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april 2010

HiPsTeR muzak

this mix has gone through so many different versions and revises. the actual "april 2010" playlist on my computer has about 70 songs in it. i was going to upload a bunch of different playlists, like april part one, part two, part three, yada yada. but i'm not going to.

just one playlist. one song by each band. i've gotten a shit ton of new records lately, as in leaks, FO FREE and i fucking love it. yeah i feel like a scum bag but hey the music industry hasn't done anything for me lately so fuck it. but really, some of the records i have are so good i will most likely be buying them on vinyl.

some albums that are new to my itunes and that everyone needs to get their hands on....

lcd soundsystem - this is happening
mgmt - congratulations
the national - high violet
foals - total life forever
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - before today
broken bells - broken bells
teddybears - devil's music
bear (the ghost) - that night
french kicks - roller ep

seriously. if you can find the downloads for any of those full albums- go do it. i've been listening to the new lcd and new foals back to back to back to back- i don't think there is a track on either of those records that i don't like.

i'm the hugest french kicks fan and the roller ep some how slipped passed me all these years and holy SHIT it's good. it's three tracks of pure french kicks glory.

my friend robby really IS the band called bear (the ghost) and he is so talented it's ridiculous i feel like his music is so pure and original. and so it justifies me loving it so much. i'm sure that pretty soon pitchfork will dig their claws into him and it will all be over but we'll see.

i'm really into the new mgmt record too and yes i know, i'm a huge douche bag because everyone else on the fucking planet seems to hate it but whatever. i'm so alt i'm the alt of alt. HiPsTeR d00d. srsly tho, "congratulations" is different and def darker than "oracular spectacular" but it's a lot more original and the record as a whole feels a lot more cohesive and shit, i like that kinda thing.

what else? the new ariel pink is fucking great, it makes me wish he had always gone for mid-fi instead of the shittiest of shitty lo-fi that every ariel pink record was before this one.

within the past month i saw both beach house and washed out live and let me first say that those are two of my favorite bands around right now because every song that comes from them seems to take my breathe away. nohomo. but needless to say, i love those bands and they blew me away live so i have a newer track by washed out and a sweet remix of a beach house track.

lots of good single tracks have been coming out of the internets lately too. the new track by health, the new track by band of horses, the new track by crystal castles, the new track from futureheads (yes i know, but it's actually good) and some other newer tracks i'm hearing are all really great.

and some new comers to take note of. the track on here by gauntlet hair is such a good jam, they sound very promising and i hope there is more good stuff to come from them. and i feel the same way about other new comers called kisses because their track "bermuda" gets me moving every time i hear it and i feel as if it might be one of my favorite songs this year (that and "round and round" by ariel pink). another band that is newer to me on this mix is elephant parade but their song on this mix "grand opening" is a wonderful pop gem.

also, gotta represent detroit. i'm just going to say right now, when the full length record by lettercamp gets released, collective minds will be blown. also, i'm very impressed by the debut of fellow detroit youngsters the pizazz.

alright that's all i'm going to say. this post is way too fucking long, sorry to anyone that just wants to get to the mp3s. this playlist really does speak for itself though, so i hope everyone enjoys.

***SHIT i thought i had it worked out so all my songs were going to fit in one mix but mediafire is getting to be more and more lame by the day and i can only fit 200 mb so i had to X out some songs, i'll still list them here (with an X instead of a number) but they aren't really in the download, sorry. if you want the X'd tracks that bad just email me. i'll be uploading an april out takes mix soon.

everyone enjoy---

april 2010

00 song - artist

01 usa boys - health
02 roller - french kicks
03 someday soon - harlem
04 someone's missing - mgmt
05 i was thinking... - gauntlet hair
06 call it off - lettercamp
07 #7 - washed out
08 bermuda - kisses
XX home - weird tapes
10 grand opening - elephant parade
XX texico bitches - broken social scene
12 stay close - delorean
13 doe deer - crystal castles
14 fright night (nevermore) - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
15 don't really know me (ep version) - snowden
16 on giving up - high places
17 asian pear - acrylics
18 the high road - broken bells
19 the party (9:15 p.m.) - bear (the ghost)
20 what you know - two door cinema club
21 dance yrself clean - lcd soundsystem
XX struck dumb - the futureheads
23 crafty maneuvers - the pizazz
24 burn bridges - dom
25 youth - beach fossils
26 black gold - foals
27 afraid of everyone - the national
28 factory - band of horses
XX flowers and a wreath - still life still
30 the greatest escape we ever made - wave machines
31 lately (troisieme) - memoryhouse
32 10 mili stereo (cough syrup remix) - beach house

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