Monday, November 23, 2009

october 2

mad mix mondays.

back in the middle of october i was preparing for an off the chains halloween party so i was really into a lot of up beat dancey stuff. get this party started type songs. hence the amazing miami horror song (which now has a sweet video) and the slightly long be definitely excellent memory tapes (and memory cassette) song, plus vega (and neon indian). there are also some other gems on here, like the song by the band magic magic. i pretty much just randomly found magic magic but i fell in love quickly, they are so damn good i just can't believe they aren't more popular. also i found a spectacular snyth slow song by a one man ban called future trends, who, as it turns out, is a friend of my friends, enlou. there is also (this marks three) another band that i discovered who should be WAY more popular then they are. the band called the new division (get it?) are just fucking spectacular, and they give away a bunch of songs for free so be sure to check them out. i've been really into bands like best coast and pearl harbor so then i got really into their roots, aka girl groups like the ronettes. there is also the 60's esque mayer hawthorne here, though i prefer the superior remix. also some more recent throw backs from alex turner (arctic monkeys) side project (the last shadow puppets) and mid 2000s (now broken up) indie champs - sound team and more recent guillemots. also, the new pains of being pure at heart ep is stupid good. in other news there is a new song from my band, the kodaks, on my myspace page, and i felt it necessary to mention it even though it's not included on this mix. enjoy

october 2

00 song - artist

01 last one awake (friend version) - memory cassette
02 falling over - the pains of being pure at heart
03 green eyed love (classixx remix) - mayer hawthorne
04 don't be a jerk, jonny - the drums
05 sometimes - miami horror
06 moonraker - future trends
07 handful of billions - sound team
08 be my baby - the ronettes
09 graphics - memory tapes
10 rome - the new division
11 kyoto gardens - vega
12 things will never be the same again - jj
13 wanna be in l.a. - eagles of death metal
14 a threaded needle - lotus plaza
15 higher than the stars - the pains of being pure at heart
16 over your heart - magic magic
17 made up lovesong #43 - guillemots
18 mrs. cold - kings of convenience
19 mind, drips - neon indian
20 the time has come again - the last shadow puppets

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