Thursday, April 29, 2010

april out-takes

this week is my hell week. they call this "finals" for us "college students". if you've never been through this finals thing, avoid it at all costs. it's terrible. i'm too tried to blog. and that is pretty fucking tired. this mix is self explanatory, the thing i'm most pumped is: the first track (LONG LIVE FRENCH KICKS) and the newest track by the new division and the new interpol track that JUST arrived but paul banks still sings like he did on their third record and i'm not sure about that yet... goodnight.

april out-takes (2010)

00 song - artist

01 a delicate hang - french kicks
02 the ghost inside - broken bells
03 total life forever - foals
04 midnight - bear (the ghost)
05 all i want - lcd soundsystem
06 rocket scientist featuring eve - teddybears
07 never follow suit - the radio dept.
08 ceo birthday - jj
09 after glow - foals
10 hide me - the golden filter
11 celestica - crystal castles
12 bright lit blue skies - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
13 texico bitches - broken social scene
14 sorrow - the national
15 walking through that door - future islands
16 brightest minds - department of eagles
17 i can do that - the futureheads
18 vaporize - broken bells
19 anyone's ghost - the national
20 true lies - the new division
21 david - the radio dept.
22 where'd all the time go? - dr. dog
23 lights - interpol
24 moon theory - miami horror

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bad Cop

listen to ---> Bad Cop

There are so many bands out there these days- so why give a fuck about just one?

This is a question that I have posed to myself many times. With all these bands out there, it’s literally becoming difficult for people to remember a band, let alone their name. But let me tell anyone whom reads my godforsaken Internet posts- remember the band name “Bad Cop.”

Adam Moult is one of the most honest, driven and down to earth men that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The best way to describe Adam is to say, “He is real.” Because the truth is, Adam is the real deal, and more importantly, Bad Cop is the real deal. Bad Cop is a rock band from Nashville, and they have recorded at some of the same places and with some of the same people that ran with Be Your Own Pet, JEFF the Brotherhood and Turbo Fruits. But the fact of the matter is that Bad Cop CANNOT get lumped in with those bands. Bad Cop is better than any categorization will give them credit for.

Bad Cop’s debut album is called “Harvest the Beast” and it will be arriving to the public (legally) by ROIR records later this year. When that album drops- collective minds will be blown. Bad Cop is the real deal rock band. Just take a visit to their myspace page ( to understand what I mean. “Daylight” is a rock song with real anima and depth that shows Bad Cop’s roots in post-punk as well as psychedelic rock.

My favorite track is “Amores Perros” because the music and the lyrics and the style come together to form one of the most beautiful pieces of art that I’ve heard this year.
Moult works as some sort of combination of Jim Morrison meets Ian Curtis, Alex Hartness provides a full on guitar attack (providing whatever he needs to provide and providing it well) and Karl Merkley and Dylan Rowe (drums and bass, respectively) deliver the kind of tight smart rhythm that makes Bad Cop tic.

Typically, I will not write over one paragraph on just one artist. But this is not just one other artist. If there was one band around right now that I could say sincerely, “They might have a fucking chance” then it is Bad Cop. No one makes money off music anymore but Bad Cop should because they are the type of real rock band that anti-whatever people would say, “we need.” Everyone needs Bad Cop. Because they are legit. So go listen.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

april 2010

HiPsTeR muzak

this mix has gone through so many different versions and revises. the actual "april 2010" playlist on my computer has about 70 songs in it. i was going to upload a bunch of different playlists, like april part one, part two, part three, yada yada. but i'm not going to.

just one playlist. one song by each band. i've gotten a shit ton of new records lately, as in leaks, FO FREE and i fucking love it. yeah i feel like a scum bag but hey the music industry hasn't done anything for me lately so fuck it. but really, some of the records i have are so good i will most likely be buying them on vinyl.

some albums that are new to my itunes and that everyone needs to get their hands on....

lcd soundsystem - this is happening
mgmt - congratulations
the national - high violet
foals - total life forever
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - before today
broken bells - broken bells
teddybears - devil's music
bear (the ghost) - that night
french kicks - roller ep

seriously. if you can find the downloads for any of those full albums- go do it. i've been listening to the new lcd and new foals back to back to back to back- i don't think there is a track on either of those records that i don't like.

i'm the hugest french kicks fan and the roller ep some how slipped passed me all these years and holy SHIT it's good. it's three tracks of pure french kicks glory.

my friend robby really IS the band called bear (the ghost) and he is so talented it's ridiculous i feel like his music is so pure and original. and so it justifies me loving it so much. i'm sure that pretty soon pitchfork will dig their claws into him and it will all be over but we'll see.

i'm really into the new mgmt record too and yes i know, i'm a huge douche bag because everyone else on the fucking planet seems to hate it but whatever. i'm so alt i'm the alt of alt. HiPsTeR d00d. srsly tho, "congratulations" is different and def darker than "oracular spectacular" but it's a lot more original and the record as a whole feels a lot more cohesive and shit, i like that kinda thing.

what else? the new ariel pink is fucking great, it makes me wish he had always gone for mid-fi instead of the shittiest of shitty lo-fi that every ariel pink record was before this one.

within the past month i saw both beach house and washed out live and let me first say that those are two of my favorite bands around right now because every song that comes from them seems to take my breathe away. nohomo. but needless to say, i love those bands and they blew me away live so i have a newer track by washed out and a sweet remix of a beach house track.

lots of good single tracks have been coming out of the internets lately too. the new track by health, the new track by band of horses, the new track by crystal castles, the new track from futureheads (yes i know, but it's actually good) and some other newer tracks i'm hearing are all really great.

and some new comers to take note of. the track on here by gauntlet hair is such a good jam, they sound very promising and i hope there is more good stuff to come from them. and i feel the same way about other new comers called kisses because their track "bermuda" gets me moving every time i hear it and i feel as if it might be one of my favorite songs this year (that and "round and round" by ariel pink). another band that is newer to me on this mix is elephant parade but their song on this mix "grand opening" is a wonderful pop gem.

also, gotta represent detroit. i'm just going to say right now, when the full length record by lettercamp gets released, collective minds will be blown. also, i'm very impressed by the debut of fellow detroit youngsters the pizazz.

alright that's all i'm going to say. this post is way too fucking long, sorry to anyone that just wants to get to the mp3s. this playlist really does speak for itself though, so i hope everyone enjoys.

***SHIT i thought i had it worked out so all my songs were going to fit in one mix but mediafire is getting to be more and more lame by the day and i can only fit 200 mb so i had to X out some songs, i'll still list them here (with an X instead of a number) but they aren't really in the download, sorry. if you want the X'd tracks that bad just email me. i'll be uploading an april out takes mix soon.

everyone enjoy---

april 2010

00 song - artist

01 usa boys - health
02 roller - french kicks
03 someday soon - harlem
04 someone's missing - mgmt
05 i was thinking... - gauntlet hair
06 call it off - lettercamp
07 #7 - washed out
08 bermuda - kisses
XX home - weird tapes
10 grand opening - elephant parade
XX texico bitches - broken social scene
12 stay close - delorean
13 doe deer - crystal castles
14 fright night (nevermore) - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
15 don't really know me (ep version) - snowden
16 on giving up - high places
17 asian pear - acrylics
18 the high road - broken bells
19 the party (9:15 p.m.) - bear (the ghost)
20 what you know - two door cinema club
21 dance yrself clean - lcd soundsystem
XX struck dumb - the futureheads
23 crafty maneuvers - the pizazz
24 burn bridges - dom
25 youth - beach fossils
26 black gold - foals
27 afraid of everyone - the national
28 factory - band of horses
XX flowers and a wreath - still life still
30 the greatest escape we ever made - wave machines
31 lately (troisieme) - memoryhouse
32 10 mili stereo (cough syrup remix) - beach house

Saturday, April 03, 2010

young clubs

new young pony cinema bicycle police club

within the last week i discovered this band called two door cinema club. honestly, they are really fucking awesome. they are young, they are irish (the lead singer looks like the little brother i never had) and they write some of the tightest, catchiest indie pop songs that i have heard all year. i've had a crazy week and i've been busy and this band has been fueling my fast paced life in the best way. it seems every song i have by this band is seriously amazing, and i promise you, they will be stuck in your head.

in about a week or within a week or whatever, i will upload my april mix. because it is officially april, as the warmer weather and torrential downpours indicate. but april is good, i love rain and rain brings life, so everything is becoming greener and greener all the time and i like it.

but back to the music. i've noticed there are a lot of younger, foreign, indie pop bands springing up all over the place, and it seems that all the best ones have the word "club" in their name. i think adding club to the title kind of emphasizes the youth of the band, like little kids forming a club. or forming a band that makes ridiculously catchy tunes.

honestly though, people might say these bands are real young or too poppy or whatever, but i love simple(r) accessible pop music with an edge, and that's just what these songs are. these bands definitely have LOTS of influence over my music. now i just need to work on being catchier, and i'm thinking about changing my band name to---> young kodak film club (seriously though, that's not band sounding, is it? haha)

all these young foreign indie club bands seem to be my favorites also, and they are perfect for warmer weather, specifically driving around in a car. so i'm offering downloads of all these beautiful songs by all these adorable little club bands so you can pick and choose your favorite tunes by each of these bands and then burn yourself a cd to drive around to. do it.

the bands i have chosen here are two door cinema club, bombay bicycle club, new young pony club and tokyo police club. this is a mix, but it features songs only by these four bands.

some note worthy things about this mix: it includes pretty much everything i have by two door cinema club (seriously, every song of their sounds like an a-side worthy single) including some remixes, (i actually included remixes of several songs by a couple of the bands), there are songs here from the new new young pony club album and there is also the new single by tokyo police club but really the only thing you need to know about this mix is that it includes every song that i really like by each of these bands.

happy friday. happy saturday. happy april. happy weekend.

listen to these young indie pop club bands and you will feel better, i promise, the quality of your life will improve once you have these songs pumping through your brain. esp anything by two door cinema club, i'm telling you, they are amazing.

i'm only going to list each band once, so from then on each track will be by that band until i list the next band, but really it's easy to figure out, there are only four bands, and plenty of songs.

young clubs

click here to download part 1 (two door cinema club & bombay bicycle club)

click here to download part 2 (new young pony club & tokyo police club)


00 song


two door cinema club

01 undercover martyn
02 i can talk
03 something good can work
04 costume party
05 what you know
06 do you want it all ?
07 cigarettes in the theatre
08 new houses
09 eat that up, it's good for you
10 you're not stubborn
11 this is the life
12 come back home
13 standing on ghosts
14 secret circus
15 we go forward
16 not in this town
17 impatience is a virtue
18 hands off my cash, monty (demo)
19 what you know (lightsoverLA remix)
20 something good can work (ted & francis remix)
21 what you know (redlight remix)


bombay bicycle club

22 how are you
23 lamplight
24 evening / morning
25 dust on the ground
26 always like this
27 magnet
28 sixteen
29 open house
30 dust on the ground (tanlines remix)
31 always like this (james rutledge remix)


new young pony club

32 ice cream
33 bomb
34 jerk me
35 get go
36 chaos
37 stone
38 the optimist
39 before the light
40 lost a girl
41 chaos (rory phillips mix)


tokyo police club

42 in a cave
43 juno
44 tessellate
45 nursery, academy
46 sixties remake
47 your english is good
48 the baskervilles
49 nature of the experiment
50 cheer it on
51 citizens of tomorrow
52 breakneck speed