or flight of the concords- cut off your hands. they rock. literally, simple, four piece, with a power trio set up and a crooner on vocals. this has been through so many times it gets gross, and it gets tired (editors really ran me thin) but cut off your hands are so damn up beat you can't help but say holy shit they are awesome. my case in point; the barenaked ladies said "it's all been done" and that may be true but i will say now "it can still be done better" but heres to the tunes, they really do spin me right round. and i especially tip my hat to cut off your hands, even through the over zealous hair cuts and guitar jabs i do love you, no slamming

they are the smiths; with better bass lines


ps. this all really really makes me wonder if i am the latter to some comparable situation, the only band my band has been compared to was band of horses with no lead guitar. but now we have a kick ass bassist. but me myself. maybe i will be like the economist adam smith but

with better bass lines

crank your subs for me, please

Monday, January 26, 2009

department of eagles - in ear park

every week i write a column called "down time" for the weekly LSJ publication called NOISE. after my sister and almost every other employee was laid off by Gannett during massive cut backs somehow i managed to keep my job at a whopping six dollars per column, i don't even know what i do it anymore, but either way, i will post the weekly reviews on here as well as occasional throwback reviews from my personal archives

on this particular review i really wanted to mention how much this record sounds just like grizzly bear simply without ed droste, but i try not to make comparisons within my massive 150 word columns. either way i like this department of eagles record a lot, even if it does "drear" a lot. i feel like i would be better friends with Daniel Rossen instead of Ed Droste, and another good track i did not get to mention on here is called "herringbone", check this stuff out

Down time: Department of Eagles
Adam Smith | Columnist for NOISE --

Department of Eagles is the project of Daniel Rossen and Fred Nicolaus that started in 2000 in New York, but was put on hold when Rossen joined Grizzly Bear in 2004. After experiencing success and musical growth with Grizzly Bear, Rossen returned to Department of Eagles and released "In Ear Park" (4AD) in 2008.

Simply put, "No One Does It Like You" is the best song on the record. The song uses subtle instrumentation to create a catchy rhythmic beat, glazed over with beautiful vocal melodies and filled out with a perfect bass line. "Teenagers" is another upbeat track that showcases shimmering guitars and multiple vocal tracks to create a spectacular hook. "Phantom Other" is a song that, like most of the record, is very slow, but builds up momentum and grows into a beautiful ballad.

Using a simple approach, Rossen and Nicolaus have created a perfect record for simply calming down.


this is a short story i wrote a long time ago and then found randomly and decided to do work on, this has a lot in common with many of the short stories i write, including the first person perspectives, metaphors and adoration for the female species, this is probably a lot like my in the works novel (dating her) will sound like. this is my oldest and shortest story, enjoy

Orig. 2/20/07
Edit. 11/10/08
By Adam Smith

It was like one of those connections you could feel in the room before you knew what was happening. One of those things that was just like electric. When my own image arose out of the clutter of the crowd I could only guess I looked not to the best of my capabilities yet slightly heroic, with a beer. She had already started her way across the room and we made eye contact before you could say, “Eye fuck”. From across the room I saw her eyes, and I saw their depth. Her eyes were blue with glaciers of white ice, swirling slowly. Her hair was a slightly darker brown, but with an auburn tint from the light. This girl was beautiful.
She was just wearing jeans: tight fitting, suggestively themed jeans, and ballet flats. She looked normal, almost. Her hair was up, off her shoulders, carelessly thrown into a bun, she might not have known it at the time, but that was my weakness.
I was already lost in her. I was just staring, and I know my mouth wasn’t fully shut. I took a long hard blink, and then opened my eyes to make sure she was real. As she casually made her way across the room I got to see multiple angles. The angles of this woman, of this girl, were unspeakable. She had a basic hourglass shape but understated. She was tall, but not Brazilian model tall. She could model. Easy. Maybe she was a model. She had long legs. This did me in. Her legs went on for miles that I could never run. I could not see the flesh beneath the jeans, but my thoughts raced. I was taller than this girl, this fact made everything okay. I still had one thing on my side. At this point, I had at least one thing on my side and this was my height. When she went sideways her frame collapsed and I got to see a back view. I did not stare at inappropriate locations. Most of what I noticed was her upper back. Her hair was up so I noticed her exposed neck and shoulder blades. Her skin was a perfect healthy shade and she was not overly tan. Her skin was blown glass. She was dark and sexy but with a light heart.
A thin, but not sickly thin, brunette, hair in a bun, tank top with what I could only guess was a Forever 21 bar hopping top, jeans, ballet flats. Simple. Sexy. Complex. Charismatic. I found myself analyzing the situation before there was a situation to analyze. I had sat trying to sway my dizziness. “What song was playing?” I remember asking myself, thinking maybe that was a sign, as long as it wasn’t something like “Drip Sweat” or “Pull My Hair” I would be fine, just fine. It was a fun tune. This DJ has good taste. Now I sat up, looking up, taking in the sound with every ounce of thought as the girl still walked, forever walking. I know this DJ, because this is my iPod plugged into the speakers. “Girls and Boys” by Blur. Okay, awesome, fun, and although in the category of alternative indie rock (my specific department), still sexy and seductive, this song is about an orgy.
“Ok, Chill”, I told myself, “What’s the worst that can happen, she is actually looking at you? She is actually walking towards you?” I would grab her a beer from the counter. Maybe she doesn’t drink beer. She seems like a hard liquor woman. “You talk to attractive girls all the time why are you freaking out now?” I was lecturing myself into obedience.
By this time the girl had already stopped, visited with other girlfriends and continued onward with her journey. She was closer now than ever. Her hair sparkled in the dim switching light. She looked down at the floor occasionally, swept her bangs out of her face and behind her ear. She was walking slowly, but not walking to get somewhere. This girl was just walking. She knew everyone, of course she did. Why didn’t I know her? Maybe I did. No. I didn’t.
She stopped again. She hugged some guy. I hated that fucking guy. I didn’t know that guy, but obviously he was a prick. She took a drink, a glass. The glass could have had water in it. It was probably water; she was walking straight as an arrow before. She stayed in this spot with a small gaggle of people for a couple minutes, just as she had been with the original gaggle of people she was with when the two of us partook in visionary intercourse. Why was I not with a gaggle? Where was my gaggle? I had no gaggle. This was not good. I looked pathetic. This was because I was pathetic, at least semi-pathetic. She was talking, elegantly, but funny. I could tell. Her mouth, I had not noticed. She had slight lipstick, no, maybe Chap Stick. Her lips were perfect. I wanted to kiss her on the mouth. She would grab my hair, but not like a crazy porno, just like she cared.
I was trying not to stare at her but I was failing miserably. She leaned against a pillar. She was above everything going on. She was all that mattered. She rocked her head back and laid her sweet, soft hair against the pillar, or post, or whatever you call a building support. This was a support covered in finished plywood, not a dirty cinderblock one that could be found in basements. This girl was clean. She was looking up at the pitch-black ceiling. She closed her eyes.
She took a deep breath.
Time stopped. There was nothing else in this room. Both this huge room and the larger room it opened into were empty. No one moved. The music stopped. My thoughts were like mail trucks racing through my mind and I was the helpless dog trying to catch them.
She exhaled.
Everything fell back into place like someone turned on the gravity in a space ship. Time had now resumed, because she decided it could. She looked in my direction. I was gasping for air. We made eye contact. Again. Using the term “we” as referring to this girl and myself was too much for me to handle. I looked down towards the ground. I fumbled in my pocket past my phone. I put a mint in my mouth. “Fuck, that was dumb,” I thought. I crunched the mint. “Good.” Now no obstructions of teeth but okay breathe. Maybe. I looked up and this girl was moving in my direction, but not looking at me. My button down shirt held me tightly. French Kicks were playing. This meant something. One of my all time favorite bands, this situation just got a lot better. The song was “Sex Tourists”. Wait, what was with all this sexually themed music? It was a party. This was my play list. I was sexually attracted to this girl, more than a little bit. The drums calmed me. The guitar chimed in my ear and told me this was more than okay. I hoped this song had no underlying meanings of unhappiness. I was happy, mainly that this girl was so close.
Okay, perfect song. I came back. I stared, entranced. This could be the beginning of a beautiful girl involved in my life, or the end of one of the greatest chances to charm my life. Why was I talking to myself, and why in ultimatums? She was so close I could feel our electric buzz snapping and popping, no crackles though. I stood up straight, I smiled.
“Hi,” came a soft and soothing voice, almost seductive, but this could have been only to my ears. “I’m Roxanne.”

the boy is back in town

and by boy i mean me

it has been a long time since i have blogged, and mainly just because i don't seem to be fond of that word. in some ways i grew up and out of my blog, in others ways i grew younger like benjamin button and became too lazy to type.

but now, with my shortage of friends, and more time focused on writing, i am back to fulfill any and every blogging dream. blogging is a scary term, especially in the music world, which i have been a very large part of since my earlier days writing online. blogging is scary to music writers and musicians alike (of which i am both) because blogs can make or break you.

which is a little ridiculous because i could be some twelve year old x box player or some forty year old serial killer, no one would know the difference, but no one cares, and people make money off this shit.

not me though, because that is the way the world turns. it is damn near impossible for a person to get paid for doing something they really like. even my sister, emily, does not get paid for her amazing blog ( it is a pain but it is a passion, through and through

what i am really trying to say my blogging life is resurfacing, just for a quick breathe of fresh air, if i get a response or just really like to type to the world (with seemingly no one in it that reads my stuff) then this could be a long term affair.

other wards, who knows, i am a very hard guy to pin down, ask any girl that has ever met me. this does not mean i am a ladies man; actually the direct opposite.

much love to anyone reading and i hope to write to you and hear from you in the very near future