Saturday, February 07, 2009

tennessee, baby!

nashville to be more specific

alright so any one who reads my blog probably reads my sisters blog (emily at and if you don't read her blog you damn well should because although it is less informative than mine she at least makes the effort at capitalization and hers is funny as shit

anyways, what i am getting at is that if you have read then you know emily, her husband matt (the blogosphere only know him as mc) and i, adam, have traveled to beautiful nashville, tennessee

the reason we traveled to the volunteer state (yeah, michigan has great lakes and tennessee has volunteers? that doesn't seem fair) is because emily has a writing conference on blogging set up at the hotel preston just outside of downtown nashville. at this conference she will learn how to possibly turn her blog into a book and also possibly meet her favorite auther/blogger; jen lancaster.

but what emily is really finding out is how much she hates "mommy bloggers" and how impatient she is with men, babies, long car rides, and rock bands.

matt and i drove from lapeer, michigan, leaving at around 6 o clock michigan time, driving through indiana stopping in kentucy at a quality inn a couple blocks away from a trucker hive, and then continuing our drive to tennessee in the morning. we drove through a timezone, we had no idea.

it is true, women everywhere are hitting on matt (mc, don't forget, same person) everywhere we go, matt and i are officially two of seven men in this entire hotel.

the main points i have to talk about in nashville is that after wandering around while emily was learning, matt and i met this guy named johnny with blond hair and a sleeve tattoo that worked at an apple store (apperently the only one in nashville) and he told us some cool places to go but really i kinda felt he was stuck on himself. he was nice and helpful but kind of no it all. but either way he told us about the mercy lounge () where i saw that one of my favorite nashville bands where playing.

there is a certain nashville that i would love someday to be a part of because it is all an older kind of rock with a modern twist and all kids my age playing fucking amazing music. there are multiple bands that i am obsessed with from the area and it bassically all started with


the four original members of be your own pet were jemina, jonas, nathan and jamin, after their first record jamin left the band and john came in to play drums. while recording their second album with john, byop's jonas and john formed another band with a very close friend of the band named max, they formed


after meeting jonas last summer when byop played the nylon tour with the virgins and switches (this was right before the byop break up) i got into turbo fruits and bought their record and maintained contact with jonas online. eventually though, things must have got fucked up because john and max left jonas and turbo fruits. later it would become known that both john and max left jonas for the old singer of byop, jemina pearl, to join her on her solo project. john, max and jemina left nashville completely to go to new york to do jemina's solo stuff, seemingly betraying the nashville group, but no one will say anything band, this is what they are doing now


now that jonas was left alone he had to recruit other musicians to do turbo fruits with him, which was only a three piece and seeing how he has many friends in the tightly knit network of nashville, he found friends very quickly. he enlisted his friend wez that is another band that may or may not be broken up now, but either way i messaged them and they are way nice and i bought their record, they are called


anyways, i am getting away from my point. through all my researching and record buying of nashville bands i found jamin, one of the original four members of be your own pet. jamin is still very good friends with jonas and nathan and also might have lived with some of the members of meemaw. it turns out that jamin original left the band to work on his two piece band with his brother jake, they are called


this is the band i saw last night, they are fucking amazing, that just needs to be said, i highly recommend going to their myspace and listening to their song "screaming banshee" and then buying as many of their records as possible, including their upcoming 7" single "bone jam". they played "bone jam" last night at the mercy lounge where they opened up for this band called the features. like i said, i recommend buying a JEFF record but that will not compare close to how amazing they are live. jamin (pronounced jame in) is one of the tightest drummers i have seen live and jake plays on a danelectro guitar with only three strings on it. this is not a joke. jeff the brotherhood fucking rules

you can buy almost all these records at this amazing local label in nashville that i really hope releases some of my records some day very very soon called


but anyways, jeff rules, they rule so much that i got to meet them today. this is because last night after they played they peaced out because no one locally buys their records anymore. they didn't know i was there. i messaged them and they promptly messaged me bac, giving me the address of his work so i could stop buy and get their records and give them my demo. jamin works at a local bike shop in nashville called Halycon ()

matt and i talked to jamin for a while, he was way nice and way cool and gave me the lowdown on nashville, telling me about an underground show for this band called marj tonight and he told us to go eat at this bbq restaruant called hog heaven.

after metting jamin matt and i left and hit up this amazing vintage clothing store called hip zipper () where i got some really sweet clothes. after that matt and i went to a bar right next to hip zipper called the red door saloon. i can't really describe how awesome this bar was, all i can say is they don't exactly card (i never do anything illegal, ever) and they had kind of a voodoo theme AND many other patrons had sleeve tattoos. matt and i were only there for a minute while he drank some sweet yazoo pale ale and then we left.

after that we went a small music store that was really just 60 year old nashvillians (maybe?) playing mandolins but matt and i got some glass guitar slides, which we are really ancy to use. we are sitting in our hotel room right now waiting for emily to return from her free drinks. we both wish we had out guitars but all in all we can't do anything but be greatful for an amazing day in an amazing town

nashville has been good to me

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