Saturday, November 20, 2010

october 2010

yes, it is almost the end of november, i'm sorry for the lack of posts. this is a mix i made in october, the mix that have been making for november will posted very soon. october marks the release of bear hand's single - "crime pays" which is featured here. "crime pays" is one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite records of the year. bear hands debut record - "burning bush supper club" is available here.

the twin shadow record "forget" deserves all the good press it's been receiving, the album is almost perfect. i saw twin shadow play and they were great, their lead singer and guitar player can really play. in october i also saw the walkmen and dr dog, both very good performances. the drummer for the walkmen is still one of the best.

december 10th marks the release of the satin peaches new 7" single "red" on five three dial tone records. kodaks will be playing on that show with the peaches and we will also be playing even sooner at the lager house on november 28th with bear hands. come check out some show in the D, and until then here are some new tunes, i hope everyone enjoys.

october 2010

00 song - artist

01 crime pays - bear hands
02 when we're dancing - twin shadow
03 goons - small black
04 angela surf city - the walkmen
05 doncamatic (all played out) feat. daley - gorillaz
06 foolish - ra ra riot
07 earthquake - deerhunter
08 tip of your tongue - porcelain raft
09 things change - the new division
10 lucky 1 - avey tare
11 beach side - kings of leon
12 east van girls! - shimmering stars
13 since we last met (radio edit) - ndf
14 rococo - arcade fire
15 out, don't - gauntlet hair
16 we've been had - the walkmen
17 choice blanket - the sea and cake
18 dreaming of another world - mystery jets
19 inner city blues (makes me wanna holler) - marvin gaye
20 red - the satin peaches
21 lynn (demo) - the kodaks
22 animals & insects - the stills
23 desire lines - deerhunter
24 marriage - gold panda
25 futile devices - sufjan stevens
26 jackie wants a black eye - dr. dog
27 saltwater - beach house
28 nyc - interpol
29 home - lcd soundsystem
30 everyday is like sunday - morrisey