Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring 2

alright so, if you haven't noticed yet, it is nice out. and if you still haven't noticed, i'm loving it. honestly, maybe i'm just being overly eccentric this year but i feel as though my general quality of life has been proving ever since the start of march. good things are happening people.

and i know, i know, i live in detroit and detroit is in michigan so all of us michiganders are pissy and old and jaded and jobless and yada yada, so don't worry, i haven't forgotten that but still i'm happy. let me be happy.

plus, i'm on spring break right now. for anyone that doesn't know, i'm a college student, so on top of being poor due to the economy and due to michigan, i'm also poor due to college. and shit, i am poor poor poor. but it's fine. i didn't get to really go anywhere for my spring break but whatever. i've been enjoying it thus far, because the weather has been nicer and i've been able to run outside and wear sunglasses and drive around with my sun roof open. i'm a happy dude.

so to share my happiness with you, i have another VERY lengthy mix. it's actually a 3 parter. but it's a good 3 parter. what we have here, people, is essentially, THREE DIFFERENT mixes. all with heavy relation to spring. basically, these songs make me feel green and wonderful. these tunes put SPRING into my step. eh?

side note, has anyone seen remember me yet? yes, that is the new movie with robert pattinson. but if you are scoffing right now, then check yourself. don't judge a book by it's cover. go see remember me. seriously. you would be surprised, and if you come out of the theatre after having seen "remember me" and you didn't like it, then you can punch me i guess.

and to add to that, the music for that movie is incredible. the actors really deliver, mainly pattinson, who proves he has looks, style and skill. plus the girl is really hot. honestly, i loved remember me. so go see it. and the music is amazing, which is what i'm all about. the sound track is pretty damn solid, and a couple of my songs on these mixes are correlated with/from the movie.

and another thing: for those of you who don't know, indie rock lost a hero about a week ago. mark linkous was the frontman and basically the main dude from the band called sparklehorse. sparklehorse is a more than solid band that has been delivering more than solid music for years and years. and ironically, (you will know why when/if you see the movie; it is pretty damn sad) there was a sparklehorse song on the "remember me" soundtrack, and it's a damn good song. so there is that sparklehorse song and another one that i like that can be found throughout these three spring mixes, in honor of mr. mark linkous.

also, another side note about these mixes; there is lots of guitar! i know it's a crazy concept because of all these electronic and lo fi and glo fi and chill wave artists popping up all over the place and because i love all of them so much and post a bunch of there tracks, and there are some chillgaze (chill wave + shoe gaze = my new favorite genre) tracks on here, but there is a lot of guitar. most notably in newer bands like smith westerns, foals, fair ohs, ps i love you and happy birthday. so that's cool right? foals are very present in this mix, they really make me think of spring. foals new single is on here, and it's incredible.

alright, enough of that. i'm not going to ramble on too much about these mixes, other than these few details:

the first mix is essentially a bunch of newer songs i've been really digging this spring

the second mix is a bunch of my classics that remind me of warm weather from years past

the third mix is some new some old, but all the songs are great spring songs

so either way, you are getting a shitload of songs here. i'm hoping i'm not overloading anyone, feel free to comment and complain or compliment or anything of the sort. or even just say hi. if anyone reads that this is... just kidding!! it's spring, i'm happy!

seriously though, spring 2010, in 3 parts. enjoy.

spring 2010

00 song - artist

01 neon blue - still life still
02 i am your skin - the bravery
03 mathletics - foals
04 facelove - ps i love you
05 parasol - the sea and cake
06 andvari - sigur rós
07 sea of teeth - sparklehorse
08 lite-bright lawns - still life still
09 when i'm small - phantogram
10 white sky - vampire weekend
11 kurt cobain's cardigan - the pains of being pure at heart
12 two doors down - mystery jets
13 take pills - panda bear
14 butterflies and boners - ps i love you
15 rome - yeasayer
16 welcome to the world of the plastic beach (ft. snoop dogg and hypnotic brass ensemble) - gorillaz
17 all of the fire - acrylics
18 girl in love - smith westerns
19 obstacle 1 - interpol
20 spanish sahara - foals
21 happy day - idiot glee
22 hey lizzie - fair ohs
23 fake gold - tigercity
24 real life (memory tapes remix) - tanlines
25 subliminal message - happy birthday
26 me and the moon - the drums

spring 2010

01 love me already - black kids
02 the last polka - ben folds five
03 red win, success! - cold war kids
04 kids - mgmt
05 finer feelings - spoon
06 rain - the clientele
07 c'mere - interpol
08 always like this - bombay bicycle club
09 now that i miss her - elefant
10 everyone gets a star - albert hammond, jr.
11 in this home on ice - clap your hands say yeah
12 when it started - the strokes
13 pin - yeah yeah yeahs
14 countdown - phoenix
15 15 step - radiohead
16 all our weekends - french kicks
17 she's expensive - the virgins
18 one time too many - phoenix
19 balloons - foals
20 stay where you are (ep version) - ambulance ltd
21 the view from the afternoon - arctic monkeys
22 heart throb - be your own pet
23 long lean queen
24 banquet - bloc party
25 parallelogram - deastro
26 never stops - deerhunter

spring 2010

01 - two-timing touch and broken bones - the hives
02 - first love - the maccabees
03 i'm shakin' - rooney
04 nobody move, nobody get hurt - we are scientists
05 allison krausse - the stills
06 you talk way too much - the strokes
07 homecoming - the teenagers
08 in a cave - tokyo police club
09 the rat - the walkmen
10 a-punk - vampire weekend
11 message from yuz - switches
12 the goodman of the house - deastro
13 rawnald gregory erickson the second - starfucker
14 you got yr. cherry bomb - spoon
15 closed eyes - cut off your hands
16 something's missing (live from "as/is") - john mayer
17 mean april demo 2 - the kodaks
18 falling over - the pains of being pure at heart
19 better times - beach house
20 spring hall convert - deerhunter
21 want you back (phaseone remix) - nite jewel
22 sun spots - sleep over
23 most wanted - cults
24 gay human bones - harlem
25 the frontline (liberation) - madlib
26 diana won't - dimlite
27 geto boys (demo) - glass candy
28 stick to my side (four tet version) - pantha du prince
29 willing - moss of aura
30 round and round - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
31 voices - pure ecstasy
32 apple bed - sparklehorse

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