Monday, November 30, 2009

manic monday/ may mix

so this year is the year i graduated high school. good times. no doubt. high school was pretty much a really bad joke that wouldn't go away. now the workload of college makes me wish i was still in high school. funny how that works. either way, there was a lot of partying to be done in the summer of 2009. which included multiple trips to nashville for me, one to chicago, and lots of chilling out and partying alike poolside. yes. it was that great. right before my first trip to nashville (i arrived home two days before graduation) the new passion pit record and the new deastro records had just come out, as well as the the "always like this" single for bombay bicycle club. the first four tracks of this mix got listened to so many times over it was insane. but cut copy, phoenix, and anything grizzly bear related (especially daniel rossen) became regular summer jams. also, i was still not over the french kicks last record "swimming" because it is amazing or ra ra riot's debut. great records get a lot of play with me. also one track is an early version of a song by my friend, robby, by his project bear (the ghost) and one by his other band enlou are present on this mix.

this mix is over all happy and it makes me forget the incredibly cold weather. but i love cold weather, so soon it will be embraced by dreary slow and slightly depressing mixes as well as christmas music. i might upload one more summer mix within the next couple days, then a very low key mix a week from today. also, if you missed me on warmer climes, here you go. enjoy the may 09 mix. click here to download.

00 song - artist

01 the reeling - passion pit
02 always like this - bombay bicycle club
03 biophelia - deastro
04 new man - french kicks
05 one hand holding - the maccabees
06 1 track 1 with vox (2 am) - bear (the ghost)
07 if i ever feel better - phoenix
08 too little too late (jo jo cover)
09 bluish - animal collective
10 feel the love - cut copy
11 how my heart behaves - feist
12 mossu - enlou
13 run my mouth - ra ra riot
14 laughing with a mouth of blood - st. vincent
15 inspiration information - sharon jones & the dap kings
16 california goth - wavves
17 the get go - new young pony club
18 tightrope - yeasyayer
19 boy toy - starfucker
20 howl - black rebel motorcycle club

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