Wednesday, February 18, 2009

turbo amazing

jonas, wez and zack are the latest lineup for turbo fruits, a band that i really respect from nashville. anyone who has read my blog before probably knows of my love for them, see my post "tennessee baby" with the links that don't work.

anyways, turbo fruits played detroit on monday night at the lager house in detroit, my friend adam "robert law" laidlaw and i went and saw them and it was just an awesome show.

this ridiculous band "kommie kilpatrick" opened and unfortunately they weren't half as amazing as their name. the decks played second and they seriously tore it up. i am friends with hank who plays bass and i was just so happy to see a band my age, from detroit, tearing it up, i bought their record "breath and bone" which will be my next weeks downtime article for NOISE.

then turbo fruits played, and all i can say is they are amazing. they totally nailed nailed, jonas is really awesome at guitar, anyone who listened to anything be your own pet knows that. but what people may not know is wez traylor (also from meemaw and kintaro) is a killer musician and played amazing bass, and zack attack played the drums like his life depended on it. great show. over all i would definitely say i like turbo fruits new line up even better then their last, their newest record is gonna be insane

as my friend adam can attest to, i pretty much lost my shit. i was rocking out hardcore, me and the lead singer for the decks, alex, we front row just going ape shit, it was real fun. turbo fruits only played one or two songs from their previous record, one being the incredible stoner ballad "volcano". but most noteable are their newest tracks- "lotta lotta laides" is my favorite, "sadie" is fucking great and "mama's mad cause i friend my brain" has a great hook, like i said, i am super pumped for their newest record, you can listen to most of those songs at their myspace ( )

this other detroit band called the beekeepers played after them and from what i heard they were really good, adam paid more attention and he loved them. i was in the other side of the lager house talking to a new acquaintance, named cy. cy was touring with the fruits and him and i got into big conversations about music and about be your own pet's break up and his record label and all sorts of shit, it was great talks. i hope next time i go to nashville cy and i get to hang out soon.

besides hanging out with cy i got to talk to the turbo fruits, a lot, i got interview them for my (lame) senior project on music therapy, but adam recorded the interview for me and it is definitely a keeper, a brilliant entertainment twist on music therapy, hopefully it will be easily located on youtube soon.

it was a great night, adam is also deeply in love with the lead guitarist for the decks now, her name is molly and she is a wicked guitar player, the whole night was a massive success. i am liking detroit more and more each day, i hope i like it half this much when i love there

this weekend i am going to the pike room to see deastro and millions of Brazilians for the ep release party, brazilians have been really nice guys to me, and so has randolph from deastro, they both have listened to my latest demo which for the most part people seem to like, which gets me really excited. you can listen to that at

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Jasper said...

That "Mouth Kiss" song is pretty fucking sweet, dude.