Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's My Right

It’s My Right

When we met everyone said
‘It wouldn’t work’
And going into it we thought,
‘What could it hurt?’

I love you so much
I’ll figure it out
I love you too much
Because it’s my right

We see our problems
Through and through

Past every fight
We stay true

When I first saw you,
I knew

I love you so much
We can make this work
I love you so much
It almost hurts

At the end of the night
My love stays the same
Because its my right

I think this might be the first real "song" I have written. Maybe just a poem now or somethin but, I really think I can (or at least I want to) put some good music behind it cause I can sing it in my head. How do you think it sounds? Could these be good lyrics or what? Lets hope.

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