Thursday, November 19, 2009

because everyone should be listening to what i am right now...

this second.

i'm becoming impatient with my "one mix a week" rule so i'm breaking it. this should delight everyone. i've been super into wild beasts this whole month since i've gotten their new album "two dancers" and i love it. also, i just keep digging deeper into my friend randy's catalogue so i got some more deastro that i will share. there is also an unfinished song by my friend mark who used to play with randy in deastro. he is working on a new band possibly (probably) called blood. he will probably kill me for posting this track because it does not have vocals and is clearly unfinished but it is still a good guitar jam either way. also, the amazing new beach house song, buzzworthy sleigh bells, the best julian casablancas song he did not put on his album (besides this) and i'm going to be pompous and upload one of my very own new tracks that i just got a master edit back from nashville for. in other news, washed out and toro y moi still not getting old for me, the smiths and the cure never get old for anyone. click here to download

november 1

00 song - artist

01 norway - beach house
02 hot sprawl - man/miracle
03 phone call - washed out
04 pulling our weight - the radio dept.
05 genius of love - tom tom club
06 hooting and howling - wild beasts
07 hey you - pony pony run run
08 bend your body - toro y moi
09 high - the cure
10 mean april - the kodaks
11 camera talk - local natives
12 still ill - the smiths
13 all you deadeyes rejoice - deastro
14 a strange arrangement - mayer hawthorne
15 sparxxx - love language
16 bone jam - jeff the brotherhood
17 sleepwalking - the jaguar club
18 baby don't go - dum dum girls
19 we still got the taste dancin' on our tounges - wild beasts
20 old hollywood - julian casablancas
21 blood unfinished demo 3 - mark smak
22 ring ring - sleigh bells

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