Wednesday, March 31, 2010

runway delight

earlier today my friend wrote me an email and informed me that one of his good friends is doing a runway show. now i'm not sure if she is modeling, displaying clothes or just organizing the event, but long story short, my friend wanted me to find some music for his friend, for the runway.

the (most) ridiculous part about this whole thing was the criteria i was given to base my selection of songs off of:

1930s smoky jazz club/ tibetan landscape/ strong runwayish beat/ serious yet a little bit playful atmospheric sense/ preferably no lyrics.

so i tried my best anyways, and i pooled together about 50 songs to hand over to my friend so he could give these songs to his friend, for a runway. so i'm hoping that in the near future there might be some hot young woman strutting down a runway to the music i hand selected. but then again, that might be no where near what these songs are actually going to be used for.

i'm not even going to provide a song list here, there will be two downloads below that have around 23ish songs a piece that i felt slightly resembled the characteristics given above. but seeing as how all those things (30's jazz, 80's runway beat and no lyrics) do not exist in any one given song, i kind of just took pot shots. there is everything from holy fuck, to deastro, to spoon, to interpol, to broken social scene, to washed out, to french kicks and back again. so, sorry about not listing songs, i just actually have more important shit to do right now. but this should be fun. spice up your wednesday. surprise song selection from your favorite mix maker.

let me know how you think i did on matching the criteria i was given. enjoy:

runway delight

ps. for anyone that doesn't know, i got trapped in canada on monday night and saw the black lips last night, which was awesome because dudes from spoon and deerhunter showed up at the stick so that was rocking but over all the night was a shit show. in a good way. but now i'm feeling the effects from all this tom foolery on this blah of a wednesday. but then, I'M SEEING BEACH HOUSE TOMORROW NIGHT and right now "teen dream" has my album of the year for 2010 so i'm pretty damn excited. now i just have to go study and ace the exam before tomorrow night. you can follow more of my ridiculousness on here:

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