Saturday, March 20, 2010


alright. i'm back. (already)

so the last couple posts i've made have been pretty happy. overly happy. but everyone, don't worry, the old adam is back, and with a vengeance.

the weather is getting shitty out again. just fyi. it's snowing and raining and freezing fucking cold. at the end of march... only in michigan. do they call this sleet? so anyway, it's perfect, this weather, it's just perfect for me right now. maybe my demeanor and the weather have some correlation but i more think it's just coincidence. sweet irony.

it's all dark out. i haven't seen the sunlight at all today. and it makes perfect sense. i'm in the worst fucking mood ever. i realized that while i've been lolli gagging and trying to be happy over my spring break, i really should have been in fucking texas for sxsw, which was what my original plans are.

oh and not to mention this is saturday, so my spring break is officially over. back to school next week. back to work. back to hell.

so it all makes sense i guess. my vacation is over. the nice weather is over. and throughout the past couple days (multiple) people have been proving to me again (and again) over and over (again) that they are shitty. people are shitty. people will disappoint you. the only guarantee i will ever make anyone is that people will let you down. logic will break your heart.

which reminds me. i was listening to that stills album at the gym today and that shit good. just so so good. it's definitely one of my favorite albums, as i'm sure comes across in my music. lots of stills and lots of interpol lately. early interpol. hopefully their new album is good. that is generally my favorite type of music. moody, sexual, kind of arty post punk with somewhat self depreciating somewhat fucked up lyrics and kicking guitars with a great rhythm section that comes together as just fucking amazing indie rock.

anyways, back to bitching. i hate everyone. that's pretty good for me. that'll be about enough. also, i illegally watched cop out and i thought it was hilarious but i love tracy morgan and i think bruce willis still kinda kicks ass. plus adam brody was in it, which is enough to make me watch any movie. i also want to see she's out of my league because i think that guy is pretty funny (esp in knocked up) and two dudes that i liked in cloverfield are in it. and the chick is hot. but no one would go see that movie with me tonight. i do hate everyone.

so onto the music. my mother was so gracious as to let me use her car today (just because my father was parked behind mine) and in my mom's car she was listening to a mix cd that i made her about two years ago. or maybe about a year ago? i'm not sure. but either way, it's a great mix with a generally sad(ish) demeanor. so it was great to drive around in the rain to and to listen to while i think about how much i hate everyone and in turn hate my own life.

and this mix in turn (since it was originally made for her) goes out to my mother, because i love her dearly. i truly believe that for the rest of my life i'll just never love any woman like i love my mom and my sisters. my family is usually always there for me, and i know my mom would be there for me, whenever, whatever, she's my mom and she is the greatest. i'll keep hating everyone else but just love my mom. that sounds good to me.

so i thought i would share this mix with everyone. share my sadness i suppose. my lameness actually. share whatever. just download the mix. listen to it. alone. then fall asleep.


00 song - artist

01 bookworm (labeled as "come home") - margot and the nuclear so and so's
02 the next time around - little joy
03 re: stacks - bon iver
04 flakes - mystery jets
05 english house - fleet foxes
06 you and i are a gang of losers - the dears
07 astronaut - beach house
08 the youth - mgmt
09 i stand corrected - vampire weekend
10 agoraphobia - deerhunter
11 ada - the national
12 flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine
13 chicago (acoustic) - sufjan stevens
14 a king and queen - okkervil river
15 house of cards - radiohead
16 someone to keep us warm - the silent years
17 shining hours - longwave
18 love in the ruins - french kicks
19 time has come again - the last shadow puppets
20 the greatest - cat power

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