Sunday, February 15, 2009

primitive demos


my band, my project, called the kodaks, just recorded. i just recorded. i did a demo with one of my friends named jeff yateman. jeff is the drummer for past the pacific.

jeff and i have been friends since middle school and for a couple years now he has been in pop punk bands and i have been in indie pop bands and our bands always play together. the moral of the story is jeff is a really nice guy, amazing fucking musician and (as i now know) a very tech savy man. he records his rap group nig nog with garageband on his mac, that is how we first got talking about the possibilities of recording, but i love nig nog, they are really really really good actually

anyways, i went over to jeff's and over a span of two days i finished one song (that i will go back to PROPERLY finish tomorrow) and that song is called mouth kiss. you can listen to it on my bands myspace

after talking during along night with jeff and ryan (also from ptp) about the new song we came to the conclusion that i should upload the song to my myspace, but delete all the other songs, to show off the quality of mouth kiss better

either way, it doesn't matter, because now i am "releasing" all the songs anyways. i am giving away the songs in a free download, the download has a lot of songs i recorded very primitively, many through my laptop. but anyways, if you want you can download all the songs, songs i did by myself, with other musicians, including the live demos i just did with alexalex. here are the songs that are included, in no order

yeah i guess this could be considered the official official release of the adam winter 08 ep, enjoy

live demos-
-little miss vixen ft. alexalex
-get flowers ft. alexalex
-nature of the experiment (tokyo police club cover) ft. alexalex

really old live demos-
-dark room (done with previous members of the kodaks)
-choose (done with hair lab)

my demos
-little miss vixen
-dress shopping
-mouth kiss
-nothing will exist anymore ft. adam "robert law" laidlaw
-dark room
-tennis star
-my pearl

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