Monday, March 29, 2010

pop songs

i'm up really late, it's in the a.m. on monday morning. i'm in a bad mood, mainly because i have class tomorrow (amongst other things) but all i'm doing right now is listening to ostentatiously poppy indie rock music.

pretty much all i do is listen to music, if you haven't put that together yet, and tonight was no exception. but after getting in my usual brooding time in with interpol, i ventured outside the box for a second and i'm so happy with what i've found.

two door cinema club is a band of really young dudes from london or ireland or wherever, and they actually use artificial drums on most of their songs but they sound absolutely wonderful. i'm really into the fast, tight indie rock pop thing, especially when it's semi british. so to pass some time i put together a lovely playlist of all these glorious indie pop songs.

so yeah, that's pretty much it. little to no shpeele today. but these songs are really catchy, so if you have time before work/class/whatever, burn yourself these songs on a cd or put this playlist on your ipod so you can crank these jams and think about the warm weather ahead. instead of the long normal week ahead.

there is also a newer and improved (don't worry, i'll never leave this blogspot page) young authentic. the second version of y.a. is a tumblr so it's kind of like blogging for lazy/a.d.d. people and i think i fit both those categories so it works for me. pictures, videos, links, whatever, it's all right here (--->

anyways, i hope you enjoy these pop songs, and enjoy this monday, and enjoy life in general. april is almost here. oh oh mean april. take care.

pop songs (2010)

00 song - artist

01 undercover martyn - two door cinema club
02 first love - the maccabees
03 tessellate - tokyo police club
04 what you know - two door cinema club
05 lost a girl - new young pony club
06 always like this - bombay bicycle club
07 sleepyhead - passion pit
08 young love (ft. laura marling) - mystery jets
09 mouth full of bones - natalie portman's shaved head
10 this charming life - the smiths
11 hummer - foals
12 toxic crusaders - deastro
13 molly's vertigo - acrylics
14 hey hey girl - the virgins
15 i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - black kids
16 one life stand (edit) - hot chip
17 rawnald gregory erickson the second - starfucker
18 movie theatre (demo) - the kodaks
19 boys don't cry
20 the reeling - passion pit
21 tonight's today - jack penĂ¡te
22 lover of mine - beach house
23 surfin' - memory cassette
24 regret - new order

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