Saturday, February 07, 2009

band updates

for anyone who doesn't know, my band is called the kodaks (

i say band, but what i really mean is me, because there is no real band, all there really is is me, i record demos and shit all by myself, i write all the songs, i make up all the parts, and i will record demos by myself with drum machines then i go and record all my stuff with other musicians i know. guys that i used to be in bands with or guys that are in bands i know, basically just friends. i record with whoever whenever

a couple of weeks ago i did some live demos with my friends alex and alex. alex erwin played bass mainly, he was in a really early version of the kodaks, he was also in room service with me and my first band the devons. alex castillo played drums like a crazy awesome mother fucker, he was also in my first band the devons. we recorded three live demos, little miss vixen, get flowers and a cover of tokyo police club's nature of the experiment. it is hard to hear any of my vocals in any of the demos, so that sucks but i recorded vocals later for the cover. over all i do like the demos

now that i am down here in nashville i have been handing out some demos and stuff, i handed out demos with those three songs and another demo i did a long time ago by myself. that demo is for a song called the library, and it means a lot to me so it is kind of one of my more hidden songs

only one song from my demo i give out is on my bands myspace ( so check out what you one on my myspace, there are some really old demos, like dark room and then really really fuckin old like choose which was done when i was in a band called hair lab

anyways, the real update here is that i am recording some more songs next week with my friend jeff, he is in this band that i am really good friends with and that we (i) have been playing live with for years now. right now his band is called past the pacific, so check them out, they are recording in a studio right now. but anyways, i am recording some demos with my friend jeff using a better recording program so the vocals can actually be heard hopefully. anyways, if you want the live demos i did a while ago email me or message me and i can mail them do you or something

keep your ear to the ground, i will try and let anyone who cares know what is up

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