Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentines 08

when i was a junior in high school i'm pretty sure i was way more worried about not having a girlfriend than, well, just about anything else. i'm not sure anything has changed in two years. this mix is specifically geared toward being down on valentines day, at least i'm pretty sure that was my thinking when i made it. that sentiment makes sense now anyway. i'm pretty sure my good friend, sam, got the most use out of this mix. there are some kinda cheeseball tunes still present just like in 06 (rhett miller/thirteen senses) but they are good songs and they are on there for a reason and there are some real winners on this mix too (brookville/soft) so i hope everyone enjoys my diverse cast of love songs. i'm still gearing myself up for tomorrow with these mixes. trying to be lovey with nothing/no one to love. there's nothing wrong with being alone on valentine's day. (right?)

00 song - artist

01 hey you - tommy stinson
02 fair - ben folds five
03 lake michigan - rogue wave
04 rewind - paolo nutini
05 into the fire - thirteen senses
06 tiny vessels - death cab for cutie
07 diamonds (live) - the a-sides
08 empty room - marjorie fair
09 golden - brookville
10 midnight - red hot chili peppers
11 campus - vampire weekend
12 brother down - sam roberts
13 sideways - citizen cope
14 come around - rhett miller
15 pretty (ugly before) - elliott smith
16 droppin' - soft
17 ask her to dance - coconut records

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