Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm Brand New

My name is Adam Fitzgerald. I hope to use this blog to propel my career in journalism. What better way of getting the word out about myself then posting my writings online. I am a high school student (I want to start writing free lance) I write for my school newpaper (and yearbook). I'm tall with red hair, I am pretty cool and nice, I have friends, I play sports, and get good grades. I like people, i like giving advice and helping people (so if you have a question on anything just shoot) and hopefully I can lend my opinion to the world and they will make good use of it. I will also use this blog to write personal opinions (anything from a sweet new TV show to my view of the world as a teenager) and write music reviews. Leave me some comments, whether or not you think I right or whether I suck. Enjoy my blog.

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