Monday, March 26, 2007

st patricks day

st patricks day is more than just me being irish and getting drunk
Current mood: cold

amazing music really makes you sit and think and your mind races.

in light of the most recent holiday, which is by far one of my most favorites due to the partying nature of myself and the holdiay and my heritage, i would like to acknowledge one of my favorite tunes of all times. st patricks day by john mayer. the last song on his debut album room for squares, this song is beautiful. there is nothing that isnt perfect about this song.

here. comes a cold. break out the winter coats, and find a love. to call your own.

this love song starts at the ending of fall and goes on through untill st pattys, one of my favorite sections of the year, winter and all the holidays.

something about the way the blue lights on a black night can make you feel more.

john mayer is my favorite musician of all time, john mayer then ben folds and then plenty of others after that, but mr jm, amazing guitar player, amazing person, amazing writer. he is inspirational on levels i dont think he will ever be able to know.

it was warm out today, really warm for being march still, but i have a chill running down my spine that shakes me back to the temperature of st patricks day.

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cas said...

John Mayer should read this!
You are a good writer -- you should do more of it.