Sunday, March 21, 2010

movie review

so i already kind of wrote on this topic but i'm going to go there again. has anyone seen the movie called "remember me" yet? yes, that is the new movie with heart throb robert pattinson. but the truth is that the heart throb can act and the movie is amazing. the writing, the acting, the style, the tones, i loved everything about this film. so of course, critics trash it.

and when one disagrees with something, one should always speak up. so i am. go figure, i got bored and i just think that more people should give the film a chance. esp people who appreciate good movies like i do. just like movies likes "garden state" or "wicker park" or even "i heart huckabees" or whatever. these kind of indie movies with some bigger names but truly fabulous writing and even better soundtracks.

but yeah, anyways, i'm lame and i wanted to voice my opinion and hopefully make robert pattinson feel better about people talking shit on his great movie, ya know, if he ever finds that facebook page haha. yeah, go here and become a fan, or go see the movie, then voice your own opinion!

and also, i wrote a review on that facebook page, like i said i as bored and wanted to voice my opinion so hell, i write enough on music i love, i might as well write about movies i love.

so here it is. my movie review. of "remember me". go see it!!

along with other amazing movies such "wicker park" and "garden state" that came before it, i am afraid that "remember me" is going to be lumped solely into the romance category. when, in truth that people don't realize, the majority of the movie is being told from perspective of the male lead character. robert pattinson even narrates at points throughout the film.

even though critics hated this film and even stupid publications and zines like entertainment magazine tore "remember me" to shreds, it should be clear to everyone that this movie is incredible and all these bad reviews are just not true and that all this nay say is just hear say.

remember me is a truly fantastic movie that showcases the great acting skills of robert pattinson, who plays a role that allows him to express his talent in a role that more suits him. a smaller based movie with more intensity fits robert pattinson well, as does it to the rest of the cast, whom all act beautifully.

emilie de ravin has her biggest claim to fame through the tv show "lost" so, like pattinson, ravin may be looked upon as just an "it" person in Hollywood, so in turn it seems that "remember me" has the potential to just try and be an "it" movie with "in" people.

but really, robert pattinson, emilie de ravin, chris cooper, pierce brosnan and others fully deliver in the emotionally riveting and shockingly intense movie. not to mention the sound track is incredible, which also lumps it into that category of "great under rated movies" along with "wicker park" and "garden state".

some love movies are done well and focus more on issues deeper than love so that the story can just evolve without limits. remember me is one of those movies. so go see it. go see remember me. because you might be bored soon, and there is simply no reason not to see this amazing movie.

-adam smith, march 2010

also, you can go watch the trailer RIGHT HERE

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devinsneigh.east said...

Hey, I saw your link to this on facebook and I read it and I 100% agree! When I went to go see it I thought it was going to be dumb as fuck but it actually had a great story to it and everyone acted very well. I also think that the trailer did nothing for it; the trailer is why I thought it'd be dumb because it focused on the love story part of the film when really there’s a lot more to it than that. Honestly, from the trailer I thought the movie was going to be about a bad boy who falls in love with a girl with a very abusive dad and that's not right at all! Lol The ending was also amazing! Despite the zillion hints to it being 9/11 it totally went over my head and shocked me. So two big thumbs up for Remember Me!! :)