Monday, April 18, 2011

april 2011

rain has been following me all around michigan... from class, to my job, to my second job, then band practice, to detroit and ypsilanti and rochester and everyone in between. covered in rain.

just to let everyone know, before we even get too far into this. APRIL 2011 IS A FOUR PART MIX TAPE. yeah, i know, this seems excessive but i've been listening to insane amounts of music lately. all i do is drive around, as mentioned above. when i work at my gas station job i work midnight to 8 a.m. so i have that whole night to listen to music. even at my second job (at this delicious privately owned sandwich shop called 'Wiches in downtown oxford, mi) i still get to listen to music while we work in the kitchen. so yeah, april is not even over yet and i already have four playlists to give you. PLUS i have another 3 part playlist (mischief mix) coming soon.

so for anyone who actaully reads this site and downloads all these playlists, this is all very good news to you few people. but thank you all for continuing to read my bullshit jabbering and downloading all my silly little mixtapes.

in other news, school (16+ hours a week) is coming to a close for the semester and it cannot end soon enough. two jobs (60+ hours last week) is killing me but i'm making money and i really need to buy a new amp. primarily because kodaks new ep is just about finished and we are hopefully going to be gigging constantly to support it. in fact, we are playing a show THIS SATURDAY ** april 23rd ** at the pike room, in the crofoot, in pontiac, mi.

then we are going to work on putting out the very first kodaks full length. a real deal KODAKS LP. we've already started writing for it and we are very excited to get more material released. hopefully the dark ep will get people excited for the album... also, we are adding a lead guitar player soon. so kodaks will again be 4, soon. also, if you go to our bandcamp you will notice some new songs have been uploaded... well actually new old demos that have just never been heard... but either way haha

plus i'm starting a new band. it's a boy & girl band, just myself and one beautiful and talented young lady... it's kind of a synth rock band i guess but of course it's hard to define. think beach house meets the kills. that's what i'm going for anyways haha. but hopefully some demos should be surfacing pretty soon, i'm happy with the way they are shaping up. hopefully ashley (the girl) and myself will start gigging out with the material soon as well... we are calling the project.........


i'm sure we'll be up on myspace, facebook and bandcamp all within the next month. so keep your eyes peeled if guy&girl duo bands appeal to you.

alright, i'm done being boring now. hope you like these traxx... i've been esp obsessed with albert hammond jr, the vaccines, toro y moi, the sea and cake, white denim, kills/raveonettes, new strokes, new fleet foxes, new foo fighters, the cars, little comets, john mayer, a band of bees, dom, new order, tame impala and amazing detroit newcomers- the kickstand band. there's a lot of music to dig through here, but once you start listening you'll notice it's hard to find a bad track on the mix :D here's to the april showers... well rain and snow... we've been having plenty of both this month.

april 2011

00 song - artist

click here to download april 2011 PART ONE

01 intro - 2pac
02 taken for a fool - the strokes
03 why won't you make up your mind - tame impala
04 u.r.a. fever - the kills
05 isles - little comets
06 i'm with you - the ponys
07 daily routine - animal collective
08 castles in the snow - twin shadow
09 vox humana - deerhunter
10 eyesore - women
11 m - the cure
12 all the photos - the sea and cake
13 nothing but our love - dale earhardt jr. jr.
14 marriage - gold panda
15 life's a bitch - nas
16 slow country - gorillaz
17 kaputt - destroyer
18 green glass bottles - atlas sound
19 another kind of green - john mayer trio
20 jesus - dom
21 still thinking of you tonight - the kickstand band
22 last night at the jetty - panda bear

click here to download april 2011 PART TWO

23 blow it up - the vaccines
24 mouth full of bones - natalie portman's shaved head
25 mathmatics - the fashion
26 white limo - foo fighters
27 take five - dave brubeck
28 tony fatti - white denim
29 easy now - millionyoung
30 let's go - the cars
31 spanish fly - blondes
32 intro chi chi - toro y moi
33 victory at monterey - albert hammond, jr.
34 party talk - craft spells
35 rise & shine - the cardigans
36 quarantined - atlas sound
37 heaven knows i'm miserable now - the smiths
38 lucky - holy fuck
39 going back to cali - notorious b.i.g.
40 thieves like us - new order
41 (you can't blame it on) anybody - phoenix
42 the plains / bitter dancer - fleet foxes
43 honey mine - korallreven
44 alter ago - tame impala
45 me and julio down by the schoolyard - paul simon
46 we used to wait - arcade fire

click here to download april 2011 PART THREE

47 the sporting life - the sea and cake
48 you and i (ft. caroline polachek) - washed out
49 tricolour - little comets
50 strawberry skies - games
51 caring is creepy - the shins
52 bridge burning - foo fighters
53 d.r.u.g.s. - the raveonettes
54 neon - john mayer
55 love is colder than death - the virgins
56 in heat (javelin remix) - health
57 alright - girls
58 all cats are grey - the cure
59 dye the world - smith westerns
60 house of balloons / glass table girls - the weeknd
61 spirit's in the material world - the police
62 me against the world - 2pac
63 you won't be fooled by this - albert hammond, jr.
64 kids with guns (hot chip remix) - gorillaz
65 since k got over me - the clientele
66 we both like me - jangula
67 autumn in ganymede - the seatbelts
68 in the walls - stellastarr*
69 burning - the whitest boy alive
70 i got a - nicolas jaar
71 norgaard - the vaccines
72 hiding tonight - alex turner

click here to download april 2011 PART FOUR

73 twenty two fourteen - the album leaf
74 living in america - dom
75 moon rocks - talking heads
76 i'm a terrible person - rooney
77 up on the north shore - the sea and cake
78 julien - bear hands
79 friction - television
80 45:33 (part 2) - lcd soundsystem
81 montezuma - fleet foxes
82 all blues - miles davis
83 magnet - bombay bicycle club
84 tomboy - panda bear
85 picture me rollin' - 2pac
86 manic depression - jimi hendrix
87 ice cream (ft. matias aguayo) - battles
88 motive (ft. ted feldman) - hesta prynn
89 soft denial - millionyoung
90 drive - the cars
91 cheap and cheerful - the kills
92 latin america - holy fuck
93 regret - new order
94 take it to the moon - phantasmagoria
95 before tigers (cfcf remix) - health
96 new coat - white denim
97 the suburbs (continued) - arcade fire
98 life is simple in the moonlight - the strokes
99 covered in rain - john mayer
100 lying in the snow - a band of bees

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