Saturday, October 30, 2010

september 2010

another playlist i just never got around to posting. i apologize for my tardiness. school has really been kicking my ass this semester. but now that i have finally adjusted to fall, i will continue to post playlists and my band the kodaks has several shows coming up. including one on nov. 28th at the lager house in detroit with one of my all time favorite bands of the now- bear hands. their album burning bush supper club comes out on nov. 2nd, you should pre-order it or get it. don't steal it, or at least try not to. bear hands are worth the money. anyways, this playlist got me through the start of school. the new albums by small black, twin shadow and deerhunter have all been being played on repeat. enjoy.

september 2o10

00 song - artist

01 echoes - klaxons
02 photojournalist - small black
03 too dramatic - ra ra riot
04 helicopter - deerhunter
05 sunbeam show - candy claws
06 white moon - beach house
07 golden haze - wild nothing
08 blue as your blood - the walkmen
09 you and i - washed out
10 slow - twin shadow
11 marathon - tennis
12 modern man - arcade fire
13 dilly - band of horses
14 home - glasser
15 heirloom - sufjan stevens
16 success - interpol
17 2010 - ps i love you
18 the girl is gone - mystery jets
19 what did my lover say (it always had to go this way) - wolf parade
20 people can do the most amazing things - kisses
21 eyesore - women
22 hollow hollow eyes - crocodiles
23 the new improved hypocrisy - the radio dept.
24 starfield - the new division

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