Thursday, November 24, 2005

This Is Me, Kickin' Out The Jams

Rock Out With Me

I have been finding so many bands lately. And buying their stuff, songs at a time through the I tunes store, enclosed is somewhat of a list of what I, myself, Adam Fitzgerald, have been jamming too. Now I’m passing them on.

Living Things just released a new album, Ahead of the Lions. The song Bom Bom Bom is one of the best of the year. Guaranteed. This song is so rocking it is insane. With a killer chorus, mad crazy guitar riffs thicker than molasses and percussion cow belling you up onto your feet and dancing like you got ants in your pants.

There is a new band on the rise, and I can grantee you haven’t heard of them. Death From Above 1979. These dudes aren’t messing around either. DFA just released “ You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine” (awesome album name in my opinion, better thought out than the band name) and there are a lot of hard “rock-your-face-off” songs on there. My favorite is Black History Month. Another great is Romantic Rights.

Other bands I have been following lately are as follows:

The Cribs- you know I love the Cribs, Hey Scenesters! is their best, that and You & I

Rogue Wave- a softie indie band, you should hear Kicking The Heart Out

Giant Drag- Another one of those indie bands I can’t get enough of, with one girl heading the band. Download- Drugs and This Isn’t It.

The Subways- a hard rocking band from Sweden or something like that. If you watch the OC you saw them perform on last weeks episode. Their best is Rock ’n’ Roll Queen and another great is Mary.

Ladytron- A great techno dance band, download Abercrombie and Seventeen. Blue Jeans is another good song.

Blackalicious- I’m not one for rap (these guys are actually more R&B) usually but this band just hits the spot for some reason, find the song Make You Feel That Way.

Tristan Prettyman- This girl is beautiful and smart. It’s not often you find a woman like this. Download her cover of Toxic. Yeah, the Britney Spears song. She does an acoustic cover of it and you love it for some reason.

We Are Scientists- a cool all-over-the-place rock band that does a lot of different stuff, a good song is Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt and The Great Escape.

Feist- Mushaboom, awesome song. One lady with a lot of techno, kind of like a bunch of Zero 7, In The Waiting Line. Fiest is good, check out her stuff, such as the various “Piste” numbers.

Dirty On Purpose- I randomly found this band and I am now obsessed with their song, Mind Blindness.

Ben Taylor- Yes, this guy had it made from the start. He could of made a record when he was two years old and got publicity if he wanted to, being the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon. But instead Benjamin too the indie route, and I respect him for that. Download "Surround Me."

Umphrey’s McGee- a local college jam band. I found them through a friend and these guys kick O.A.R.’s ass any day of the week. Find, In The Kitchen.

Also, some bands you probably know or I might have mentioned sometime in the past.

The Strokes have an album on the way. And they just pumped out a single. I’m thinking their Junior album is going to be something to rock the boat, still maybe not as good as the 2001 debut (Is This It?) but probably better than the sophomore, Room On Fire. Download their single, Juicebox. You will love it.

Wolf Parade has some unreleased songs that are awesome. It’s A Curse, Disco Sheets, and most importantly, The National People’s Scare. All great songs you won’t find on their recently released debut LP, Apologies To The Queen Mary.

Bloc Party must have a new album underway as well. They have a new single, Two More Years, download it, it’s pretty good. No Banquet, but its good. Speaking of Banquet, there is a hones disco remix that was just released. You can find this through the I tunes store, it is pretty freakin’ sweet. It’s even more danceable than the original, and if you are a Bloc Party fan in any way shape or form, you must download this.

Blink-182, the boys of this band must never sleep. In between Transplants, Boxcar Racer and other side projects they still find time for good old Blink. Check out their new single, Not Now.

Interpol just released an Ep (which I really want to get my hands on) and amongst individual band members own remixes of songs off of 2004’s sophomore release, Antics, there is also a new song, titled, Song Seven. Definitely worth the download.

If you were ever curious what I had been listening to besides good old John Mayer (John Mayer Trio’s live album, TRY! Is now out!! If you don’t want to get the whole thing download Vultures, immediately.) And jamming to my regulars such as The Killers and Foo Fighters and all that, now you have some newbie bands to check out. I love kickin’ out jams for people to rock out too. Enjoy!

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