Thursday, November 10, 2005



Why you ask? Because it is the the greatest path to salvation. My heart lies with music. In the words of the deformed Dave Navaro accompanied Chili Peppers of '94; "Music is my aeroplane". It is all about the music. It being, of course, life. At least my life. This is why I truly want to be a musician. Yet, I lack musical talent so at the very least I hope to become an accomplished music journalist. Music is the blood that pumps through my veins. It is what I love, Its what I want, Its what I need.

I might sound a little crazy but come on, don't deny that you would go crazy if your car didn't have a radio so you could flip on some tunes, even just once in a while. Music really is the greatest thing in the world. It's there for you like no parent or boy/girlfriend, or sibling or friend could ever be. There are all different genres, for everyone. Rock, Country, Rap, Pop, R&B, Alternative, Funk, Acoustic, Indie. Whatever. There is a billion different genres, different bands, different artists. Old and new.

If you don't listen to music, that's basically a crime against nature and you need to go out and buy a CD player and the Beatles greatest hits or something.

But what I am saying is that music is one of the biggest parts of my life, and this blog is mostly going to revolve around that aspect of my life. With music reviews, bands of the day, week, month and year. Suggested songs to be downloaded (legally of course) and maybe some magazines or stores you should check out. Up coming concerts. Everything. Hopefully I will be a pretty good source for maybe some usefull (as well as use less) information. See ya soon.


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