Wednesday, February 03, 2010

february bullshit

i'm trying to finish a paper and study for two exams all at once, yet i find myself retreating to this god forsaken blog to escape. this post will be short a sweet. there have been a couple tracks lately that have really caught my eye beyond just putting them in a mix. pretty much anything by beach fossils, wild nothing, a sunny day in glasgow, caribou, and the aforementioned coyote clean up and millionyoung have me just smitten right now. so what do i do? put them on a mix. (really though, the new caribou single (odessa) is out of control good)

next week, if this goes according to plan, i will be posting the big valentines 2010 mix. this is a big fucking deal. i create one of these "FLAWLESS" mixes for every year that i am alone for valentines day. kind of a valentines mix to myself. sad and pathetic eh? you can laugh now

maybe, if i can remember, i will upload one or two or three of these flawless mixes from the past up to this site next week before my actual 2010 mix. my friend just reminded me of the term "panty dropper" and a couple of the mixes i have made in my life time definitely fit that title. one specifically on my mind was originally dubbed "the kia love mix" (my kia actually had a bike rack on top which made it look much more manly) but the mix was then renamed "black love" for the obvious reason that there was just no love going on in that kia except for my creepy love/obsession for music. so maybe these mixes will make you people find some love this year instead of staring at your computer all day like i do.

but until then, there is this mix, february 1. it is too long to fit onto a cd so for that i'm sorry, but i believe a couple i've uploaded onto here have been over that limit anyways so oh well.

some more info on feb. 1- be forewarned, this pretty much a chillwave/shoegaze mixtape. looking over after i was finished compiling the songs together i realized there were probably only six or maybe less bands that probably used real drums in recording their song. but don't worry, bear hands will wake you up after a sunny day in glasgow puts you to sleep. also, the first song might not appear to make sense, it's by this band called the takeover uk. they added me on myspace a long long time ago. they can appear so fucking cheesy (and they might be) yet some of their songs are just perfect pop songs with great guitar lines, like the one on this mix specifically. the new shy child single is just undeniably catchy and great and you should really watch the video. and the new lemonade single is delicious, tacky, and cool all at once. that's all. really.

props to andrew paleno for turning me onto this specific mew song, and props to the dude from surfer blood who suggested the song by grooms.

february 1

00 song - artist

01 running with the wasters - the takeover uk
02 stylo (faet. bobby womack & mos def) - gorillaz
03 beach - mew
04 odessa - caribou
05 vendela vida - dinosaur feathers
06 disconnected - shy child
07 to the light house (millionyoung remix) - memoryhouse
08 nosummr4u - OoOoO
09 daydream - beach fossils
10 this boat is making me sea sick - coyote clean up
11 dreamsucker - grooms
12 waves (rodiadh radio edit) - holly miranda
13 shy - a sunny day in glasgow
14 vietnam (eli janney demo) - bear hands
15 i remember - yeasayer
16 as far as i can see - phantogram
17 diplomat's son - vampire weekend
18 chinatown - wild nothing
19 lifted - lemonade
20 melody day - caribou
21 anna - taken by trees
22 ox4 - the postmarks
23 no. 6 von karman street - a sunny day in glasgow
24 soft denial - millionyoung

ps. the image at the very top is an image i plan on having tattooed on my body at some point in the near future. laugh if you want. two points for anyone that gets the point.

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