Wednesday, March 31, 2010

runway delight

earlier today my friend wrote me an email and informed me that one of his good friends is doing a runway show. now i'm not sure if she is modeling, displaying clothes or just organizing the event, but long story short, my friend wanted me to find some music for his friend, for the runway.

the (most) ridiculous part about this whole thing was the criteria i was given to base my selection of songs off of:

1930s smoky jazz club/ tibetan landscape/ strong runwayish beat/ serious yet a little bit playful atmospheric sense/ preferably no lyrics.

so i tried my best anyways, and i pooled together about 50 songs to hand over to my friend so he could give these songs to his friend, for a runway. so i'm hoping that in the near future there might be some hot young woman strutting down a runway to the music i hand selected. but then again, that might be no where near what these songs are actually going to be used for.

i'm not even going to provide a song list here, there will be two downloads below that have around 23ish songs a piece that i felt slightly resembled the characteristics given above. but seeing as how all those things (30's jazz, 80's runway beat and no lyrics) do not exist in any one given song, i kind of just took pot shots. there is everything from holy fuck, to deastro, to spoon, to interpol, to broken social scene, to washed out, to french kicks and back again. so, sorry about not listing songs, i just actually have more important shit to do right now. but this should be fun. spice up your wednesday. surprise song selection from your favorite mix maker.

let me know how you think i did on matching the criteria i was given. enjoy:

runway delight

ps. for anyone that doesn't know, i got trapped in canada on monday night and saw the black lips last night, which was awesome because dudes from spoon and deerhunter showed up at the stick so that was rocking but over all the night was a shit show. in a good way. but now i'm feeling the effects from all this tom foolery on this blah of a wednesday. but then, I'M SEEING BEACH HOUSE TOMORROW NIGHT and right now "teen dream" has my album of the year for 2010 so i'm pretty damn excited. now i just have to go study and ace the exam before tomorrow night. you can follow more of my ridiculousness on here:

Monday, March 29, 2010

pop songs

i'm up really late, it's in the a.m. on monday morning. i'm in a bad mood, mainly because i have class tomorrow (amongst other things) but all i'm doing right now is listening to ostentatiously poppy indie rock music.

pretty much all i do is listen to music, if you haven't put that together yet, and tonight was no exception. but after getting in my usual brooding time in with interpol, i ventured outside the box for a second and i'm so happy with what i've found.

two door cinema club is a band of really young dudes from london or ireland or wherever, and they actually use artificial drums on most of their songs but they sound absolutely wonderful. i'm really into the fast, tight indie rock pop thing, especially when it's semi british. so to pass some time i put together a lovely playlist of all these glorious indie pop songs.

so yeah, that's pretty much it. little to no shpeele today. but these songs are really catchy, so if you have time before work/class/whatever, burn yourself these songs on a cd or put this playlist on your ipod so you can crank these jams and think about the warm weather ahead. instead of the long normal week ahead.

there is also a newer and improved (don't worry, i'll never leave this blogspot page) young authentic. the second version of y.a. is a tumblr so it's kind of like blogging for lazy/a.d.d. people and i think i fit both those categories so it works for me. pictures, videos, links, whatever, it's all right here (--->

anyways, i hope you enjoy these pop songs, and enjoy this monday, and enjoy life in general. april is almost here. oh oh mean april. take care.

pop songs (2010)

00 song - artist

01 undercover martyn - two door cinema club
02 first love - the maccabees
03 tessellate - tokyo police club
04 what you know - two door cinema club
05 lost a girl - new young pony club
06 always like this - bombay bicycle club
07 sleepyhead - passion pit
08 young love (ft. laura marling) - mystery jets
09 mouth full of bones - natalie portman's shaved head
10 this charming life - the smiths
11 hummer - foals
12 toxic crusaders - deastro
13 molly's vertigo - acrylics
14 hey hey girl - the virgins
15 i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - black kids
16 one life stand (edit) - hot chip
17 rawnald gregory erickson the second - starfucker
18 movie theatre (demo) - the kodaks
19 boys don't cry
20 the reeling - passion pit
21 tonight's today - jack penáte
22 lover of mine - beach house
23 surfin' - memory cassette
24 regret - new order

Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring revised

alright, so i've been uploading lots lately.

first a bunch of happy shit, then some sappy shit, then some angry/upset shit, then some happy stuff. then i did a movie review. yeah, i'm all over the place right now. it's the weather. it's crazy and it's all random so that's just how i am right now.

but anyways, i while back i posted 3 part download for a spring 2010 mix. if you missed those mixes or if you loved them so much that maybe you want to put the first one on a cd, here is your chance.

the first mix (aka part one) of the spring 2010 mix is what i've been playing esp obsessively lately. part one as the most newer tracks on it, so it really makes sense as the lead "spring 2010" mix, ya know?

plus part one has some tracks from the movie "remember me" which i've been talking about a lot lately, plus it has the new foals single which i am obsessed with, as well as one of my favorite interpol tracks, some new vampire weekend, lots of good shiz.

so basically, i re-edited spring 2010 part one so it would fit on a cd so i deleted some tracks and moved some other ones around. most notably, i moved the latest ariel pink song from part three to part one. the song is called "round and round" and i think it is so damn good. also, since i've made my original spring 2010 post i've been informed about this band from london called yuck and they are really awesome. ironically enough, yuck was founded by the brother of my cousin's best friend. yes, that sounds complicated but it's true. all you need to know is that yuck is really good indie rock. also i added a track by another uk band that i happened to see in detroit last week, they are called wave machines who have a real cool 80s-esque indie think going on and they kind of sound like the children of talking heads or something.

anyways, this is my revised mix, it's only 20 tracks and there are some down tempo, mid tempo and plenty of up tempo songs, so it's a nice diverse mix that will all fit on one cd. these songs were very anthemic for my spring break, which is now over. but either way, enjoy this mix, enjoy spring 2010. xo.

spring 2010 (part one - revised mixxx)

00 song - artist

01 neon blue - still life still
02 facelove - ps i love you
03 parasol - the sea and cake
04 sea of teeth - sparklehorse
05 when i'm small - phantogram
06 white sky - vampire weekend
07 two doors down - mystery jets
08 take pills - panda bear
09 rome - yeasayer
10 welcome to the world of the plastic beach (feat. snoop dogg and the hypnotic bass ensemble) - gorillaz
11 all of the fire - acrylics
12 girl in love - smith westerns
13 obstacle 1 - interpol
14 - spanish sahara - foals
15 keep the lights on - wave machines
16 hey lizzie - fair ohs
17 fake gold - tigercity
18 round and round - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
19 the wall - yuck
20 me and the moon - the drums

ps. i've been doing lots of internet perusing and shit of that nature, and i've been editing pages for my band, starting new ones, starting new blogs, editing old ones, whatever you wanna call it, if it's on the internet, i've been doing it. i think it helps me calm down when i'm in a bad mood. so anyways, i'm going to list some of my internets blow, so if you feel so compelled, you can go check them out.


movie review

so i already kind of wrote on this topic but i'm going to go there again. has anyone seen the movie called "remember me" yet? yes, that is the new movie with heart throb robert pattinson. but the truth is that the heart throb can act and the movie is amazing. the writing, the acting, the style, the tones, i loved everything about this film. so of course, critics trash it.

and when one disagrees with something, one should always speak up. so i am. go figure, i got bored and i just think that more people should give the film a chance. esp people who appreciate good movies like i do. just like movies likes "garden state" or "wicker park" or even "i heart huckabees" or whatever. these kind of indie movies with some bigger names but truly fabulous writing and even better soundtracks.

but yeah, anyways, i'm lame and i wanted to voice my opinion and hopefully make robert pattinson feel better about people talking shit on his great movie, ya know, if he ever finds that facebook page haha. yeah, go here and become a fan, or go see the movie, then voice your own opinion!

and also, i wrote a review on that facebook page, like i said i as bored and wanted to voice my opinion so hell, i write enough on music i love, i might as well write about movies i love.

so here it is. my movie review. of "remember me". go see it!!

along with other amazing movies such "wicker park" and "garden state" that came before it, i am afraid that "remember me" is going to be lumped solely into the romance category. when, in truth that people don't realize, the majority of the movie is being told from perspective of the male lead character. robert pattinson even narrates at points throughout the film.

even though critics hated this film and even stupid publications and zines like entertainment magazine tore "remember me" to shreds, it should be clear to everyone that this movie is incredible and all these bad reviews are just not true and that all this nay say is just hear say.

remember me is a truly fantastic movie that showcases the great acting skills of robert pattinson, who plays a role that allows him to express his talent in a role that more suits him. a smaller based movie with more intensity fits robert pattinson well, as does it to the rest of the cast, whom all act beautifully.

emilie de ravin has her biggest claim to fame through the tv show "lost" so, like pattinson, ravin may be looked upon as just an "it" person in Hollywood, so in turn it seems that "remember me" has the potential to just try and be an "it" movie with "in" people.

but really, robert pattinson, emilie de ravin, chris cooper, pierce brosnan and others fully deliver in the emotionally riveting and shockingly intense movie. not to mention the sound track is incredible, which also lumps it into that category of "great under rated movies" along with "wicker park" and "garden state".

some love movies are done well and focus more on issues deeper than love so that the story can just evolve without limits. remember me is one of those movies. so go see it. go see remember me. because you might be bored soon, and there is simply no reason not to see this amazing movie.

-adam smith, march 2010

also, you can go watch the trailer RIGHT HERE

Saturday, March 20, 2010


alright. i'm back. (already)

so the last couple posts i've made have been pretty happy. overly happy. but everyone, don't worry, the old adam is back, and with a vengeance.

the weather is getting shitty out again. just fyi. it's snowing and raining and freezing fucking cold. at the end of march... only in michigan. do they call this sleet? so anyway, it's perfect, this weather, it's just perfect for me right now. maybe my demeanor and the weather have some correlation but i more think it's just coincidence. sweet irony.

it's all dark out. i haven't seen the sunlight at all today. and it makes perfect sense. i'm in the worst fucking mood ever. i realized that while i've been lolli gagging and trying to be happy over my spring break, i really should have been in fucking texas for sxsw, which was what my original plans are.

oh and not to mention this is saturday, so my spring break is officially over. back to school next week. back to work. back to hell.

so it all makes sense i guess. my vacation is over. the nice weather is over. and throughout the past couple days (multiple) people have been proving to me again (and again) over and over (again) that they are shitty. people are shitty. people will disappoint you. the only guarantee i will ever make anyone is that people will let you down. logic will break your heart.

which reminds me. i was listening to that stills album at the gym today and that shit good. just so so good. it's definitely one of my favorite albums, as i'm sure comes across in my music. lots of stills and lots of interpol lately. early interpol. hopefully their new album is good. that is generally my favorite type of music. moody, sexual, kind of arty post punk with somewhat self depreciating somewhat fucked up lyrics and kicking guitars with a great rhythm section that comes together as just fucking amazing indie rock.

anyways, back to bitching. i hate everyone. that's pretty good for me. that'll be about enough. also, i illegally watched cop out and i thought it was hilarious but i love tracy morgan and i think bruce willis still kinda kicks ass. plus adam brody was in it, which is enough to make me watch any movie. i also want to see she's out of my league because i think that guy is pretty funny (esp in knocked up) and two dudes that i liked in cloverfield are in it. and the chick is hot. but no one would go see that movie with me tonight. i do hate everyone.

so onto the music. my mother was so gracious as to let me use her car today (just because my father was parked behind mine) and in my mom's car she was listening to a mix cd that i made her about two years ago. or maybe about a year ago? i'm not sure. but either way, it's a great mix with a generally sad(ish) demeanor. so it was great to drive around in the rain to and to listen to while i think about how much i hate everyone and in turn hate my own life.

and this mix in turn (since it was originally made for her) goes out to my mother, because i love her dearly. i truly believe that for the rest of my life i'll just never love any woman like i love my mom and my sisters. my family is usually always there for me, and i know my mom would be there for me, whenever, whatever, she's my mom and she is the greatest. i'll keep hating everyone else but just love my mom. that sounds good to me.

so i thought i would share this mix with everyone. share my sadness i suppose. my lameness actually. share whatever. just download the mix. listen to it. alone. then fall asleep.


00 song - artist

01 bookworm (labeled as "come home") - margot and the nuclear so and so's
02 the next time around - little joy
03 re: stacks - bon iver
04 flakes - mystery jets
05 english house - fleet foxes
06 you and i are a gang of losers - the dears
07 astronaut - beach house
08 the youth - mgmt
09 i stand corrected - vampire weekend
10 agoraphobia - deerhunter
11 ada - the national
12 flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine
13 chicago (acoustic) - sufjan stevens
14 a king and queen - okkervil river
15 house of cards - radiohead
16 someone to keep us warm - the silent years
17 shining hours - longwave
18 love in the ruins - french kicks
19 time has come again - the last shadow puppets
20 the greatest - cat power

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring 2

alright so, if you haven't noticed yet, it is nice out. and if you still haven't noticed, i'm loving it. honestly, maybe i'm just being overly eccentric this year but i feel as though my general quality of life has been proving ever since the start of march. good things are happening people.

and i know, i know, i live in detroit and detroit is in michigan so all of us michiganders are pissy and old and jaded and jobless and yada yada, so don't worry, i haven't forgotten that but still i'm happy. let me be happy.

plus, i'm on spring break right now. for anyone that doesn't know, i'm a college student, so on top of being poor due to the economy and due to michigan, i'm also poor due to college. and shit, i am poor poor poor. but it's fine. i didn't get to really go anywhere for my spring break but whatever. i've been enjoying it thus far, because the weather has been nicer and i've been able to run outside and wear sunglasses and drive around with my sun roof open. i'm a happy dude.

so to share my happiness with you, i have another VERY lengthy mix. it's actually a 3 parter. but it's a good 3 parter. what we have here, people, is essentially, THREE DIFFERENT mixes. all with heavy relation to spring. basically, these songs make me feel green and wonderful. these tunes put SPRING into my step. eh?

side note, has anyone seen remember me yet? yes, that is the new movie with robert pattinson. but if you are scoffing right now, then check yourself. don't judge a book by it's cover. go see remember me. seriously. you would be surprised, and if you come out of the theatre after having seen "remember me" and you didn't like it, then you can punch me i guess.

and to add to that, the music for that movie is incredible. the actors really deliver, mainly pattinson, who proves he has looks, style and skill. plus the girl is really hot. honestly, i loved remember me. so go see it. and the music is amazing, which is what i'm all about. the sound track is pretty damn solid, and a couple of my songs on these mixes are correlated with/from the movie.

and another thing: for those of you who don't know, indie rock lost a hero about a week ago. mark linkous was the frontman and basically the main dude from the band called sparklehorse. sparklehorse is a more than solid band that has been delivering more than solid music for years and years. and ironically, (you will know why when/if you see the movie; it is pretty damn sad) there was a sparklehorse song on the "remember me" soundtrack, and it's a damn good song. so there is that sparklehorse song and another one that i like that can be found throughout these three spring mixes, in honor of mr. mark linkous.

also, another side note about these mixes; there is lots of guitar! i know it's a crazy concept because of all these electronic and lo fi and glo fi and chill wave artists popping up all over the place and because i love all of them so much and post a bunch of there tracks, and there are some chillgaze (chill wave + shoe gaze = my new favorite genre) tracks on here, but there is a lot of guitar. most notably in newer bands like smith westerns, foals, fair ohs, ps i love you and happy birthday. so that's cool right? foals are very present in this mix, they really make me think of spring. foals new single is on here, and it's incredible.

alright, enough of that. i'm not going to ramble on too much about these mixes, other than these few details:

the first mix is essentially a bunch of newer songs i've been really digging this spring

the second mix is a bunch of my classics that remind me of warm weather from years past

the third mix is some new some old, but all the songs are great spring songs

so either way, you are getting a shitload of songs here. i'm hoping i'm not overloading anyone, feel free to comment and complain or compliment or anything of the sort. or even just say hi. if anyone reads that this is... just kidding!! it's spring, i'm happy!

seriously though, spring 2010, in 3 parts. enjoy.

spring 2010

00 song - artist

01 neon blue - still life still
02 i am your skin - the bravery
03 mathletics - foals
04 facelove - ps i love you
05 parasol - the sea and cake
06 andvari - sigur rós
07 sea of teeth - sparklehorse
08 lite-bright lawns - still life still
09 when i'm small - phantogram
10 white sky - vampire weekend
11 kurt cobain's cardigan - the pains of being pure at heart
12 two doors down - mystery jets
13 take pills - panda bear
14 butterflies and boners - ps i love you
15 rome - yeasayer
16 welcome to the world of the plastic beach (ft. snoop dogg and hypnotic brass ensemble) - gorillaz
17 all of the fire - acrylics
18 girl in love - smith westerns
19 obstacle 1 - interpol
20 spanish sahara - foals
21 happy day - idiot glee
22 hey lizzie - fair ohs
23 fake gold - tigercity
24 real life (memory tapes remix) - tanlines
25 subliminal message - happy birthday
26 me and the moon - the drums

spring 2010

01 love me already - black kids
02 the last polka - ben folds five
03 red win, success! - cold war kids
04 kids - mgmt
05 finer feelings - spoon
06 rain - the clientele
07 c'mere - interpol
08 always like this - bombay bicycle club
09 now that i miss her - elefant
10 everyone gets a star - albert hammond, jr.
11 in this home on ice - clap your hands say yeah
12 when it started - the strokes
13 pin - yeah yeah yeahs
14 countdown - phoenix
15 15 step - radiohead
16 all our weekends - french kicks
17 she's expensive - the virgins
18 one time too many - phoenix
19 balloons - foals
20 stay where you are (ep version) - ambulance ltd
21 the view from the afternoon - arctic monkeys
22 heart throb - be your own pet
23 long lean queen
24 banquet - bloc party
25 parallelogram - deastro
26 never stops - deerhunter

spring 2010

01 - two-timing touch and broken bones - the hives
02 - first love - the maccabees
03 i'm shakin' - rooney
04 nobody move, nobody get hurt - we are scientists
05 allison krausse - the stills
06 you talk way too much - the strokes
07 homecoming - the teenagers
08 in a cave - tokyo police club
09 the rat - the walkmen
10 a-punk - vampire weekend
11 message from yuz - switches
12 the goodman of the house - deastro
13 rawnald gregory erickson the second - starfucker
14 you got yr. cherry bomb - spoon
15 closed eyes - cut off your hands
16 something's missing (live from "as/is") - john mayer
17 mean april demo 2 - the kodaks
18 falling over - the pains of being pure at heart
19 better times - beach house
20 spring hall convert - deerhunter
21 want you back (phaseone remix) - nite jewel
22 sun spots - sleep over
23 most wanted - cults
24 gay human bones - harlem
25 the frontline (liberation) - madlib
26 diana won't - dimlite
27 geto boys (demo) - glass candy
28 stick to my side (four tet version) - pantha du prince
29 willing - moss of aura
30 round and round - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
31 voices - pure ecstasy
32 apple bed - sparklehorse

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


what the fuck

it is warm out?

no. that just can't be right. can it? apparently the sun can exist in a michigan sky during march. i've been wearing sunglasses and spring jackets these past couple days and holy shit it feels great. i love winter, the snow is beautiful, and i love being inside as much as the next guy... but you can't beat this 65 degree weather.

anyways. onto music. because i know whoever is reading this (if they/you even read the ramblings before actually just clicking the download link) cares most prominently about the music.

originally my plan was to call this post "double fisting" and i was trying to have it up by last week but i got sick and got busy with blowout and blah blah. and then new songs kept coming out. one after another, after another. but no longer, i've waited long enough. it's officially in the double digits of the current month so i feel it's the appropriate time to post a mix.

the reason for the "double fisting" title was in relation to blowout, and st paddys day, and the fact that i spent part of last weekend being ridiculous in canada. so far march has been good to me and i hope it continues to do so. (if you live under a rock, blowout is basically this type of "fest" in detroit [technically in hamtramck] which consists of a bunch of shitty bands playing sloppier than usual and people getting drunk beyond reason in public and everyone acting like it's all normal, which, let's face it, it kind of is, because this is detroit)

also the "double fisting" title was going to apply to the mix, not because all these songs are great to chug beer to (which they probably are) but because this particular march mix is chocked just full of songs, more so than usual, and some bands i even double dose on. aka using more than one song by the same band on the same mix. i have no specific rule about double dosing a band on a mix, so this doesn't bother me.

but at any rate there are two songs by my new favorite canadian band: still life still. who play overly emotional overly sexual art rock that is obviously from toronto and basically comes off sounding like a younger, punkier broken social scene, in a good way. i saw still life still open for wild beasts about a month ago and that was one killer show, hence the wild beasts track also.

there is also a double dose off the new shout out louds record which i think is good because i'm a sucker for swede pop and i've been listening to sols since before they had a proper LP. there is also two tracks from my new favorite band the morning benders who have an excellent new record out that i have been playing non stop. seriously, "excuses" is a fucking great song. there are also two songs from the forthcoming new young pony club album, just because i think they are smart and they play their type of music just how they should. plus there are two songs from the almost released record by the best new band in michigan --> the juliets. the bottom line is that jeremy freer can fucking write pop songs like it was just meant to be and scott masson (of office) can produce and record like nobody's business.

now i'm going to say upfront, this is a long mix. so if you are going to download this, which you very well fucking should, you gotta be in for the long haul. mainly because it's so damn big it actually took two download links to fit it all. hence the part 1 part 2. but it is worth it people. the reason i went with the title of "spring" as opposed to to overly discussed "double fisting" title is simply because new things are blossoming and even this slightly jaded slightly ridiculous/delirious blogger is feeling reborn.

it might be in part that things for my band aren't really going fucking incredible or anything but i've at least seen and heard the tiniest bit of nice shit about my music for roughly the first time and damn, i'll admit, it feels nice. i don't think my set at blowout was anywhere near perfect (really i thought we were awful) but people seem to enjoy "sloppy indie rock" so if you are interested in reading some shit about my band you can go here and here (<-- at that one just scroll down until you see something about a dog woman and a claw hammer or something)

but a friend (or friends) just wisely said to me, "take everything with a grain of salt" and that goes for good press and bad and so even though this isn't much press at all i'm just going to smile and appreciate this all nicely and thank whoever saw my band. so thank you, to everyone who has ever given a fuck about kodaks for that matter. i'm giving away my newest demo away for free on this mix as my thanks to every kodaks supporter. or every supporter of this blog i suppose. (really i'm just pimping out my own music on my own mixes i know) but i will also follow han solo's command of "don't get cocky, kid" and just leave it at that. i hope you see more of kodaks soon.

but enough about that. back to the mix. these blog posts are so damn a.d.d. i'm sorry to whoever is scrolling through this. some other note worthy tracks on here are new songs by broken social scene, neon indian, radio dept, drake, japandroids, dr. dog, mgmt(<-- which gets too busy at the end of the song) and my favorite song off the new gorillaz album. plus an elliott smith cover by cymbals eat guitars because i just fucking love elliott smith. i do.

other than that i'm not sure what to talk about. the first four tracks, or the first five, or six, are probably my favorite on the mix, but that being said you really do need to hear the gorillaz song at the end. i mean these are all pretty good songs though, or i wouldn't post them, duh.

plus there is a gem of a turbo fruits song stuck in the middle that was recorded for the movie "whip it" with the coffee shop crooner landon pigg as the frontman. i thought he was hot in the movie and i actually don't mind his music half the time, and pairing him with turbo fruits was a way interesting move that delivered great results.

which reminds me, i saw turbo fruits last night, and fuck everyone, i like turbo fruits. people talk shit about them all the time and i don't get it. why can't people just take them for what they are? great fucking punk music with a good pop sensibility, and most importantly, jonas stein can fucking play guitar with his teeth and make it seem cool still. as one of the surfer blood dudes said to me while turbo fruits were playing, "it sounds like guitar hero out there". and it's true. turbo fruits are good. so fuck you.

but this also reminds me, i saw surfer blood last night too. and again, fuck you if you don't like them, because i do. i just do. they are good music and you gotta take it for what it is-- really young indie rock. and i like it that way dammit. i ended up getting to meet the surfer blood dudes (through turbo fruits because their mixer and engineer, the lovely jeremy ferguson, recorded my most recent ep) and i got to hang out with them(<--SB) a lot through their night in detroit and i like those guys. surfer blood is a bunch of good dudes, no joke. they like what they are doing and other people seem to like it too which is just a sweet bonus. they were all really kind to me, they gave me a shirt and some of their beers and i tip my hats to them for that. they played a great set too, and they proved that their fifth member, the crazy haired percussionist/keyboardist player named marcos, is definitely necessary. and that guy is cool as shit too so that doesn't hurt. their song that i put on this mix is called "take it easy" and it displays the extra percussion nicely and it is a lot of fun, which is what i had last night all thanks to surfer blood.

so now that i've met my homosexual comment quota for the day (whip it didn't bother me, and that is gay enough in itself i suppose) and my blog mix quota for the month so i guess i'm off until the next time i decide to grace these webpages with my text again. enjoy this warm weather, hopefully it doesn't snow too much from now on. enjoy this march mix, hopefully you make it all the way trough all the tracks... all 36.

march 1

00 song - artist

01 october fires - wolf people
02 heaven's on fire - the radio dept.
03 fall hard - shout out louds
04 excuses - the morning benders
05 kid - still life still
06 the letter - the juliets
07 rather be with you - yukon blonde
08 lost a girl - new young pony club
09 art czars - japandroids
10 world sick - broken social scene
11 caterpillar playground - nurses
12 get out (ft. ariel punk & gar war) - velvet davenport
13 take it easy - surfer blood
14 high times - landon pigg & turbo fruits
15 ballad of big nothing - cymbals eat guitars
16 what becomes of a brokenhearted - jimmy ruffin
17 rough sleeper (demo) - the kodaks
18 and i was a boy from school - hot chip
19 at a glance (toro y moi remix) - body language
20 sweetheart - the juliets
21 shadow people - dr. dog
22 lovefool (cardigans cover) - the morning benders
23 a heat rash in the shape of the show me state or, letters from me to charlotte - los campesinos!
24 lately (deuxiéme) - memoryhouse
25 track 07 - washed out
26 1999 - shout out louds
27 pastel - still life still
28 this is our lot - wild beasts
29 chaos (rory phillips mix) - new young pony club
30 despicable dogs (washed out remix) - small black
31 beyond fantasy - pictureplane
32 over (dirty) - drake
33 sleep paralysist - neon indian
34 flash delirium - mgmt
35 little sister - crystal antlers
36 empire ants (ft. little dragon) - gorillaz