Monday, January 26, 2009

the boy is back in town

and by boy i mean me

it has been a long time since i have blogged, and mainly just because i don't seem to be fond of that word. in some ways i grew up and out of my blog, in others ways i grew younger like benjamin button and became too lazy to type.

but now, with my shortage of friends, and more time focused on writing, i am back to fulfill any and every blogging dream. blogging is a scary term, especially in the music world, which i have been a very large part of since my earlier days writing online. blogging is scary to music writers and musicians alike (of which i am both) because blogs can make or break you.

which is a little ridiculous because i could be some twelve year old x box player or some forty year old serial killer, no one would know the difference, but no one cares, and people make money off this shit.

not me though, because that is the way the world turns. it is damn near impossible for a person to get paid for doing something they really like. even my sister, emily, does not get paid for her amazing blog ( it is a pain but it is a passion, through and through

what i am really trying to say my blogging life is resurfacing, just for a quick breathe of fresh air, if i get a response or just really like to type to the world (with seemingly no one in it that reads my stuff) then this could be a long term affair.

other wards, who knows, i am a very hard guy to pin down, ask any girl that has ever met me. this does not mean i am a ladies man; actually the direct opposite.

much love to anyone reading and i hope to write to you and hear from you in the very near future

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