Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Presets

Aussies that know how to dance

Two dudes straight out of Sydney, Australia who know their way around a synthesizer. I would bet large sums of money that these boys were intensely unpopular in high school. But now dudes must get more play than every other guy at their high school put together. Of course I could be wrong about this on all counts, but for now I’m sticking with my theory. One thing is for certain; these two definitely know what they are doing. Their dance/ electronic/ techno beats are so dance floor friendly I have a feeling it won’t take long for the club/ rave scene to pick of their sounds, if they haven’t started already.

Kim Moyes and Julian Hamilton are two guys that look like they just walked off the sexually blazed dance floor circa 1987. Their pulsing beats bring back nostalgic memories of bands such as Joy Division, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen and truly sound like they should be playing alongside another one of my new favorites, She Wants Revenge. The boys are usually sporting dark shades, and skinny ties with members-only jackets with sleeves rolled up.

The Presets 2005 debut, Beams, had a re-release for the album in April. Songs like Down, Down, Down and their single Are You The One? are instant classics with their dark heavy beats and quick synthesizers and sometimes shaking guitar riffs. My favorite thus far however has to be Beat On, Beat Off. With heavy guitar and an even heavier rhythm to keep you dancing intensely for however long the music tells you to. The deep voices masquerading through the music with the occasional little claps to liven your step while the bass keeps shaking to make your heart skip beats.

The point is, The Presets are good, and I think they have a bright, bright future with their dark, dark music. These boys came ready to dance, have you?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Screenplay, Part 1

A Screenplay by Adam Fitzgerald

“Just give me three good reasons you haven’t ever liked me.”
“You heard me… three things I have ever done wrong!” Riley said, demandingly, as the rain falling from the sky became equivalent of that from their eyes.
“Riley, you know we have always been just friends, I have told you that!”
“That’s a lie! Why then, all these times, haven’t you just blown me off when I ask you out?”
“We go out as FRIENDS, I have always said that!”
“Diane, give me three good reasons why we are only friends then.”
“Is it because I’m not all-state quarterback? Or running back? Because I can’t pitch over 80 miles per hour? What is it?”
“It’s none of that!” Diane responded, defiantly from the end of the driveway.
“Well those seem to be your favorite qualities in men because I think that describes your last three boyfriends pretty well. One of who you just left in there with some other girl.”
“Riley!” she began to break down.
“I don’t understand, Diane… why do you have to toy with me like this?”
“Riley… I can’t talk right now… I don’t even know what to say!” she turned around, opened her car door and began to get in.
“Diane, wait!” Riley exclaimed from his end of the driveway, close to the house, but she had already sped off.
“Dammit!” Riley ran over to his own car and drove off after her just as Craig came out.
“Dude, what the hell!” Craig yelled, getting splashed with muddy water, “What are you doing?” Where are you going?” He shouted after Riley’s car, but it had already disappeared around the corner.
“Great! Now what am I supposed to do? I’m friendless, ride-less and best of all, soaked. Thanks BUD!” Craig yelled into the black stormy night.
He turned back into the garage and into the house, shaking off some water and kicking off his shoes.

“Dude, Craig! You missed it! Dom just chugged that whole freakin’ bottle of Winchester and then passed out! Now his toes and ears are like, turning blue! It’s like the sweetest thing I have ever seen!” Matt slumped against Craig, spilling some beer on him, smiling stupidly.
“Dammit, Matt! Come on!” Craig yelled as Matt dripped beer on him “You should probably take him to the hospital. Isn’t Dom only like a sophomore?”
“Yeah dude! That’s the best part! He actually skipped his freshman year, he doesn’t even have a license or anything!”
“Yeah… again, someone should really take him to the hospital or take him home or something’. Hey Matt, have you seen Mary anywhere?” Craig asked.
“Uhh… yeah, I think I just saw her headed that way with Gruff Nyar.” Matt answered, looking around and pointing.
“Gruff? Varsity quarterback douche bag Gruff? Gruff that graduated last year?” Craig asked inquiringly.
“The same dude, my friend.” Matt responded, belching abruptly after.
“OK, I guess I will just be off then” Craig took a step up into the kitchen and walked through one of doors and into a hallway, taking a corner. Then ducking, barley dodging an empty keg being thrown, right out a window.
“Shit man! What the hell!” Crag exclaimed, turning to see the culprit. Then being grabbed by the neck of his shirt and shoved against the hallway wall, by a big brute wearing a varsity letter jacket.
“Craig Strip! You little piece…” the man said.
“Chris Taplin? Of Romeo? What the hell are you doing here?” Craig asked, confused.
“I’ll tell you what… man… I’m here cause… I love you, dude!” Chris yelled turning the hostility into a drunken embrace.
“That’s, uh, beautiful, man.” Craig said, gasping for air and patting him on the back trying to wiggle free.
Escaping he said “Don’t forget to turn in those keys, Chris!” he said, walking away. Then a bit down the hall he stopped and turned back. “Hey, Chris!”
“Hey! Yeah! Whatsup!!”
“Have you seen that girl, ya know, Mary?”
“Oh, that cute little brunette that is always wearing your jerseys in the stands at games?” Chris asked, slouching against the wall.
“Yeah, that one.”
“Yeah, dude, she just went into that room not more that ten minutes ago.” Chris said, pointing to a door.
“Alright, cool, thanks Chris”
Craig walked to the door, gave it a confused look, paused, took a deep breath and turned the handle.

The Spinto Band

Nicely Done Indeed

The Spinto Band is a beautiful little six piece indie-pop band straight out of Delaware. The band formed in 1996, after guitar player Nick Krill went to visit his late grandfathers home on the Mississippi delta. Krill’s grandfather, Roy Spinto, was a guitar player who was somewhat delusional, somewhat genius. The late Mr. Spinto would always write lyrics on the inside of Cracker Jack boxes. Finding these boxes Krill got the first inspirations to form the band. Coming out of a town in DE Spinto formed, as six men with a dream. The Spinto Band has three guitarists, who all harmonize vocals beautifully for choruses and change up singing verses. With Nick Krill, Jon Eaton, and Joe Hobson all on guitars, Sam Hughes on keyboards, and Sam’s brother Thomas Hughes on bass guitar, and Joe’s brother Jeff Hobson on drums, forming the rhythm section. The rag-tag six-piece does manage to come out with a great sound that doesn’t sound too overwhelming.

The Spinto Band’s debut was released in 2005 (only 9 years after their formation, not too bad) called Nice and Nicely Done. Nice is truly a magnificent album, deserving no less that a four and one half out of five star rating. Every song on this album does something for me. My favorites being, Did I Tell You, Brown Boxes, Oh Mandy and my absolute favorite, the hidden track of the album, Japan Is An Island.

The album starts off incredibly strong with Did I Tell You, first with a nice little keyboard entry followed by strong guitar riffs and followed by the album opening lyrics “Let me begin with for which I am thankful/ my father/ my mother/ my family/ etcetera/ the fact that there is war on this planet/ and the opportunity for me to walk in it.” The basic but quick drums with a run along bass push the song (and nearly the whole album) along nicely. Also with rhythm guitars strumming, quick riffs slamming, and little doodles being placed elsewhere by the third guitar and the keyboards. The vocals are soft, yet loud, kind of kiddy sounding but from an in your face five year old. The second track is the must listen of the album; anyone that listens to Brown Boxes will be a fan. Starting off with kazoos and mysterious lyrics eventually going into the words “This box cutter is too dull/ otherwise I’d end it all.” Then Oh Mandy is a quick paced acoustic ballad-ish poppy song, sang in an octave higher than the other songs, the chorus inevitably chanting “Oh Mandy/ Oh Mandy/ Oh Mandy/ So Dreamy/ Oh Mandy/ So killing/ Oh Mandy.”

My favorite song, Japan Is An Island, is the final track of the album, hidden as the fourteenth track, after 3 blank tracks in-between itself and track ten, Mountains. Starting off with simple keyboard R2D2 sounding blips, and then building up momentum with guitars and snare drums beats into the vocals, chanting about the Atari gaming system. The clever lyrics “Atari/ Atari/ the dogs got out/ while I was playing Atari/ we can do it/ while I’m playing Atari/ don’t stop girl/ I’m playin’ Atari.” And later the lyrics, “I can save my game/ Can I save my life?”

Spinto Band is a clever little outfit that never ceases to amaze me with their harmonizing sound and clever lyrics. The band even sings that their favorite band is Pavement, which is definitely more than an influence. Spinto band mainly sounds like the new 2000’s updated and upgraded Everclear with even more pop roots. Spinto Band is sure to get some big attention one day.

Download—Brown Boxes

-Adam Fitzgerald

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Somewhat Nameless Song

Electric Soul

You jump around like you’re on some kind of drug/
You say, ‘honey, its cause I’m in love’/

You step forward, and back, and do your little dance/
And before I know it, you’ve put me in some kind of trance/

It’s like a fire, burnin’ in your heart/
It’s like a storm, brewin’ in your brain/
Its like you got electricity/
Thumpin’ through your veins/

Now you’re dead, passed out on the floor/
You’re motioning for me to give you some more/
I say sorry, I cant give you that crap you adore/

You’re wild, but you don’t quite make my heart sing/
In fact, all you really do is make my ears ring/

It’s pitch black outside, but you’re up again/
You decide to go out and be a fool again/
But now you’re runnin’ around/
And you seem to light up the night/

It’s like a fire, burnin’ in your heart/
It’s like a storm, brewin’ in your brain/
Its like you got electricity/
Thumpin’ through your veins/

Now you’ve tripped again/
And this time, I think you’re down for the count/

But I gotta hand it to you/
You mesmerize me/
So I’ll help you up/
So we can go onto round three

This is another one of those, poems but actually kind of songs. This one has a great beat. In my head. The only problem is, it doesn't really have a name. The original title was Lighting Blood. But I wasn't sure I liked that, so I changed it to Electric Soul. Another name I have been toying with is Battery Powered Babe. Lighting Blood probably makes the most sense with the chorus but I just don't think I like it that much.. but hey, I dont know. What do you think? You could always email me at , thanks.

-Adam Fitzgerald