Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i'm aware i haven't done this in a while, so to anyone (anyone?) that faithfully downloads my mixes i'm sorry. and i am also going to apologize for my lack of year ending coverage. i will post at least one mix of my favorite songs of 2009 and then hopefully my list of best albums if i can put together a cohesive list.

but as for right now, i'm going to give everyone one of the best mixes i've made in a while, at least in my opinion. it has everyone of my favorite tracks from all those hot news cds out right now, or that are about to come out. new vampire weekend, new spoon, new beach house, new toro y moi and some other new stuff. also, remember elefant? love the new aloha (notice cale parks also) and i've been loving some sant (insert vowel) gold a lot lately. i found a fucking gem of a deastro (rip?) song i missed. also, millionyoung who is quickly becoming one of my favorites with washed out and toro y moi. then there is my newest obsession which is by white hinterland. oh and RIP jay reatard of course... so fucking sad (sincerely) and some new bravery which is just like their debut and i love it. there is this band called phantogram kicks ass by the way, do not ignore thenm. also a rare live version of my favorite girls song, and most importantly a newcomer from detroit that goes by coyote clean up has just swept me off my feet. seriously, check that shit out, it's exactly what i've been into lately but even better. and there might be a kodaks (had to do it) remix in the future. also, while i'm on the kodaks...

next sunday at the lager house i'm playing with some fellows. tyvek to name one (i'm excited they are playing but excuse me if i don't link you to them) and then two bands from kentucky, tiny fights and then (if you haven't heard of them then you suck because "all packed up" is incredible and i posted it a while ago AND it's been tearing up mokb) idiot glee. so, it's going to be a good show to say the least and it should be fun for all.

january 31st at the lager house, be there or be square

now my track listing

00 song - artist

01 moonless march - aloha
02 the greatest hit - annie
03 carol gilligan - deastro
04 who makes your money - spoon
05 run - vampire weekend
06 walk in the park - beach house
07 bokkie - elefant
08 learn to lose - hockey
09 saga (ft. santigold) - basement jaxx
10 song for jacob - the bravery
11 shove it - santogold (santigold)
12 eyes won't shut - cale parks
13 lonely boy - king kahn and bbq show
14 pause - letting up despite great faults
15 marrow - st. vincent
16 cynthia - millionyoung
17 facelove - ps i love you
18 substance (live) - girls
19 blood visions - jay reatard
20 sex prayer - white denim
21 mouthful of diamonds - phantogram
22 thanks vision - toro y moi
23 can't shake the full moon - coyote clean up
24 icarus - white hinterland
25 let go - jj

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