Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hey. sorry i'm late.

a day late a dollar short.

okay, a couple days late, and a couple dollars short.

so valentines 2010 has come and gone. yet here i find myself, still reminiscing about februaries past and valentines spent alone, alone, alone. on a good note though, i did something today. i donated blood today. so my thinking on that is, if my heart isn't beating for my lover on valentine's, it can be pumping for someone else, right?

maybe i'm just weird like that. anyways, this mix is valentines 09.

when i was a senior in high school, i hated everyone. i went through roughly around three to four relationships when i was 18 and all of them ended badly, and if not badly then just abruptly. one girl in particular (i think she knows who she is) left a particularly deep scar on my heart and so as a senior in high school, i really began to figure out that being alone is the most realistic way to live life because a) love doesn't really exist and b) all women are lying whores. seriously though.

but i guess i shouldn't say "hated" because that is past tense. so i should really say, when i was a senior in high school, that was the beginning of me hating everyone. joyous thoughts, right? so on that note, of all my hate, i embraced my loneliness on valentines once again and made this joyous mix, that was partly arranged for an ex girlfriend (we broke up that january) and partly arranged out of my own, whatever you wanna call it that i have. side note: there are also two amazing songs by two of my favorite bands FROM DETROIT on this mix, so that makes me happy.

sorry i'm late, but it is still february and the snow is still falling and visions of red and pink and feelings of love gained and love lost are all floating around in my head and in my heart. so enjoy this mix, and enjoy the 2010 valentines mix i will upload later. check back. take care.

valentines 09

00 s0ng - artist

01 used to be (single) - beach house
02 agoraphobia - deerhunter
03 paris - friendly fires
04 no one does it like you - department of eagles
05 you and i are a gang of losers
06 little bit - lykke li
07 my mistakes were made for you
08 flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine
09 bruises - chairlift
10 bluish - animal collective
11 love in the ruins - french kicks
12 skinny love - bon iver
13 the shaded forests - deastro
14 yesterday never tomorrows - the stills
15 blood red sentimental blues - cotton jones
16 aisleways - the silent years
17 french kiss - the teenagers
18 flakes - mystery jets
19 german love - starfucker
20 when i said goodbye - mayer hawthorne

ps. the picture above is the album cover for my bloody valentine - loveless. there may be no songs by them on this mix (i really don't care for that album much besides the song "sometimes", i prefer the band slowdive) but, really. my bloody valentine. loveless. get it?

ps2. my band, the kodaks, has a new demo up, the song is called "rough sleeper" you can listen to it here and download it here

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