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march 2011

(the kodaks as of march 2011, snapped in between recordings for the "Dark EP" in ATL. photo credit to phantaz.)

sorry it's taken so long. on top of school and the kodaks, i now have two jobs. on top of that, my laptop has crashed 3 times within the past 2 months. so you can only imagine the hoards of playlists that were amazing and completely ready to get but that got deleted from the crash. yes, heartbreaking. but such is life.

here is a collection of stuff i was listening to all throughout march. really i've been listening to lots of full albums (new albums by the strokes, toro y moi, radiohead, "oui" by the sea and cake and tame impala's "innerspeaker", to name a few) so what i've done here is collected 2 tracks from each band that i've been listening to a lot this month.

and i listened to lots, and lots, and lots of music in march. the kodaks and our best friends phantasmagoria drove from detroit, the cinci, to nashville, ATL, to jax (FL), then back to ATL then back to cinci, then home. so one could only imagine how much time i spent behind the wheel. music kept me sane. as it always does. thanks for being patient, now that i'm getting up and running again playlists will become more and more frequent. my playlist for april is already pretty much done AND since i've got this version of my laptop back, i've been creating a monster playlist simple entitled "MISCHIEF MIX" right now i have 3 cds at least and there will probably be around 4 download links.

SO, lots happening. i'm almost done with college for the semester (thank fuck) and MSU snubbed me (again) for their study abroad program but i plan on traveling throughout europe with my photographer friend, ron brown. this will happen sometime this summer. until then i'm hard at work with school and work (a gas station at night, sandwich shop during the day) and kodaks are also finishing up our newest release which will be called the "Dark Ep" and hopefully be out sometime this month or in may. plus, The Kodaks have shows coming up....

‎---upcoming shows---

APRIL 9TH @ Woodruff's in Ypsilanti w/
Phantasmagoria, The Drags & Lightning Love

The Crofoot (PIKE ROOM) w/ almost free for the release of their new ep (Almost Free EP RELEASE PARTY!!!)


but anyways, that's enough spam about stuff you guys probably do not care about. but then again, if you don't care, why are you here, at this blog, reading my words? hopefully you care. i care, that's why i post all this shit on here. my sister thinks i'm going to get sued. let's try and avoid that if possible... until i'm in jail please just enjoy the tunez.

march 2011

00 song - artist

part one

01 victory at monterey - albert hammond, jr.
02 you won't be fooled by this - albert hammond, jr.
03 walkabout (w/ panda bear) - atlas sound
04 kid klimax - atlas sound
05 amorres perros - bad cop
06 control - bad cop
07 walls - beck
08 profanity prayers - beck
09 i slept w/ bonhomme at the cbc - broken social scene
10 alive in 85 - broken social scene
11 brand new cadillac - the clash
12 train in vain - the clash
13 catch - the cure
14 m - the cure
15 still young - evenings
16 babe - evenings
17 motive - hesta prynn
18 you winding up (bear hands remix)
19 i'm bound to pack it up (white stripes cover) - the kodaks
20 lynn (phantasmagoria "riley's revenge" remix unfinished)
21 adultery - little comets
22 joanna - little comets
23 the next time around - little joy
24 keep me in mind - little joy
25 quicksand - lotus plaza
26 a threaded needle - lotus plaza
27 life's a bitch - nas
28 memory lane (sittin' in da park) - nas

part two

29 everything's gone green - new order
30 run 2 - new order
31 gimme the loot - notorious b.i.g.
32 mo money mo problems - notorious b.i.g.
33 belong - the pains of being pure at heart
34 heart in your heartbreak - the pains of being pure at heart
35 empty houses - phantasmagoria
36 bats! - phantasmagoria
37 debaser - pixies
38 hey - pixes
39 bloom - radiohead
40 morning mr. magpie - radiohead
41 sleep tight - rollerskaters
42 boyhood - rollerskaters
43 all the photos - the sea and cake
44 two dolphns - the sea and cake
45 weekend - smith westerns
46 all die young - smith westerns
47 machu picchu - the stokes
48 taken for a fool - the strokes
49 alter ego - tame impala
50 why won't you make up your mind? - tame impala
51 intro (chi chi) - toro y moi
52 how i know - toro y moi
53 blow it up - the vaccines
54 norgaard - the vaccines
55 i start to run - white denim
56 our get - white denim
57 albatross - wild beasts
58 two dancers (ii) - wild beasts
59 picture me rollin' - 2pac
60 me against the world - 2pac

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