Monday, December 07, 2009

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first item of business

my band has seen good fortune today, as i have been featured on detroit's most prominent blog: eat this city. they lovely boys over at etc decided to say some kind words about kodaks and then of course comments involving new order and cocaine commenced. i was very pleased. anyways, if you hop on over here you can read what etc wrote and get a free download of the latest ep version of my song "mouth kiss" that is about to be released on a 7" by jeffery drag recs (a link for them is also at eat this city)

in addition to that, i uploaded the latest versions of some songs that i recorded in nashville, that will be featured on the forthcoming debut kodaks ep. the newly recorded ep versions of "mouth kiss" and "disco lighting" can be streamed from my bands myspace and i hope you enjoy because those are the a and b sides, respectively, for the new single which will arrive before the ep.

anyways, enough self promotion (i posted TWO links to my bands myspace so my play counts better be going up a nudge)

second item of business

here is another monday mix. and i know last week i said i was going to upload another up beat mix from my archives but i ran out of time, and then i said i was going to upload a depressing mix today but i decided against that also. that's the glory of running a blog; you can do whatever the fuck you want.

anyways, instead i am posting a mix of stuff i have been listening to consistently this early december. live renditions of john mayer songs before they were done (all live recordings of john mayer on this mix were actually played in 2004 at a concert i was at in east lansing) are just fantastic. john mayer is one of the best live performers of our generation and 2004 was before his dramatic rise to fame and before his lyrical content went to shit, so keep that in mind. also i've been obsessing about the new beach house record even though it's not out yet, but i will buy it when it comes out. most likely on cd and vinyl because i love what i have that much. due to my beach house craze i went farther back and dug up some galaxie 500 stuff, which is tremendously over looked. some good cuts from good brit bands from a couple years ago, art brut and good shoes. two smaller indie acts that arose this year are the love language and other girls, and even though both bands offer great guitar indie rock they are both over looked. also, this band that sounds like grizzly bear (the singer is a crazy sound a like to ed droste, really) and some more clientele (who's singer sounds crazy similar to grizzly bear's other singer daniel rossen). the lotus plaza album was totally over looked this year also, i have listened to that album more than atlas sound's, but neither compare to deerhunter. i've been into hot swede annie so i have one of her best songs on here and also my favorite song by old school electronic artists boards of canada. also, anyone who has beef against turbo fruits, fuck you, jonas' new album came out absolutely great and anyone with doubts should give the album (echo kid) a listen before dismissing it. more of my friends the new division and a band that is now disbanded (i love finding mid 2000's bands that aren't together anymore) called mazarin have a song that was featured on a puma commercial one time, it is a great tune. my friend from the new division actually turned me onto the most recent mary onettes album and i've been getting into lots of velvet underground influenced stuff, hence the clientele and stereolab. i will post links to this later but i'm crazy busy and i should be writing a paper as it is. but until then here is the mix. click here to download.

december 1

00 song - artist

01 1969 - boards of canada
02 bookshop casanova - the clientele
03 quicksand - lotus plaza
04 slow fast hazel - stereolab
05 untitled 1 - john mayer
06 wheel - john mayer
07 better times - beach house
08 festival - the new division
09 bad weekend - art brut
10 untitled 2 - john mayer
11 all packed up - idiot glee
12 heartbeat - annie
13 never meant to hurt you - good shoes
14 isolation - joy division
15 wish i was dead, pt 2 - shout out louds
16 nocturne - the love language
17 hands - ms john soda
18 the moth - other girls
19 sadie - turbo fruits
20 for energy infinite - mazarin
21 blue thunder - galaxie 500
22 puzzles - the mary onettes

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hearn said...

Hey Adam, thanks a lot for putting Sadie in your mix. Really appreciate your support. Later!
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