Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring revised

alright, so i've been uploading lots lately.

first a bunch of happy shit, then some sappy shit, then some angry/upset shit, then some happy stuff. then i did a movie review. yeah, i'm all over the place right now. it's the weather. it's crazy and it's all random so that's just how i am right now.

but anyways, i while back i posted 3 part download for a spring 2010 mix. if you missed those mixes or if you loved them so much that maybe you want to put the first one on a cd, here is your chance.

the first mix (aka part one) of the spring 2010 mix is what i've been playing esp obsessively lately. part one as the most newer tracks on it, so it really makes sense as the lead "spring 2010" mix, ya know?

plus part one has some tracks from the movie "remember me" which i've been talking about a lot lately, plus it has the new foals single which i am obsessed with, as well as one of my favorite interpol tracks, some new vampire weekend, lots of good shiz.

so basically, i re-edited spring 2010 part one so it would fit on a cd so i deleted some tracks and moved some other ones around. most notably, i moved the latest ariel pink song from part three to part one. the song is called "round and round" and i think it is so damn good. also, since i've made my original spring 2010 post i've been informed about this band from london called yuck and they are really awesome. ironically enough, yuck was founded by the brother of my cousin's best friend. yes, that sounds complicated but it's true. all you need to know is that yuck is really good indie rock. also i added a track by another uk band that i happened to see in detroit last week, they are called wave machines who have a real cool 80s-esque indie think going on and they kind of sound like the children of talking heads or something.

anyways, this is my revised mix, it's only 20 tracks and there are some down tempo, mid tempo and plenty of up tempo songs, so it's a nice diverse mix that will all fit on one cd. these songs were very anthemic for my spring break, which is now over. but either way, enjoy this mix, enjoy spring 2010. xo.

spring 2010 (part one - revised mixxx)

00 song - artist

01 neon blue - still life still
02 facelove - ps i love you
03 parasol - the sea and cake
04 sea of teeth - sparklehorse
05 when i'm small - phantogram
06 white sky - vampire weekend
07 two doors down - mystery jets
08 take pills - panda bear
09 rome - yeasayer
10 welcome to the world of the plastic beach (feat. snoop dogg and the hypnotic bass ensemble) - gorillaz
11 all of the fire - acrylics
12 girl in love - smith westerns
13 obstacle 1 - interpol
14 - spanish sahara - foals
15 keep the lights on - wave machines
16 hey lizzie - fair ohs
17 fake gold - tigercity
18 round and round - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
19 the wall - yuck
20 me and the moon - the drums

ps. i've been doing lots of internet perusing and shit of that nature, and i've been editing pages for my band, starting new ones, starting new blogs, editing old ones, whatever you wanna call it, if it's on the internet, i've been doing it. i think it helps me calm down when i'm in a bad mood. so anyways, i'm going to list some of my internets blow, so if you feel so compelled, you can go check them out.


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