Friday, May 21, 2010

this week (MAY 2010)

has flown by.

almost too quickly. but despite being busy, i have enjoyed myself. summer is coming. i'm already out of class but the weather hasn't been full blown summer.. yet. but now we're nearing the end of may and those 80 degree days are becoming evermore common.

it's wonderful. life in general would be wonderful despite "work" and "problems" and the usual junk. but who wants to hear about that?

i'm going to busy as fuck this weekend.. but in a good way for once. SO to anyone who doesn't know, and that may (or may not) be intereted- my band THE KODAKS are playing this saturday at the belmont in hamtramck. click that last link there for deets. but fyi- i'm playing with a whole new lineup. mitch green is playing drums and i'm just saying- the dude can play. so, let's hope it goes well..

nOw! moving on. this mix. is intense. it's long. it's up, it's down. but every song (in chronological order haha) pretty much describes my week. there's going to be no posting in the next couple of days, so i figure i would let anyone who is going to be enjoying warm weather this weekend enjoy it with great music. summer fun, music in the sun. right?

outside has been inspiring me lately. just the idea of "outside".. despite everyone (including me) being poor as shit and always bitching about it, michigan is a beautiful place to live in the (late) spring.
green everywhere. fresh air. blue skies... when you're slightly away from detroit that is haha

anyways, enough words. as a wise friend JUST said to me- "less talk, more walk". so i'm going to do the real thing and stop just talking and... well... JUST DO IT. so yeah, forewarning: this mix is as excentric as my typing is right now. i guess i'm just happy lately. i feel alive.. !!!

hence all the (old school) rap, the variety of indie pop, random slow songs and other strange assortments from all over history. friends have been influencing my music lately- and i'm okay with that.. cause i still get my own picks.. the new wolf parade (GHOST PRESSURE) is amazing. and also- i know this is a long playlist- but the newest track by toro y moi is stupid good.. and it's completely different from anything off his debut. genius.

just as long as everyone enjoys this playlist, i'm okay with whatever. so HeRe wE GO

MAY 2010

00 song - artist

part one

01 ghost pressure - wolf parade
02 the changeling - the doors
03 crosstown traffic
04 pda - interpol
05 machine gun funk - notorious b.i.g.
06 beetlebum - blur
07 bill murray - gorillaz
08 aurora - foo fighters
09 peg - steely dan
10 alison - slowdive
11 you talk way too much - the strokes
12 head over heels - tears for fears
13 run into flowers - m83
14 something good can work for you (ted & francis remix) - two door cinema club
15 mr. brightside - the killers
16 the goodman of the house - deastro
17 poison - bell big devoe
18 crown on the ground - sleigh bells
19 roller - french kicks
20 home life - john mayer
21 like eating glass - bloc party
22 work - hockey
23 cut your hair - pavement
24 keep ya head up - 2pac
25 strange days - the doors
26 it wasn't me - shaggy

27 inaction - we are scientists
28 gender bombs - the stills
29 tired of being alone - al green
30 supersonic - oasis
31 elevation - television
32 smoke two joints - sublime
33 high - the cure
34 asleep at a party - memory cassette
35 lamplight - bombay bicycle club
36 the world at large - modest mouse
37 by the way - red hot chili peppers
38 for what reason - death cab for cutie
39 everything's alright (kimya dawson cover - DEMO) - the kodaks
40 bull in the heather - sonic youth
41 lost in the supermarket - the clash
42 d'yer mak'er - led zeppelin
43 let's dance - david bowie
44 nothing better - postal service
45 beast of burden - the rolling stones
46 isolation - joy division
47 boys don't cry - the cure
48 brand new start - little joy
49 get up - bone thugz n harmony
50 fences - phoenix
51 lovefool - the cardigans
52 sugar fish (will yates remix) - daniel
53 summer stage - the walkmen
54 where's summer b? - ben folds five
56 leave everywhere - toro y moi
57 the greatest - cat power

Monday, May 17, 2010

th3 e-mix

haven't done this in a while. it's late. i'm tired. i hate talking these days. actually... i've been saying TOO many words lately- but that's in real life. this here is the internet.. or something like that. but that, for me.. equals FAKE LIFE. really though. no more words. or at least less of them.

this is a mix i made for someone very special to me (just recently). she knows who she is. period. lots of great tracks from all different time periods of my life. and all of them seem to fit perfect for the (forthcoming?) nice weather. this mix also contains the special "garb, garb" by great lakes (a.k.a. my good buddy Adam Laidlaw)

TH3 e-mix

01 new man - french kicks
02 split screen sadness - john mayer
03 chase - the cinematics
04 call me - al green
05 this orient - foals
06 the greatest - cat power
07 bright young thing - albert hammond jr.
08 pull my heart away - jack penate
09 ready, able - grizzly bear
10 garb garb - great lakes
11 love you better - the maccabees
12 now that i miss her - elefant
13 what a drag - bear hands
14 grand opening - elephant parade
15 bermuda - kisses
16 excuses - the morning benders
17 minors - toro y moi
18 as far as i can see - phantogram
19 what you know - two door cinema club
20 kurgan wave number one - deastro
21 leif erikson - interpol