Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bad Cop

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There are so many bands out there these days- so why give a fuck about just one?

This is a question that I have posed to myself many times. With all these bands out there, it’s literally becoming difficult for people to remember a band, let alone their name. But let me tell anyone whom reads my godforsaken Internet posts- remember the band name “Bad Cop.”

Adam Moult is one of the most honest, driven and down to earth men that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The best way to describe Adam is to say, “He is real.” Because the truth is, Adam is the real deal, and more importantly, Bad Cop is the real deal. Bad Cop is a rock band from Nashville, and they have recorded at some of the same places and with some of the same people that ran with Be Your Own Pet, JEFF the Brotherhood and Turbo Fruits. But the fact of the matter is that Bad Cop CANNOT get lumped in with those bands. Bad Cop is better than any categorization will give them credit for.

Bad Cop’s debut album is called “Harvest the Beast” and it will be arriving to the public (legally) by ROIR records later this year. When that album drops- collective minds will be blown. Bad Cop is the real deal rock band. Just take a visit to their myspace page ( to understand what I mean. “Daylight” is a rock song with real anima and depth that shows Bad Cop’s roots in post-punk as well as psychedelic rock.

My favorite track is “Amores Perros” because the music and the lyrics and the style come together to form one of the most beautiful pieces of art that I’ve heard this year.
Moult works as some sort of combination of Jim Morrison meets Ian Curtis, Alex Hartness provides a full on guitar attack (providing whatever he needs to provide and providing it well) and Karl Merkley and Dylan Rowe (drums and bass, respectively) deliver the kind of tight smart rhythm that makes Bad Cop tic.

Typically, I will not write over one paragraph on just one artist. But this is not just one other artist. If there was one band around right now that I could say sincerely, “They might have a fucking chance” then it is Bad Cop. No one makes money off music anymore but Bad Cop should because they are the type of real rock band that anti-whatever people would say, “we need.” Everyone needs Bad Cop. Because they are legit. So go listen.

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