Thursday, November 24, 2005

Musical Television...?

I Want My Mtv

In August 1981 music as we know it was forever changed. Some people discriminate against Mtv. Most people you will encounter in life however, simply want their Mtv.

On August 1st, 1981 Video Killed The Radio Star aired on cable accessed “Mtv” in the U.S. Most people think that Money for Nothing by Dire Straights was the first song/video aired on Mtv. They would be partially right, because Money for Nothing was the first song aired on Mtv Europe. Just a little Mtv 101 for you.

People say Mtv promotes violence, sex, and drugs, amongst other things. Some of the real intelligent folks around say that this television channel even sends subliminal messages into kid’s brains telling them to disobey their parents.

I’m not saying I agree with Mtv, or that I wear big Mtv labeled t-shirts and I am completely pro-Mtv. I do think, however, that Mtv has been one of the biggest factors in musical history since the Beatles came to the states.

Mtv is immature and truth be told I honestly think that half of the time they don’t really know what they are doing. There are true journalists working for Mtv, which makes me happy but their biggest stories to always seem to be on 50 Cent. Yes, 50 Cent is a musical artist, but we know he was shot we don’t need to hear about a million times.

Where were the big stories on U2’s new album? The Rolling Stones tour? The literal explosion of Independent music as a genre into music? Mtv seems to know jack shit when it comes to actual Rock ‘n’ Roll these days.

Not exactly saying they ever knew anything, with Head Bangers Ball and what not. But they did know Pop music. 80s Mtv knew what it was doing. So did 90s Mtv. My favorite shows of all time are Beavis and Butthead and Celebrity Death Match. You may call me immature for liking such shows but if you can watch an hour of those shows and not laugh then you obviously don’t have a soul.

I’m not trying to just bitch about Mtv, I guess I am just asking, what happened to real musical television? Because honestly, I miss it.

I think soon, in days to come, Rap music will see its downfall again. My friends and I have decided this, and that in turn, Country music will rise again. Which basically sucks because I hate country even more than Rap.

Then again, I listen to about everything though. I just want to be able to watch and listen to some good stuff, some good musical television.

Mtv does influence our generation a lot. The average age at which teens start coming into sexual contact is 15. Most teens smoke cigarettes or marijuana before the age of 18. Am I saying that this is Mtv’s fault? No. I’m saying it doesn’t help though.

I enjoy watching some Real World once in a while, Jackass was the most immature show that ever hit the airwaves but it was hilarious. Shows like Laguna Beach, I’m not a fan of, but most people love that show.

Are people getting progressively worse off? With drugs and all that jazz? Is it because of Mtv? I guess that is up to the future to decide.

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