Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Cribs

A Band of Brothers

When twin brothers Gary and Ryan recruited their younger brother Ross to play with them in 2003, the Jarman brothers had created the Cribs. Hailing from Yorkshire, England, the trio had always played music together, ever since they were kids, but in 2003, they got serious with it.

Starting to play around at local clubs and achieving a name for themselves, the brothers were picked up by Wichita records by the end of 2003. In 2004 the Cribs began work on their debut album as well as touring with the Datsuns. Before the year was over the band had already started work on their second album with Glasgow'’s legendary Orange Juice member as producer, Edwyn Collins. In early 2005 The Cribs was released, the debut album. The album was a hit, but a very underground, "“indie"” success.

The Cribs are a very indie band, with good hard rocking punk influences such as the Clash and the Sex Pistols. The Sex Pistols drummer was even brought in to help them work on their second album, The New Fellas, which was released in august, 2005. According to them they usually just recorded their songs on a four-track at their home, but after some convincing done by the lead man of Orange Juice and the drummer of the Sex Pistols, they decided to step foot in London'’s Toerag Studios.

Both of the Cribs 2005 releases turned out to be great successes, (both albums being quite critically acclaimed) the band acquiring more of a reputation, more fans, and even more momentum. The Cribs are doing pretty damn good and the three brothers are grateful for their success.

I personally don'’t own either album, but I have purchased a few songs, and I hope to get my hands on their albums soon. Because the 8 songs I do have on my i tunes have been blaring through my speakers and headphones for about a month now. Also making the Cribs my band of the month, if you are a fan of my space.

But on an ending note, the Cribs are my favorite newest band. I really enjoy their great indie rock sound and I can'’t wait to get at least one of their albums, and I suggest you at the very least down load some of their stuff; you got to see what I am talking about.

Download: Hey Scenesters, You & I, and The Lights Went Out (a very Strokes-esque number)

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