Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Cardigans; For the Holidays


Has anyone heard the song Lovefool? I know everyone has heard the song Kiss Me. Kiss me… beneath the milky twilight. Lead me, out on the moonlit floor. With those guitars. Those trademarked 90’s pop guitars. It is one of those songs that you know, but you don’t know that you know it. You know? Exactly.

Not to discredit the other 4 male members of the band, but when you hear the Cardigans, if you have any interest in finding out anything about their lineup the first thing you want to know is who is singing with that angelic grace. Nina Persson is that pretty face. The pretty voice. Nina. The beautiful Nina; that no one truly knows, but everyone truly loves. She gives the Cardigans their "flare". She bassically gets the credit as well though. Which is a damn shame because the reason their songs are so damn catchy isn’t just because of the vocals. It’s because of the group-contributed lyrics written and amazingly clever arrangement put together.

But any reviewer or musical journalist could tell you that. What I am here to tell you, is that the Cardigans are just really, really good. Every song I have by them (which totals in the range of about 6-10 these days I believe) is now loved by me. Lovefool came on random the other day. You just can’t keep yourself away from them. “Love me, Love me, say that you love me/ Need me, need me, say that you need me.”

Songs like Lovefool, Kiss Me, Erase-Rewind, For What It’s Worth and (one of the best song names ever) “I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer.” All those songs have been featured on movie soundtracks, from Romeo and Juliet to Never Been Kissed. Sadly it seems the Cardigans were destined to be a soundtrack band (weren’t all 90’s bands?) with such pop sensibility. This band is ironically genius. Seriously, I am going to go out and buy their greatest hits with utmost pride. My sisters probably know what I am talking about; they lived in the 90’s.

All this talk about 90’s semi-pop star bands with women at the head makes me want to look up Mazzy Star. I get a little emotional with Mazzy Star though. They (she) can be a little depressing. Anyone who has the Wicker Park soundtrack probably enjoyed her song Flowers In December, I did at least. Along with her other classics such as White Horses and Fade Into You. Like I said though I get a little emotional with them (her). But then again…who doesn’t kind of melt into their shoes and sway on the spot when they hear Fade Into You?

I guess on an ending note, winter is now here. Thanksgiving has now come and past and there are too few days ‘till our calendars strike December. The dreaded Christmas month. The dreaded holidays. Dreaded winter. It’s growing ever colder, so grab your lovers and some good old Cardigans to keep yourself warm. Happy Holidays.

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