Saturday, February 21, 2009

millions of dudes

indie kids, frat boys and gay dudes

hooligans, brazilians, same difference

tonight i went to the ep release party of a local band from detroit auspiciously named MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS

a band (obviously) destined for greatness, because behind their impressive band name they have tunes that will make you dance until your legs break, buy their latest ep seriously

i drove to the crofoot in pontiac with my close friend alex erwin (the sometimes/most of the time/live bass player for my band the kodaks) to see the show in the pike room (upstairs of the crofoot) the ep mobs (even the abbreviation is cool) is called half horse/half horse, yes, there is cleverness everywhere

the night started with this band called silverghost,

silverghost consists of a girl playing dirty, mean guitar and singing in perfect harmony with a guy playing bass and regular keyboards. the duo played over drum machines, but these were no regular drum machines, the frontman of silverghost arranged the drums to play to a key, only high hat at some parts, on bass drum at some parts, bassically down to a science, it was impressive to say the least, they were kind of a like a cooler version of mat & kim or mates of state

then deastro played.

for anyone who doesn't know deastro first let me say they are phenomenal. deastro started as the project of a detroit man named randolph, recording indie electro pop rock by himself and releasing it online. deastro (pronounce day-stro) has blossomed into a full band with four people including randy with tracks being released through urban outfitters for free online. yeah, intense shit. go download lstn #3 from to listen to one of my favorite deastro tracks "shaded forest"

deastro's live performance literally blew me away, the drummer played on about a 10 piece kit including a splash cymbal and double bass pedals. the drummers name is jeff and he is the nicest drummer you well ever meet in your life. and he has got to be the only guy to incorporate double bass pedals and make it sound amazing and not screaming metal (listen to the double tom and double bass pedal action on "parellelogram")

overall i would give deastro's live perfomance about a 3000 out of 10 and alex agrees they were just straight up amazing and nice too. after they were done playing alex and i both helped them carry some gear offstage because we know how much of a pain in the ass it is to try and get a 10 piece plus drum kit off the stage so another can play two seconds after you. for helping them randolph said he would mail me a free copy of their album "keepers" which i am really excited about. pre performance i also let their guitarist use a pick i had in my pocket. very cool very nice dudes and an amazing show

now onto millions of brazilians.

i have seen the brazilians before, i saw them open up for french kicks a couple months ago, which was funny because french kicks have this real chill groovy pop vibe while mobs has a very dirty rock sound, still great though. seeing as how it was their ep release party they were selling a deal of one shirt, one cd and one vinyle for 12 dollars- UNBEATABLE

balloons were inflated and drinks were passed around to everyone (except me, the only under age fucker in the bar) but it didn't matter i was drunk off adrenaline. because millions of brazilians have an incredible live show, i danced, i jumped up and down, i fist pumped, i threw things. needless to say i lost my shit

but you can't help it, the brazilians are good, they are way cool dudes, and just amazing live. incredible dance drum beats and then two dueling guitars that both switch from guitar riffs to thick thick thick bass via pedals and howling falsetto vocals which will also turn into yells of excitement

one of the most entertaining parts of millions (you can call them mobs, millions, brazilians, it's just a great name) is not just their live show but their interaction with the crowd during live shows. especially since they live in detroit it was like they were playing to 100 of their closest friends going nuts

i don't know if someone or all of the band were in fraternities during college but their seems to be a lot of frat esque dudes at their shows, i am pretty sure they are all just close and maybe it is because millions just have such rocking music but it is really interesting to see these huge (tall and fat) dudes with trim haircuts, skanky chains and open collared shirts fist pumping.

but that is just the thing, it is millions of brazilians, it is just them, more power to them if they can get frat type guys to come to a hipster club on a saturday night in pontiac to rock, it is just awesome and a really really awesome environment

needless to say the whole audience was rocking out, myself included, i was dancing pretty crazily in abouts the third row so when some front rowers saw this they literally grabbed me and pulled me up front, i am pretty sure the guy or guys that actually physically tugged my arm up were 100% gay but that is fine i am not homophobic and it was just more entertaining to see indie kids, frat boys and gay guys all rocking out jumping up and down in unison

oh what barriers that millions of brazilians break

not to mention there were some EXTREMELY good looking girls in the audience as well, there were seriously like, smokin hot ladies, all dressed in skinny jeans and illustrious tops with beautiful hair and more beautiful faces, AND almost every single hot girl i saw was kissing on a member of each band

it makes me proud, all these awesome bands i am writing about are FROM DETROIT which is the city i will be located at in a couple of months and not only are these bands awesome but they attract said forms of men and even better, attractive women

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