Monday, March 26, 2007

the velvet underground

the velvet underground
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the velvet underground has been one of the most influencial bands of all times. perfecting what is known as "shoe gaze rock" they formed in the 1960s in new york. just like every great indie band these days. lou reed was the guitarist singer and songwriter and the main creative force behind the velvet underground. also with john cale, sterling morrison and maureen tucker the velvet underground is indie rock at is finest and most original. beautiful brash and bewildering, the velvet underground went on broke new ground untill their break up mid 70s, leaving lou reed to start his succesful solo career. ambulance ltd is one of my favorite indie rock bands to date and there is no doubt the velvet underground is their biggest influence, as well as to my other favorites such as the black keys and the strokes. the kaiser cheifs lead singer ricky wilson said "the velvet underground is one of the best shit bands of all time" and i would have the agree. the velvet underground are shitty, but they amaze me and take my thoughts to cloud drifts where my mind remains deluded and at peace while i listen to their music. if you havent listened to the velvet underground you are missing out. to really understand the mechanics of this band you need to go through them record by record, the mistake i made was only listening to their greatest hits at first. its hard to single out a song you should download. some of my favorites are "candy says" and "some kinda love" both off of their self titled album from the 60s. dreamy, for sure, but isnt that what everyone wants to be? listen to the velvet underground

-adam fitzgerald

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mary said...

I swear, someone must have had a time machine, found you, and then went back and wrote a story about William Miller...I should have you sign one of your mix CD's for me, so when you are a famous writer for SPIN, I can sell it for mucho dinero on Ebay. Then I will buy a plane ticket and come find you while you are half-way around the world interviewing some awesome indie band.