Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentines 2010

so to counter my slightly love lacking valentines post from earlier, i will upload this gorgeous mix of mine for this years valentines that is just full of love. these are really the only mixes where i dig deeper and go for lyrical content of the songs, and as usual the placement of the songs is key. but that's just me being a nerdy mix maker. maybe that's why i don't have a girlfriend to give theses mixes too.

booo hoooo i know i know woe is me

seriously though, check this mix out. valentines 2010. it's a (newer) mix of songs that actually make me think about that special spark and make me feel like the people who wrote these songs maybe, possibly, still believe in love. probably not though. because let us be real folks. love is a lie and valentine's day is a complete sham put on by flower and chocolate companies. the whole holiday is designed to make people who are (or at least think they are) "in love" shell out cash just to try and prove it and then it makes people who are are alone just feel worse about not having anyone to love.

but i'm used to this. i've known these facts for a while. and i find comfort in these ugly truths.

anyways, i hope you enjoyed these mixes stretching back to when i was a naive little freshman in high school, to now, where i type before you as the jaded and pessimistic college freshman that you've grown to love due to his incredible taste in music. really, i'm just working on being the next generation of these douchers.

these songs are good though, this mix is really kind of a list of my favorite songs from 09 (as well as some from 2010, duh) but i really will be posting some year end 09 list shit soon. better late than never right? considering it's already past valentine's day anyways.

this mix is a lot more light hearted though, in the songs and in my general attitude towards it, because i can't take myself too seriously. because then i really would be a douche bag and i'd hate to parade that around for people to read on the internet. wait... is that the definition of a blog? either way...

happy valentines day people. now please go fuck off :)

valentines 2010

00 song - artist

01 love you better - the maccabees
02 crystalized - the xx
03 alley cats - hot chip
04 let's go surfing - the drums
05 lover of mine - beach house
06 change of heart - el perro del mar
07 falling over - the pains of being pure at heart
08 should have taken acid with you - neon indian
09 luv goon - pearl harbor
10 blessa - toro y moi
11 cynthia - millionyoung
12 kurgan wave number one - deastro
13 run - vampire weekend
14 sheila - atlas sound
15 about face - grizzly bear
16 velvet - the big pink
17 icarus - white hinderland
18 i'd have it just the way we were - white denim
19 love you so - king khan + bbq show
20 laura - girls
21 hey you - pony pony run run
22 girlfriend - phoenix
23 happy as can be - cut off your hands
24 feel it all around - washed out

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