Friday, December 17, 2010

november 2010

it's almost the end of december. we're over half way through the month and once the christmas stuff starts all of a sudden it's going to be 2011. november was a strange month for me this year. lots of driving to detroit. hours and hours of driving, listening to "undertow" by warpaint. got to see some local acts like compartment and prussia. thanksgiving went well as it always does. school is wrapping up which is nice. november marked a very special time when kodaks got to play with bear hands of nyc. their debut album burning bush supper club might be my favorite release of 2010. the kodaks also have a new website. where you can listen to new tracks such as "untitled" and "lynn" and one can also download songs for free, or name your own price for a full album download. kinda like radiohead did ya know. did that work for them?

anyways, here is the playlist. december 2010 will be posted soon.

november 2010

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00 song - artist

01 undertow - warpaint
02 bombay - el guincho
03 heart in your heartbreak - the pains of being pure at heart
04 not in love (ft. robert smith) - crystal castles
05 tablasaurus - bear hands
06 the base of a dream is empty - yuck
07 mediator - prussia
08 backyards - broken social scene
09 heartbreaker - girls
10 drink drank drunk - a sunny day in glasgow
11 flaws - bombay bicycle club
12 pretend the devil isn't real - memory tapes
13 weekend - smith westerns
14 knoll demo - compartment
15 babies - pulp
17 fool's day - blur
18 get some - lykke li
20 mirrorage - glasser
21 rill rill - sleigh bells
22 take me somewhere - tennis
23 take me in - wild nothing
24 a picture postcard - the promise ring
25 journal of ardency - class actress
27 downhill express - coyote clean up
28 can we go wrong - hesta prynn
29 endless spring (new division fall remix) - houses
31 forget - twin shadow
32 sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains)

***this is an incomplete version of this mix- hence the missing numbers. an updated version will contain tracks by twin shadow, deerhunter and small black - all bands that have superb albums out right now.