Monday, November 16, 2009

remember september?

well i do. i had just moved to detroit, into my small little dorm room and into a life of loneliness and learning. uplifting, no? well there is a sliver lining to that college cloud. i spent more time on my new laptop than any human should and within the month of september i became a professional media pirate. frostwire was not aloud at my school so i had to figure out other ways to get music illegally, and this turned my life as i knew it into that of a blog surfer. i love music, more than anyone could ever know. it's there for you after a break up, after a fight, after you fail a test, after you get punched in the face. whenever, music sings like dogs never could. music is my girlfriend, music is my best friend. now that i've officially creeped out anyone who stumbled onto this blog, i'm letting you all know i'm going to upload at least one mix a week, today i'm uploading one of the first playlists i created while i was living alone. it includes many of the years most hyped artists, that i had been listening to obsessively at the time. at the end of the summer (and still) i was obsessed with the whole "dreambeat" "chillwave" "glo fi" thing. washed out remains my favorite, so there is a song by both ernest green's projects (washed out, lee weather), his friend chaz bundick (toro y moi) plus memory tapes and a sweet remix by neon indian. also the xx, girls, health, the drums, japandroids and a lot of other 2009 break outs. as well as some year oldish throw backs (css, department of eagles). this has been called a mix masterpiece by some of my friends, so now the rest of you can judge, this is "september 1" click here to download

00 song - artist

01 pull my heart away - jack penate
02 who can say - the horrors
03 headdress - amazing baby
04 i'm not alone - calvin harris
05 crystalized - the xx
06 lust for life - girls
07 die slow - health
08 molly's vertigo - acrylics
09 talamak - toro y moi
10 no hope kids - wavves
11 i saw eternity the other night - lee weather
12 let's go surfing - the drums
13 knife - css
14 ambivalence avenue - bibio
15 plain material - memory tapes
16 new theory - washed out
17 can't stick 'em - bear hands
18 deli - delorean
19 teenagers - department of eagles
20 stand in a line - rubies
21 heart sweats - japandroids
22 another likely story (neon indian remix) - au revoir simone

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