Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just better bass lines

this is a blog i wrote for a separate blogosphere (i hate the word blog but love blogosphere) when i was on my two year vacation from this one, this is just a semi interesting little essay explaining how every band today is simply a band from yesterday with better bass lines, read your heart out (right:nick of the virgins; the man behind rich girls)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

just better bass lines
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i feel like every band now

is essentially a band from another point in time

and the only reason for this specific new band's success

is due to their catchier bass lines

let me explain

there are a lot of bands out there. thousands. hundreds of thousands. due to the internet and easy recording and guitar tabs and synths and drum machines, any asshole can start a band. one does not even need a band to create a myspace for said band. i'm one of these people

but what i'm getting at is that there is a lot of good music, once you shift through the shit you can find some gems, which i feel i am pretty good at. maybe i should be a shit shifter. or not. but either way, i have found good songs, and they all seemingly belong to the same genre; indie.

i.e. my entire life

now, the strokes. they really stirred shit up. i've already gone through the whole "anyone could say whatever fuck band started the movement" but lets say, for this piece, the strokes did, or at least did something.

there is this band (a fucking amazing band who i'm seeing again on thursday) called the virgins. just another the band. i think not. the virgins have so much of a future ahead of them its disgusting, almost as disgusting as their body odor (literally they smell, i m et them, but at least they are nice) their song "rich girls" has already hit cable (gossip girl, the new oc, even created by the same guy; josh shcwartz) and they are kicking asses left and right. the reason for this

they are the strokes; with better bass lines

another band that is literally on top of the world hanging out higher up than any other indie band in years, they are literally as big as the white stripes circa 01-03, and they didn't even have a cd til january. i have also seen them. if the virgins were the dark side of new york indie rock, vampire weekend is definitly the bright sunshine in-your-face side. less smells and more awesomeness. an amazing show live, and also nice guys, a little too smart for a lot of people i think, but if you can keep up, nice guys. but (and they fucking HATE this comparison but if you listen to boy in a bubble and then their cd you will laugh)

they are paul simon; with better bass lines

and the last band i shall talk about is my most recent affair. somehow from new zealand with no affiliation to lord of the rings or flight of the concords- cut off your hands. they rock. literally, simple, four piece, with a power trio set up and a crooner on vocals. this has been through so many times it gets gross, and it gets tired (editors really ran me thin) but cut off your hands are so damn up beat you can't help but say holy shit they are awesome. my case in point; the barenaked ladies said "it's all been done" and that may be true but i will say now "it can still be done better" but heres to the tunes, they really do spin me right round. and i especially tip my hat to cut off your hands, even through the over zealous hair cuts and guitar jabs i do love you, no slamming

they are the smiths; with better bass lines


ps. this all really really makes me wonder if i am the latter to some comparable situation, the only band my band has been compared to was band of horses with no lead guitar. but now we have a kick ass bassist. but me myself. maybe i will be like the economist adam smith but

with better bass lines

crank your subs for me, please

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