Wednesday, December 07, 2005

She Wants Revenge

Rock the full house of 20 people at the Magic Stick, Detroit; 12/4/05

She Wants Revenge, another dark snyth-pop outfit whose sound is straight out of your favorite Joy Division record. Maybe throw in a little Echo & the Bunnymen, and even some new band sounds, such as Interpol and Elefant. Anything you want to call this band it won’t matter, cause they fact remains; they are damn good. Not to mention nice.

My friend David Rieves and I attended a She Wants Revenge show at the Magic Stick in Detroit, MI last Sunday (12/4). She Wants Revenge opened for the Lovemakers along with the band “Rock Kills Kid”. Although the Lovemakers were good as well, I personally feel that SWR should have been the headliner. No matter. I saw a great set by Justin and Adam 12.

Not only was their music good but also She Was Revenge had great stage presence. Not just trying to get the exact same sound as when the song was recorded but actually jamming a bit, adding a snyth here, replacing a keyboard snap with a guitar riff. It was a hell of a performance. Justin is just such s perfect specimen of a classic rock and roll star just to simply observe as well. Swaying gently to the nostalgic sound of mutilated guitar riffs over some R&B style drums and synthesizers attacking your ears, then when the beat picks up jolting into a sudden dance, ripping the microphone away from the stand and screaming his deeply brooding lyrics into the world while the audience just gets more into it. Then after the verse the front man casually puts the mic back on the stand and stands back and lets the guitar solo reign, continuing his casual sway and then snapping his fingers to keep the beat, then lighting a cigarette. One fan asks, “Can I have one?” and the kind Justin replies “Yes, you can, but I am not promoting them; cigarettes are bad for you and I am going to quit soon”.

I know that I, myself, originally standing there at the beginning of the set, went through a transformation as She Wants Revenge progressed. Going from a foot tap, to a head bob, to arms moving slightly at the waist, to then jumping around and swaying arms around madly screaming the words to “Red Flags and Long Nights”. Truth be told, my favorite song (Red Flags…) was only the first song of the set. If that gives you a message of hypnotic the beat of SWR is.

I met the men of She Wants Revenge (Justin, darkly dressed in his leather and Adam 12 seeming almost shy in his beanie and sweatshirt and conservative running shoes.) I met the two before just before their set, because they were selling their own merchandise. I love bands that do that; that is how you really get to know your fans, and what every band should do. I met Justin, we were talking about the SWR ep and I told him I already owned it (which I do, great 4 track) and then Adam walks up. The guys of She Wants Revenge were unbelievably cool and basically just nice. I will admit, at one point in our conversation Adam 12 asked me if I had ever been to California (we were talking about how damn cold it is in Michigan and how they aren’t used to it; Justin was bundled up through his whole set in a leather jacket, hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, a beanie and a scarf.) and I didn’t really hear what Adam said so I responded “Uhm, yeah I don’t know.” And he said, “Well you either have or you haven’t!” and I stumbled over myself even worse and said “Yeah. Well no. Maybe. Well… No.” They just laughed. Justin said come back after they played their set and we could all hang out and maybe give us some free shit. After the set I did speak to them, David and I both bought their Sister EP on vinyl as well as a t-shirt each. I did get some pins, not to mention the guys signed everything, including the free posters.

The venue wasn’t very full so that just gave me all the more time to talk with the guys. I would have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had, fun and exciting. Especially being able to meet someone you have been reading articles about and that makes music you love. Two of the coolest guys I have ever met, for sure. I can’t wait until they come back. She Wants Revenge was kind to me. Even to the X’s marked on my hands, signifying no drinks aloud. I am only 15. Later Adam 12 bought me a coke at the bar. How much nicer can two guys singing about girls “pleasuring” themselves with popsicles be?

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Justin Hell said...

No Adam, YOU are the coolest.
It was really nice meeting you, and I'll see you again in February when we come back to town. Until then take care, and it was a pleasure meeting you.