Monday, November 30, 2009

manic monday/ may mix

so this year is the year i graduated high school. good times. no doubt. high school was pretty much a really bad joke that wouldn't go away. now the workload of college makes me wish i was still in high school. funny how that works. either way, there was a lot of partying to be done in the summer of 2009. which included multiple trips to nashville for me, one to chicago, and lots of chilling out and partying alike poolside. yes. it was that great. right before my first trip to nashville (i arrived home two days before graduation) the new passion pit record and the new deastro records had just come out, as well as the the "always like this" single for bombay bicycle club. the first four tracks of this mix got listened to so many times over it was insane. but cut copy, phoenix, and anything grizzly bear related (especially daniel rossen) became regular summer jams. also, i was still not over the french kicks last record "swimming" because it is amazing or ra ra riot's debut. great records get a lot of play with me. also one track is an early version of a song by my friend, robby, by his project bear (the ghost) and one by his other band enlou are present on this mix.

this mix is over all happy and it makes me forget the incredibly cold weather. but i love cold weather, so soon it will be embraced by dreary slow and slightly depressing mixes as well as christmas music. i might upload one more summer mix within the next couple days, then a very low key mix a week from today. also, if you missed me on warmer climes, here you go. enjoy the may 09 mix. click here to download.

00 song - artist

01 the reeling - passion pit
02 always like this - bombay bicycle club
03 biophelia - deastro
04 new man - french kicks
05 one hand holding - the maccabees
06 1 track 1 with vox (2 am) - bear (the ghost)
07 if i ever feel better - phoenix
08 too little too late (jo jo cover)
09 bluish - animal collective
10 feel the love - cut copy
11 how my heart behaves - feist
12 mossu - enlou
13 run my mouth - ra ra riot
14 laughing with a mouth of blood - st. vincent
15 inspiration information - sharon jones & the dap kings
16 california goth - wavves
17 the get go - new young pony club
18 tightrope - yeasyayer
19 boy toy - starfucker
20 howl - black rebel motorcycle club

Monday, November 23, 2009

october 2

mad mix mondays.

back in the middle of october i was preparing for an off the chains halloween party so i was really into a lot of up beat dancey stuff. get this party started type songs. hence the amazing miami horror song (which now has a sweet video) and the slightly long be definitely excellent memory tapes (and memory cassette) song, plus vega (and neon indian). there are also some other gems on here, like the song by the band magic magic. i pretty much just randomly found magic magic but i fell in love quickly, they are so damn good i just can't believe they aren't more popular. also i found a spectacular snyth slow song by a one man ban called future trends, who, as it turns out, is a friend of my friends, enlou. there is also (this marks three) another band that i discovered who should be WAY more popular then they are. the band called the new division (get it?) are just fucking spectacular, and they give away a bunch of songs for free so be sure to check them out. i've been really into bands like best coast and pearl harbor so then i got really into their roots, aka girl groups like the ronettes. there is also the 60's esque mayer hawthorne here, though i prefer the superior remix. also some more recent throw backs from alex turner (arctic monkeys) side project (the last shadow puppets) and mid 2000s (now broken up) indie champs - sound team and more recent guillemots. also, the new pains of being pure at heart ep is stupid good. in other news there is a new song from my band, the kodaks, on my myspace page, and i felt it necessary to mention it even though it's not included on this mix. enjoy

october 2

00 song - artist

01 last one awake (friend version) - memory cassette
02 falling over - the pains of being pure at heart
03 green eyed love (classixx remix) - mayer hawthorne
04 don't be a jerk, jonny - the drums
05 sometimes - miami horror
06 moonraker - future trends
07 handful of billions - sound team
08 be my baby - the ronettes
09 graphics - memory tapes
10 rome - the new division
11 kyoto gardens - vega
12 things will never be the same again - jj
13 wanna be in l.a. - eagles of death metal
14 a threaded needle - lotus plaza
15 higher than the stars - the pains of being pure at heart
16 over your heart - magic magic
17 made up lovesong #43 - guillemots
18 mrs. cold - kings of convenience
19 mind, drips - neon indian
20 the time has come again - the last shadow puppets

Thursday, November 19, 2009

because everyone should be listening to what i am right now...

this second.

i'm becoming impatient with my "one mix a week" rule so i'm breaking it. this should delight everyone. i've been super into wild beasts this whole month since i've gotten their new album "two dancers" and i love it. also, i just keep digging deeper into my friend randy's catalogue so i got some more deastro that i will share. there is also an unfinished song by my friend mark who used to play with randy in deastro. he is working on a new band possibly (probably) called blood. he will probably kill me for posting this track because it does not have vocals and is clearly unfinished but it is still a good guitar jam either way. also, the amazing new beach house song, buzzworthy sleigh bells, the best julian casablancas song he did not put on his album (besides this) and i'm going to be pompous and upload one of my very own new tracks that i just got a master edit back from nashville for. in other news, washed out and toro y moi still not getting old for me, the smiths and the cure never get old for anyone. click here to download

november 1

00 song - artist

01 norway - beach house
02 hot sprawl - man/miracle
03 phone call - washed out
04 pulling our weight - the radio dept.
05 genius of love - tom tom club
06 hooting and howling - wild beasts
07 hey you - pony pony run run
08 bend your body - toro y moi
09 high - the cure
10 mean april - the kodaks
11 camera talk - local natives
12 still ill - the smiths
13 all you deadeyes rejoice - deastro
14 a strange arrangement - mayer hawthorne
15 sparxxx - love language
16 bone jam - jeff the brotherhood
17 sleepwalking - the jaguar club
18 baby don't go - dum dum girls
19 we still got the taste dancin' on our tounges - wild beasts
20 old hollywood - julian casablancas
21 blood unfinished demo 3 - mark smak
22 ring ring - sleigh bells

Monday, November 16, 2009

remember september?

well i do. i had just moved to detroit, into my small little dorm room and into a life of loneliness and learning. uplifting, no? well there is a sliver lining to that college cloud. i spent more time on my new laptop than any human should and within the month of september i became a professional media pirate. frostwire was not aloud at my school so i had to figure out other ways to get music illegally, and this turned my life as i knew it into that of a blog surfer. i love music, more than anyone could ever know. it's there for you after a break up, after a fight, after you fail a test, after you get punched in the face. whenever, music sings like dogs never could. music is my girlfriend, music is my best friend. now that i've officially creeped out anyone who stumbled onto this blog, i'm letting you all know i'm going to upload at least one mix a week, today i'm uploading one of the first playlists i created while i was living alone. it includes many of the years most hyped artists, that i had been listening to obsessively at the time. at the end of the summer (and still) i was obsessed with the whole "dreambeat" "chillwave" "glo fi" thing. washed out remains my favorite, so there is a song by both ernest green's projects (washed out, lee weather), his friend chaz bundick (toro y moi) plus memory tapes and a sweet remix by neon indian. also the xx, girls, health, the drums, japandroids and a lot of other 2009 break outs. as well as some year oldish throw backs (css, department of eagles). this has been called a mix masterpiece by some of my friends, so now the rest of you can judge, this is "september 1" click here to download

00 song - artist

01 pull my heart away - jack penate
02 who can say - the horrors
03 headdress - amazing baby
04 i'm not alone - calvin harris
05 crystalized - the xx
06 lust for life - girls
07 die slow - health
08 molly's vertigo - acrylics
09 talamak - toro y moi
10 no hope kids - wavves
11 i saw eternity the other night - lee weather
12 let's go surfing - the drums
13 knife - css
14 ambivalence avenue - bibio
15 plain material - memory tapes
16 new theory - washed out
17 can't stick 'em - bear hands
18 deli - delorean
19 teenagers - department of eagles
20 stand in a line - rubies
21 heart sweats - japandroids
22 another likely story (neon indian remix) - au revoir simone

Thursday, November 12, 2009

some things

my band, the kodaks, is playing a show next tuesday, november 17th at the factory in rochester, michigan. just as a warning to everyone, i'm not actually playing with a band. my set will consist of myself and my friend playing guitars over bass and drums being played through my laptop. should be alright though. my drummer can't fuck up right?

anyway, we are opening for enlou, this band from cincinnati, ohio. and let me tell you, they are phenomenal. a while ago i went to see french kicks, one of my favorite bands of all time, and these adorable little dudes were playing these great pop songs with a vibraphone. i ended up becoming pretty good friends with enlou and i encourage anyone reading to check them out (their new threshing floor ep just came out a while ago and it's grreat) and to come to the show. the factory, rochester, mi. doors at 9, and 5 bucks.

in other news, my songs that were recorded at battle tapes studios in nashville will be seeing release soon. my good friend adam moult of the band bad cop has started his own label and will be releasing the mouth kiss single on a 7 inch with (most likely) disco lighting as the b side. this should see release around december. the rest of the ep will (hopefully) see release early next year, like spring-ish. my friends label is called jeffery drag recrods. awesome, i am aware.

this is what i'm doing instead of writing a paper that is due tomorrow. well, technically, today. college has not been half as cool as i was expecting, although i may have just met my new drummer. let's hope so. i'm sorry to say that for the most part, detroit really is the shit hole it is made out to be. that being said, good people (millions of brazilians, eat this city dudes, etc) and good places (majestic complex, grey shack, etc) make it all okay. sometimes. but some other good news is that i have been writing, a lot. lot's of new songs. one of which i am very happy with and i will be playing next week.

now i will leave you all with a slightly depressing but more importantly amazing mix of songs i have been listening to throughout this incredibly dreary and very creepy michigan fall. i'm going to try to start uploading mixes in full. i usually make several playlists per month and end up listening to them non stop. i'm pretty sure compressing it put the tracks out of order but oh well. click here to download. please enjoy

00 song - artist

01 roslyn - bon iver & st. vincent
02 i just want to see you underwater - here we go magic
03 headache - girls
04 slow life (feat. victoria legrand) - grizzly bear
05 blindsided - bon iver
06 ghosts - CANT
07 a good man is hard to find - sufjan stevens
08 needle in the hay - elliott smith
09 on a neck, on a spit - grizzly bear
10 wolverine - sufjan stevens
11 english house - fleet foxes
12 mrs cold - kings of convenience
13 a threaded needle - lotus plaza
14 blood red sentimental blues - cotton jones
15 toothpaste kisses - the maccabees
16 human racing - st. vincent
17 technicolor - nurses
18 i've got you and you've got me (song of contentment) - new buffalo
19 neon bible - arcade fire
20 reprise - grizzly bear
21 nantes - beirut
22 my heart is an apple - arcade fire