Sunday, November 13, 2005


Activision’s answer to Red Dead Revolver

In 2004 Rockstar games (Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Midnight Club) released Red Dead Revolver. A game that followed Red, a cowboy in around the 1880’s whose parents were killed by a civil war veteran turned crime lord. Red seeks out revenge by going on an adventure and eventually killing the crime lord.

GUN is a game released by Activision (Tony Hawk, True Crime) just recently (2005). GUN follows Colton White, a cowboy in the 1880’s, whose father was killed by a civil war veteran turned crime lord. Colt seeks out revenge by going on an adventure to kill the crime lord.

Picking up any similarities? I am. There are about as much similarities between these two games as there are between Grand Theft Auto (Rockstar) and True Crime (Activision). There is a war between these two companies: and the best part? The one who benefits most is I, the consumer. If I was forced to pick sides I would pick Rockstar, because according to me every game they pump out is awesome, and my favorite games are Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear. But I am not forced to pick sides, I can buy whatever I want.

However, GUN is a very good game. If I had to rate it I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. It is a decent length, great graphics, and very, very good game play. You can go from town to town, doing main story missions or side missions to get cash to buy up grades, you can ride horseback as well as firing with your pistol, shotgun, rifle, bow and then you can through a stick of TNT or a whiskey bomb (these are all ground use weapons too). And for times when you are in close combat, if someone gets a little too close, you can slice and dice them with your melee weapon (such as a knife or axe). Did I mention while on horseback, besides going fast (you can make your horse sprint by spurring it) and shooting people, you can also trample people? GUN is very well put together. The story is a little predictable but that’s to be expected, I mean, it is a western.

There is a definite difference between GUN and Red Dead Revolver and Grand Theft Auto and True Crime. Because unlike True Crime, GUN doesn’t suck compared to the Rockstar product. It is actually better, if anything. GUN accomplishes a little more than Red Dead and is a little better put together. So, go out and rent GUN, you could probably beat it within the five days but it is a damn good play through.

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