Tuesday, February 01, 2011

2011 updates

2011 updates

some stuff---

lots of stuff has been happening lately! i'm so glad that i (Adam) got to go out last night in Detroit and check out "City of the Future" a new event at the majestic- it's a free show every monday night at the magic stick lounge, showcasing new local artists. The Kodaks will be playing the next city of the future (number 4) in coming weeks.

last night i was lucky enough to see Phantasmagoria play and they totally blew me away, definitely some of the most fresh music to come out Detroit this year. hopefully the kodaks will be playing many shows in the future with phantazzz. check out their bandcamp--> http://phantasmagoria.bandcamp.com/

until then we are still recording our new ep, which we are semi sure we want to call the "dark ep". the track listing is as follows-

the kodaks - "dark ep"
1. lynn
2. mouth kiss (dark version)
3. monophobia
4. rough sleeper
5. mean april (dark version)
6. untitled

there will also be another ep release, a b-sides collection of sorts, after the "dark ep" is out and we are thinking of calling that the "bright sides" which will feature other songs we are also recording right now like "movie theatre," "aqua dream" and some other b-sides. we are hoping to release the "dark ep" sometime around march or april of this year.

in addition to the exciting news that we self producing, self recording and self releasing our new ep (and hopefully getting it out soon!) we are also sad to announce that Adam "Bobby Law" Laidlaw will be leaving The Kodaks around the end of feb. because he is now going to continue his nomad/ vagabond/ gypsy/ amazing lifestyle and move to Atlanta, before he moves to San Fransisco, and ultimately ends up in Portland. Bobby will continue to produce and play out new material that he does solo as Robert Law. check out his tunes---> http://myspace.com/robertlawmusic and/or check out this video of one his newer songs "Poor Family" ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9ybztyTH8Q

besides all that, we have a lot of shows coming up soon. in addition to playing the next "city of the future" at the magic stick lounge in detroit, we are also playing a house party around next weekend in mid-town detroit (Wayne State students invited!) and after that we are also hoping to play a show in East Lansing for the first time (MSU students invited!) all before Adam leaves in late february.

even though we keep loosing amazing musicians and friends like Mitch Green, Casey Jones and now Bobby Law, we are still lucky enough to continue to find even more amazing musicians, and we are always grateful for the people that do play with kodaks, past, present or future. there has never been any bad blood between any kodaks, ever. and i'm very happy for that.

i'm happy to announce that both Jeff "Geoffree" Yateman and Philip Petrucci have joined The Kodaks. Jeff plays drums and helps with production and now Phil and i will both switch back and forth between covering bass and rhythm guitar duties. i'm also excited to mention that Jeremy Southworth, a local musician that Bobby introduced me to, has offered to help pick up the slack and cover lead guitar duty for some shows here and there.

we are also hoping to maybe make it down to SXSW in Austin this year, that is mid march so if that happens we will probably tour on the way down, playing Cinci, Nashville and ATL. in addition to hopefully getting out in march, we are trying to organize a two week long tour in may, which will be our longest tour yet! we would love to play in Canada, New York and other places on the East Coast, and maybe finally make it down to Jacksonville. also: i'm probably doing study abroad in Europe this summer and i might take my guitar to do some solo shows here and there for fun. i'm going to be in Dublin and London for weeks at a time, so hopefully i could find a bar or a party to play at.. either way, The Kodaks will be in a city near you soon, just keep your eyes peeled.

so anyways, we got a lot of shit going on! but most of it is good! The Kodaks are firing on all cylinders right now, we will have a new record, new merch, new shows and and all new line-up very soon. just keep tabs on us and we will try to entertain you in the best ways we can! hope to see and talk to many of you soon!

-Adam F. Smith

p.s. - you can download pretty much everything we have done to this point, our first ep, old demos and some other b-sides if you follow this link---> http://www.mediafire.com/?8adj57bz7op8bk5
(i will post this same link on my blog, just google young authentic or go to adamsblogfitz dot blogspot dot com)

p.s.s. for you mixtape lovers, i'm really sorry for my lack of posts. my computer took a spill right before christmas and my hard drive was damaged, so i lost everything. everything in my itunes, all my photos, all my short stories, musical projects, mixtapes, anything and everything i had was lost in this tragic accident. but i have my itunes pretty much restocked and i will be posting a december playlist that i had ready a month ago before i lost everything and i will also be posting a january mix, feb mix and of course some valentines day stuff. so don't loose hope just yet!

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