Thursday, April 29, 2010

april out-takes

this week is my hell week. they call this "finals" for us "college students". if you've never been through this finals thing, avoid it at all costs. it's terrible. i'm too tried to blog. and that is pretty fucking tired. this mix is self explanatory, the thing i'm most pumped is: the first track (LONG LIVE FRENCH KICKS) and the newest track by the new division and the new interpol track that JUST arrived but paul banks still sings like he did on their third record and i'm not sure about that yet... goodnight.

april out-takes (2010)

00 song - artist

01 a delicate hang - french kicks
02 the ghost inside - broken bells
03 total life forever - foals
04 midnight - bear (the ghost)
05 all i want - lcd soundsystem
06 rocket scientist featuring eve - teddybears
07 never follow suit - the radio dept.
08 ceo birthday - jj
09 after glow - foals
10 hide me - the golden filter
11 celestica - crystal castles
12 bright lit blue skies - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
13 texico bitches - broken social scene
14 sorrow - the national
15 walking through that door - future islands
16 brightest minds - department of eagles
17 i can do that - the futureheads
18 vaporize - broken bells
19 anyone's ghost - the national
20 true lies - the new division
21 david - the radio dept.
22 where'd all the time go? - dr. dog
23 lights - interpol
24 moon theory - miami horror

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